World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 753
Chapter 753 female slave thoughts of returning home Shen Xiang and Hua Xiangyue have kidded around the period of time, he a face earnest sits, asked: Xiangyue, why do you take a person to disguise as the status of two people?” Your is Sister Meng'er different? She is the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's empress, is Icewind Valley's Valley Master.” Hua Xiangyue hee happily said with a smile. Shen Xiang suddenly thought that this possibly has connection, Hua Xiangyue continues saying: My Master...... is also your Eldest Senior Brother, his wife is actually governs Danxiang Taoyuan's, therefore Danxiang Taoyuan and Extreme Martial Sect's relationship has been very good, in an accidental situation, the teacher's wife discovered that I have Purple Moon Fire Spirit, in secret teaches my alchemy technique, then lets my pay respects to join Extreme Martial Sect, afterward after teacher's wife and Master transcend, Danxiang Taoyuan is I governs, I simultaneously am the Extreme Martial Sect's elder.” When then Sister Meng'er does know your status?” Shen Xiang thinks that Liu Meng'er hides the truth from him to be so long, in the heart some are uncomfortable. „Do you guess?” Guesses your head!” The Shen Xiang wolf claw extends, grasps to the Hua Xiangyue's chest, Hua Xiangyue smiles to fend. I and she very small time knew. My teacher's wife probably with her parents some origins, at that time I and she had been decided as Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire and Danxiang Taoyuan's successor, but simultaneously is other secret being in power people of influence.” Hua Xiangyue Youyou sighed, afterward charmingly charmingly angry: Who knows that has met your this little rascal......” Shen Xiang curls the lip saying: This is you entangles me probably, you are the Hua Xiangyue's time, voluntarily makes my female slave, you are the Elder Dan's time, the competition loses to me, is willing to become my person.” Does not think really clearly, why you must entangle me!” If makes others know that he thinks, definitely will kick to death him, such a beautiful woman, his unexpectedly dislikes this suspicion that.

Hua Xiangyue has depended, the strip viperous beauty such charmingly entangles to hold the Shen Xiang's tiger body likely, said tenderly: „Do you want to know?” Naturally thinks!” Shen Xiang enclasps the beautiful woman vigorously, the breath becomes very rapid, spouts one to burn the hot aura intermittently, making the Su Meiyao double cheek blush, the look full is the eyes that charms. My Master is the same with you, cultivates the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art person, I in secular world, saw you to have Yin and Yang Veins, at that time I bet you definitely to be from now on the apprentice of old lunatic...... My teacher's wife has told me, runs into this man, do not let off.” Su Meiyao flatters to say with a smile: My teacher's wife already taught me means to look at Spiritual Vein of others within the body, I in secular world, had not determined, therefore planned that turns to determine you, who knows your this brat at all not by my enticement.” Shen Xiang suddenly bites the honey lip that fills to charm, stretches out the tongue, pries open Hua Xiangyue's white teeth, provokes to suck in that gentle and charming fragrant tongue, Hua Xiangyue was also being moved at this time, both hands are holding Shen Xiang tightly, and Shen Xiang kiss, while sends out charming chanting in a low voice. Quick, the clothes of Hua Xiangyue upper body took off by Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang is kissing the wing celtis mouth of beautiful woman, while is caressing beautiful woman that tender and delicate creamy luster of the skin with the hand, profanes to play that pair of spring beauty, the plentiful tall and straight chest, making Hua Xiangyue's exude one to be overwhelmed with emotion **. „Does the rascal master, want to eat me?” The Hua Xiangyue coquettish look like the silk, facial color blood flushes looks at Shen Xiang. Naturally thinks, but......” If with the strength strong woman union, will have very big injury to you, you are worried about this?” The Hua Xiangyue throwing out the chest chest cavity, making that tremble trembling to dazzling charming Jade Rabbit, aroused a meat wave, but in the Shen Xiang heart has resounded an evil wave. Hua Xiangyue chuckle said: Under peony dies, makes trouble also loosely? Has perverted heart not to have the color balls......”

This Hua Xiangyue is enticing Shen Xiang unceasingly, because she knows that Shen Xiang does not dare, sees Shen Xiang this uncomfortable appearance, she is somewhat happy, she now is Shen Xiang's female slave, moreover when competes with alchemy has lost to Shen Xiang, she had said can make Shen Xiang casual her what kind. Hua Xiangyue exudes the charming laughter, while is taking off the clothes under body, that every action and every movement, are full of endless charming and enticement, especially when sees the women's clothing falls from that lush outstanding buttocks and jade leg slowly, the blood of Shen Xiang whole body almost burns, lower abdomen as if volcanic eruption. Master, slave servant wants to give you actually, but...... slave servant strength compared with you, if with master that...... Will have very big injury to the master.” Hua Xiangyue shows that charming charming regrettable facial expression intentionally, is nipping the cherry lips lightly, very said worriedly. The Shen Xiang that bi-ejector the eye of scalding hot ray, high and low back and forth is taking a fast look around the Hua Xiangyue's tender body, afterward stays in that fragrant grass densely, that wipes the pink charming place, looks at the Shen Xiang evil blood ebullition, but he actually must restrain by force the evil fire. In Devil World, some female Evil Devil, specially cultivates Charm Technique, entices some strength in meditation extremely weak men, through the way of union, the skill and Yang spirit of devour groom's family......” Bai Youyou said: This Little Fairy in enticing you, in playing you, but in training your strength in meditation, after she is worried about three realms great war, you will unable to stand up to the enticement of these female Evil Devil, actually......” Bai Youyou that ice-cold sound became weak, obviously was some are shy: Actually I and Junior Sister early had the plan to train your this aspect, but you did not have the time, but was now good, Hua Xiangyue this Little Fairy trained you should better.” Shen Xiang hears the Bai Youyou's words, felt one wanted the volcanic eruption, if Bai Youyou this ice-cold goddess also looked like Hua Xiangyue to adopt a check person charming stance, what appearance that was? At this moment, Long Xueyi said seriously: little rascal, eats her, my Imperial Dragon Clan has fierce cultivation technique, can avoid you being injured.” Hears the Long Xueyi's words, in the Shen Xiang heart wild with joy, he knows that this small bad dragon has means solution this matter, after all Imperial Dragon Clan is a very loose race, does not have this cultivation technique is the strange event. Actually you, so long as utilizes in Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art something, can avoid being injured, how I taught you to use......” Long Xueyi to destroy the Hua Xiangyue's good deed, let Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou is despising her secretly.

In the Shen Xiang mind suddenly emits the Long Xueyi instruction transporting merit sutra, excited he is almost excited flies to rush to the sky. Now Hua Xiangyue does, truly in tempering the Shen Xiang's strength in meditation, in Devil Subduing School these has about the Devil World most noteworthy matter, this female demon placed front evilly, Shen Xiang this little rascal makes her be worried, therefore has to offer this bad plan. The Shen Xiang's performance made Hua Xiangyue very satisfied, but sees temperature suddenly of Shen Xiang body to become higher, this makes her slightly surprised. little rascal............” Shen Xiang suddenly has swooped, presses Hua Xiangyue in the place, then moves oneself clothes neatly and quickly, Hua Xiangyue has not responded that the lower part of the body transmits an ache, but also follows a faint trace to be numb, making her exude one to say goodbye to yelling of virgin, that ache also lets her downhill tears. Although Shen Xiang the whole body is seething with excitement the evil fire, but he actually very gently loves tenderly the beautiful woman at this time, not long, in the bamboo house leaves behind the most beautiful spring scenery picture scroll......