World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 749
Shen Xiang understands that now why here can toss about the lunatic the person, this hard to tell if it's real or sham illusion, very hard to endure, fight is not, fight is not, let alone he now also in alchemy, let alone refined strange pill, even if refined him to be familiar, was hard to build up under this environment. He thought that was the woman who he knew completely has removed completely, he can calm down alchemy, but now this corrupting barely alive disgusting thing...... Actually step by step depends. What most awfully is, were getting more and more . Moreover the type are more, he feared that did not fear actually, thinks actually very disgustingly. Must come, what to do?” Long Xueyi asked. If the thing, a Shen Xiang fist can destroy completely one, but this is the illusion, if he got rid to be swindled, but did not get rid, these disgusting things will perhaps crawl to him on, thinks to think uncomfortable. Get lost your.” Shen Xiang cannot bear get rid, a palm hits in old man Shen Xiang that comes first, after that head has suffered a palm, blows out one group of green viscous objects, splashes his is. „Is this real?” Shen Xiang stares greatly the eye, he can feel that type of sauce same thing now clearly, mounts on him, moreover remains slowly. Illusion, your five feelings were affected by the illusion, therefore you will think very are really, bears, do not get rid again.” Long Xueyi said. The Shen Xiang body shivered, closes the eye, in the heart is shouting wildly: Endures......” When he was determined, no matter occurred anything must endure patiently, his back suddenly is crawling a thing, he turns head to look, sees only one very disgusting half a head woman, correct use that mouth is kissing his good-looking. father was driven beyond the limits of forbearance.” Shen Xiang explodes roars, grabs that half head, flings vigorously, throws forward, but at this time these barely alive rotten corpses crawled, many crawl to him on, is nipping him, paws on him, Shen Xiang can feel the pain.

Boils to me.” Shen Xiang is holding pill furnace, a fist brandishes carelessly, opens in his thing completely. Dongfang Xinyue looks at giggle tenderly to smile: strength of that confused mind is really fierce, wants to try.” If you not like Elder Dan, for informed and experienced, best not to go to try.” On the Liu Meng'er face also full is the mischievous smiling face. Shen Xiang naturally does not know that now others are looking at his joke, but he knows that words this way, his anything pill cannot refine. You, only then seals up five feelings, enters you and alchemic furnace condition ability, you once in the accidental situation has entered a practice the best condition, do you still remember?” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang responded immediately: Remembers that at that time I thought changed including the time!” Right, alchemy can also have this Realm, you give a try, otherwise you lost.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang starts to think that Elder Dan comes here practice, perhaps to pursue that Realm, moreover she has possibly achieved, usually he and Elder Dan, although does not contact frequently, but he thought one and Elder Dan have a very intimate feeling, always thought that Elder Dan is very familiar. His suddenly thought that Elder Dan arranges here, to sense for him to that Realm intentionally, this is good for him. Shen Xiang implored the one breath slightly, has the rhythm breathes, no matter also these rotten corpses are pulling his hair, eats his meat, wholeheartedly in alchemy.

But Elder Dan has refined good Spirit Force Dan now, after she eats up Spirit Force Dan, after strength has promoted many, opens that black box, inside has to refine Returning Spirit Dan herbs, as well as that Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan other half herbs. However Elder Dan has not actually refined Returning Spirit Dan, moreover refines Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan directly, if Shen Xiang sees at this time, why before he will understand Elder Dan, has said that when competition refines two Earth Level Low-Grade Dan. Returning Spirit Dan regarding Elder Dan, can not use, therefore she does not need to refine, but she thought that Shen Xiang probably needs, therefore she gave Shen Xiang to arrange, because after eating up this Returning Spirit Dan, can in the short time not by the confused mind, can refine Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan relieved. Was pressed by one crowd of disgusting carrions on the body, is truly uncomfortable, but Shen Xiang actually calmed the mind by oneself, isolates these to affect his illusion. In this suffering, Shen Xiang burns down finally vigorously that will build up to turn into herbal powder and herbal Spirit Qi, after seeing an achievement, in his heart is secretly happy. The flame that uses is maintains a fire in Zhu, moreover by the mind confused influence, can make him progress to this situation, he also calculates to his performance very satisfied. But at this time these illusions were weaken to his influence slowly, at least when gnawed his body, he will not think the pain, after closing the eye, his voice could not hear, that odor also gradually vanished. He of getting on soundings, the speed increased, entered has congealed pill stage, he has the rich alchemy experience, can let him one in this bad environment and Elder Dan high under. Spirit Force Dan, eats up will increase physical strength, but physical strength regarding most True Qi powerful martial artist, a use does not have, therefore this is pill who a few person uses. But if in this type cannot use under the True Qi environment, this Spirit Force Dan is useful.

Looks in pill furnace that grain of ash-gray pill pellet, Shen Xiang waves to pat one to crawl to pill furnace nearby person, in alchemy, the illusion has not appeared again. Shen Xiang has not eaten up Spirit Force Dan, but has attempted, looks to open that black box, no matter but he uses big strength, is hard to open, after he eats up Spirit Force Dan, strength suddenly increased, making him open the black box very with ease. Returning Spirit Dan refinement difficulty is not too big, if in the normal environment, you should be able to deal with ease, but now......” Shen Xiang interrupts the Su Meiyao's words, said: Elder Dan has said that the final result looks at the Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan quality, if I start to refine Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan now, I can jump over Returning Spirit Dan.” Words are good, Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan herbs only then, once is defeated, you lost, if you refine Returning Spirit Dan first, eats up Returning Spirit Dan, can refine Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan with ease.” Su Meiyao said. But I maintain a fire in Zhu flame not to be many, refines the Returning Spirit Dan words, the flame is perhaps insufficient.” Shen Xiang said that maintains a fire the flame that in Zhu deposits to be limited, he refined Spirit Force Dan to be defeated one time, therefore consumed many. Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan is Shen Xiang as well as has refined successfully, moreover can build up the peak quality to come, therefore he has the confidence to be able one time to succeed!