World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 750
It looks like in Gu Dongchen their these audiences, Elder Dan must lead Shen Xiang many, although afterward Shen Xiang refined Spirit Force Dan, but contrasts Elder Dan, has very big disparity, because Elder Dan will not come under the strength influences of these confused mind, but Shen Xiang was actually tossed about like the idiot. Even if now, Shen Xiang once for a while waves, opens these to mount in his carrion, naturally, this is the illusion, in others opinion, side Shen Xiang is empty. Shen Xiang was unable to enter that peak alchemy condition, he builds up Spirit Force Dan successfully, in process of refinement, was disturbed, he is just depends upon that greatly strengthened strength in meditation to support, if he in receiving situation of disturbance, refines Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan, once is defeated, did not have the opportunity. It seems like this maintains a fire in Zhu maintaining a fire quantity is also the Elder Dan meticulous arrangements, if the flame is insufficient, will refine Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan to be also defeated.” Su Meiyao said that the alchemy difficult position that Shen Xiang faces now is unprecedented. On refinement Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan!” Shen Xiang knits the brows, a face disgusting looked at all around these carrion that depends on, the body shakes, will shake completely, this made him feel better. However, at this moment, sinister low and deep roaring suddenly transmits together, the ground shivers slightly, a whole body rotten giant beast braves from the ground, toward Shen Xiang fierce rush over. Although this is the illusion, Shen Xiang also knows, therefore he does not plan to move aside, but in the heart an unusual stimulation, that giant beast clashes unavoidably, swallowed Shen Xiang. Illusion each time, likely was a world, Shen Xiang died in a moment ago that illusion, went to an environment worse place, here everywhere was the viscous red blood, took a broad view to look, piece of blood sea, was scattering the bloody air/Qi made one sick, meanwhile was swaying intermittent cold wind, making Shen Xiang feel that was cold. Although this time does not have these disgusting carrions, but here is flooding in all directions actually all kinds of whins to neigh, the sound of that type of hate, seems Hell Evil Spirit receives the torture to send.

Shen Xiang suddenly thought that this place looks like Hell is the same, if he died in this illusion, he will go to more terrorist one. Is thorough, makes Shen Xiang think that all around all are more real, the calling out sound that at this time that type is full of the endless hate, making him very uncomfortable, the heart is similar to by the needle is gripped to be the same, the head one feels pain intermittently, keeping him from concentrating the spirit to go to alchemy. In this condition, let alone alchemy, even if makes him process herbs is very difficult, because under that noise, he becomes agitated. The sounds of all kinds of shrieking and howling wildly, as if always resound in the Shen Xiang's mind, have the matter also to send out very incisive yelling, even if Shen Xiang covers the ear, he can still clear hearing, the sound not from the outside, but from his mind, his brain had been given the deceit by that mysterious strength, can let the sound that he hears these not to have. I must overcome!” Shen Xiang is gripping tightly the double fist, closes the eye, was not affected by this sound by oneself as far as possible, then slowly relaxes, anything does not go to think...... The time in the past, Shen Xiang that closely was wrinkling little forehead loosens slowly, at this time he was better, after he opens the eye, all around suddenly sees is all blanks, as if in the world is empty, only then he with that pill furnace, this is his own world, will not receive the inner world that the bystander disturbs, this time he, has unprecedented comfortable, that is from spiritual wonderful comfortable. Shen Xiang entered this to be his inner world finally, at this time he separated the relation with the outside completely, in the Hidden Jade Jade Palace three females was unable to talk with him. Elder Dan has completed the Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan refinement, is two grains of excellent qualities Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan, Elder Dan is very satisfied to own result, seeing Elder Dan to succeed, Liu Meng'er controls flying disc to fly immediately, draws on Elder Dan jade face flying disc.

This hasn't brat started alchemy?” Some Elder Dan doubts, she anticipates to be very big to Shen Xiang's, she brings here Shen Xiang, can master the ability that many alchemy masters do not have for Shen Xiang, enters own inner world. He just refined Spirit Force Dan, then this.” Gu Dongchen said: Junior Sister, Young Martial Uncle level were more than your difference, it seems like your this time has victory in the hand, did not need to marry him.” Dongfang Xinyue is somewhat surprised, this Elder Dan has so high alchemy level, said is also Dan King, unexpectedly and Shen Xiang have this agreement. Elder Dan sees Shen Xiang that to be calm, in the heart has sighed with emotion one secretly, she could see Shen Xiang already the custom service the difficulty, must know that she has used long time, can achieve this Realm, imagined such with her, the Shen Xiang's potential was very fearful, so long as stimulated slightly, will erupt. Is uncertain!” Elder Dan said solemnly. Gu Dongchen stares, on the face unexpectedly somewhat worries: Junior Sister, if you become his woman, then your rank was higher than me a generation?” Snort!” Elder Dan coldly snorted, making Gu Dongchen hastily shut up. Shen Xiang puts out Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan herbs, starts processing of cautious and solemn, at this time he does not have to think anything, among the competition after with Elder Dan he throws into the brain, present he, is thinking at heart only need refine well this Nine Aperture Quenching Body Dan, even if were the day collapses unable to affect him.

Flame is insufficient!” Shen Xiang grasps is maintaining a fire the bead, can accurately judge, but he was actually not worried. Elder Dan sees in the Shen Xiang hand that to maintain a fire the bead light glow, saw this point, before Shen Xiang, because was disturbed, therefore slows down the refinement speed, burns down with the flame little, causing the flame consumption to be too much, failure explode pill furnace one time. However, Elder Dan actually sees the Shen Xiang slight anxious facial expression, in other words Shen Xiang to have the means solution, this makes her feel immediately very surprisedly, she comes here practice with maintaining a fire bead alchemy, meets situation that many flame have been insufficient, but she is unsolvable. His flame was insufficient, how will he solve?” Elder Dan murmured. suddenly, a Shen Xiang palm racket broke to pieces that pill furnace, the people fiercely stared the big eye, Shen Xiang unexpectedly ruins alchemic furnace! Especially Dongfang Xinyue, shouted immediately tenderly: „Was this admits defeat? Without pill furnace, how can he alchemy?” However Liu Meng'er these familiar Shen Xiang's people, actually know Shen Xiang also mysterious Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, but they think that does not understand why Shen Xiang must well ruin that pill furnace.