World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 748
Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou Divine Sense is formidable, although they cannot go very like Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, but can actually to Shen Xiang all around sound, flavor, aura and picture be able to see clearly. At this time their Divine Sense will also be affected, sees with Shen Xiang that sees is the same. Also can contact with these three women on, making Shen Xiang relax: Then you won't be affected in Hidden Jade Jade Palace?” So long as we let out Divine Sense, you see anything, I also see anything! However Gu Dongchen they still by you, I think that now that Elder Dan should also start alchemy! She has been familiar with this environment, she has occupied very big convenient, her concealment energy so is no wonder intrepid, actually is under this environment practice.” Su Meiyao said. Thinks one were treated as the idiot by others same, in the Shen Xiang heart is not feeling well secretly, hastily puts alchemic furnace, opens that red box, starts to process that to refine Spirit Force Dan herbs. This Spirit Force Dan herbs are not many, even does not have auxiliary herbs, only then several seem like the fruits of stone, swarthy, touches icy coldly icy cold, understood at a glance thing that is very difficult to burn down. This Spirit Force Dan I have refined twice, moreover is defeated each time, is a use is not big, herbs is rare, refinement difficulty high unexpected winner pill.” Su Meiyao sighed gently: This Elder Dan thinks through a matter to you really! If you cannot refine this Spirit Force Dan, this competed you to lose.” Loses? Although lost a loss not to have, but Shen Xiang actually does not want to lose, he knows that he refined the Earth Level pill's level to be limited, until now has refined Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan. Where main is difficult?” Shen Xiang does according to these records above, is polishing that stone general herbs, must polish smoothly, the flame can seep. Is very difficult to burn down, once burns down excessively, herbs shattered, this fruit, general two can refine a furnace vigorously, here has four, can make you refine two furnaces, but defers to your foundation, you can a furnace use one.” You have three times failure opportunities, I think that you should be able to refine.” Su Meiyao encourages saying: Do not lose to Elder Dan, she will laugh at you.”

Certainly cannot lose!” In Shen Xiang heart firm incomparable, picks up the speed to polish that vigorously fruit. Was right, this fruit that Pure Elemental Fruit is vigorously same, if explodes, will produce very big strength, was careful that your pill furnace was blasted.” The Su Meiyao urging said. Shen Xiang maintaining a fire the bead puts under pill furnace that matter, then controls inside flame to release with Divine Sense, afterward puts in that brown pill furnace again vigorously, this pill furnace quality is good, but also is only good, in the event of explode pill furnace anything, is very easy to damage. Naturally, Shen Xiang has come alchemy with Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace this Sacred Level dragon tool, even if refines Immortal Dan explode pill furnace, being hard makes Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace damage. That many herbs, does he only use a little?” Gu Dongchen said that some alchemy masters do not understand to these unpopular pill, let alone this layman. In that box not only has refinement vigorously pill's herbs, half Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan herbs. Shen Xiang alchemy, consumption Divine Sense is very from the beginning big, because the flame is not his body releases, the time of controlling cannot have one's wish as before, can only use Divine Sense. From the beginning, Shen Xiang carries on is smooth, his Refining Simulation Technique grasps very well, although Divine Sense consumes many. Mistake that in refining simulation, has unceasingly, but he can correct promptly, avoids the mistake, when he thought is steady, roar suddenly transmits together.

His mother, can these illusions be influential to me? Then is good to build up!” Shen Xiang suddenly worries. Does not know that should, this not be only will affect your spirit!” Long Xueyi said. Big game suddenly flies to leap up from the sea, the whole body is the black long thorn, the contour is likely good, the build is huge, falls on the ground, the entire island produces violent shivering, the ocean waves become turbulent, the distant place presented rough sea waves, passage slowly. The giant beast looks at Shen Xiang, is one roars, afterward plunges Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang startled, subconscious shunting, moreover is holding pill furnace. After dodging, that ocean waves sweep across suddenly, letting Shen Xiang is unable to avoid, was hit by the wave, but his body does not have any feeling, this is only some illusions, but actually frightens Shen Xiang. But Gu Dongchen that is watching at the same time they, thinks very funnily, Shen Xiang is a monkey of going crazy is jumping madly in their eyes. Among suddenly, pill furnace shivers, Shen Xiang one startled, hastily turns on the pill furnace cover, making in the energy of that vigorously fruit spout, avoids pill furnace being ruined, in this case, if he uses Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, is bigger to the Divine Sense pressure. After ocean waves, Shen Xiang discovered that all around scene disappears, changes into the sinister woods the dim open land, in all directions is the skeletons, some corpses are corrupting, an intermittent odor releases. You should be died in previous illusion, therefore arrives in another illusion.” The Long Xueyi sound said dignifiedly: If you died in this illusion, the following illusion will be worse.”

That is also what kind, this is the illusion, so long as I look but not see, will not receive to affect.” Shen Xiang continues to put in vigorously the fruit, from the new refinement, this damned place is truly easy to make insanely the person, but he will have not to be tossed about a lunatic self-confidently. Elder Dan is very from beginning to end peaceful, does not have Shen Xiang such to make much ado about nothing, after all she carries on here practice. Shen Xiang closes the eye, Jing Jing (quietly) alchemy, but actually suddenly heard kā chā, as well as one intermittent low and deep, but calling out of sinister, the cold wind blows, making his cannot help but whole body feel cold, he opens the eye to look that cannot help but has called out in alarm one, because he sees a person to gnaw to eat these carrions in the distant place. Illusion!” Shen Xiang took a deep breath, his strength in meditation is very good, after quick these throw into the brain, an intermittent odor that but that transmits, makes him somewhat uncomfortable. What most makes his unendurable is the sound of that mastication, moreover there is some strength, guiding him to imagine that disgusting scene, coordinates that odor again, making him almost pat pill furnace broken. A slight sound of footsteps transmits, his is twitching eyelash suddenly lifts, an old man of appearance sinister terror is crawling very toward him, an eye already by dig out, moreover in the mouth is also keeping some azure thing. If this is not the illusion, Shen Xiang affirms not saying anything further, takes up pill furnace to pound, too affected the mood of person.