World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 755
Usually Shen Xiang little uses devil art, once uses, is all devil art one after another displays, silences a witness of crime directly, these devil art have the part in Devil World is the taboos, will bring in the fatal disaster, for example that Engulfing Devil Art is so. Exercises martial arts the best place, is looks for Huang Jintian, although Huang Jintian is Shen Xiang's Master, but Shen Xiang still thought that Master of this crazy is mystical , the body is always covering one group of mysterious fog, moreover strength outstanding, only depends on Divine Sense to frighten the Dongfang family master flees like a scared rat, but he is actually not the person of cultivate Spirit. Shen Xiang just went out of Extreme Dan King Courtyard, sees Liu Meng'er to walk from a grass track, Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's being in power person unexpectedly can heavy come and go out freely in this Extreme Martial Sect, this also not because of Shen Xiang's relationship. Young Master Shen, the facial expression is good!” The Liu Meng'er sound passed a jealousy, beautiful eyes was staring Shen Xiang one gently. Hehe, but also is good, that spirit female slave takes care well me.” Shen Xiang said with an evil smile: Sister Meng'er, inside water is hot, you come from far away, if wanted I help you rub the back......” Liu Meng'er spat one tenderly, immediately thinks of Hua Xiangyue and scene in Shen Xiang altogether bath, tenderly snorted and said: little rascal, do not go too far that's alright, so as to avoid injured the body.” In the Shen Xiang heart is laughing in one's heart, has the Long Xueyi's direction, he not only does not move sideways, but can also with that outstandingly beautiful female slave double cultivation. Knew.” Shen Xiang earnest nod, then must please enter Extreme Dan King Courtyard Liu Meng'er. I do not go, Xianxian and Youlan could cross Nirvana Tribulation, you help them prepare, your present skill may compared with me greatly.” Liu Meng'er has to admire ability of Shen Xiang when this aspect, not only can to be ahead of time to know own transcends tribulation various danger(ous) that must face, but can also provide good pills. This transcends tribulation expert, in the new world perhaps also only then his!

They are so quick...... Then has troubled, making Youlan this girl cross Nirvana Tribulation, she definitely all day shouts must fight with me, when the time comes could not hit her, definitely maliciously oppressively will die by her.” In the Shen Xiang heart suddenly is somewhat heavy. Who makes you know all day...... Does the misdemeanor, Xianxian and Youlan they are every day in carrying on the self-torture, moreover in these time formation. Right, what have you eaten to Youlan? She now changed fierce, before Xianxian can win her frequently, but now is actually both have equal share.” Liu Meng'er frowned, asked. Later again told you!” Shen Xiang said with a smile, on the face full was the color of liking, because he knows that Leng Youlan's White Dragon Bloodline has awakened. Liu Meng'er white his eyes, then hurriedly departs, she and Dongfang Xinyue obtained that divine book, is studying inside these powerful formations, if utilizes well these formation, can have greatly strengthened defense strength and striking power, if can approach beforehand to study 1-2 in three realms great war, when the time comes can play very major role. Shen Xiang on going to that taboo heavenly pit road, actually meets Gu Dongchen. „Did Liu Meng'er walk?” Gu Dongchen asked. You know that she does come?” Shen Xiang also thinks that Liu Meng'er is a person walks. Naturally knows that this is Extreme Martial Mysterious Realm, such a fierce person comes in I naturally to know.” Gu Dongchen said here, then ambiguous smiled: Young Martial Uncle, you are fierce, Junior Sister now is your!” Xiangyue gets up to look for you and Little Bald.” Shen Xiang asking that pretends a face not to care about.

Knew truth time, our two truly had a scare, felt that was played for many years.” In the Gu Dongchen heart is not feeling well, Hua Xiangyue helps his alchemy each time, maliciously knocks his one, now actually knew that is own Junior Sister. I look for Junior Sister alchemy each time time, she always plays to be missing, or is busy, making me have to go to Danxiang Taoyuan, then my crystal stones......, the past events find it unbearable to recall!” A Gu Dongchen face indignation, he thought after Shen Xiang, definitely can also be this morality moral character. Shen Xiang has patted his shoulder, said with a smile: Relax, when Martial Uncle I am formidable, you again by her pit, when the time comes Martial Uncle surely will not be given you a good price.” Looks that Shen Xiang laughs to depart, Gu Dongchen curls the lip saying: And other three realms great war in the past, I crossed nine to plunder transcend, does not make your this group of alchemy masters continue the pit I!” Shen Xiang looked for Huang Jintian, Huang Jintian knew that Shen Xiang was practice, not polite, training this apprentice, sees Shen Xiang to use that fierce Suppressing Devil Holy Power well each time, Huang Jintian will hate the tooth to be itchy, how because he could not practice, this caused him to start will be more ruthless. ------- In new world, Dongfang Lingyun plots to murder Dongfang Chaoqun and Dongfang Xinyue matter, almost every continent was mentioning, after all this was in the new world the top influence, unexpectedly has this scandal. Dongfang Chaoqun also at this time, took the good opportunity, collaborated with Dongfang Xinyue, has agitated loyally many with the Dongfang family juniors, must recapture the position of own Patriarch. For does not make Dongfang Lingyun leader Dongfang family go on an expedition in all directions, headed by Gu Dongchen, some Chenwu Mainland influences, expressed support for Dongfang Chaoqun..

Because of the Chenwu Mainland's influence, has very heavy status in Mortal Martial World that alliance, therefore alliance also statement support. For was not destroyed completely by Dongfang family, influence Big Shot around Dongfang family territory, looks for Dongfang Chaoqun to speak in detail, so long as Dongfang Chaoqun does not comply with the expansion influence, they are willing to help Dongfang Chaoqun, defeats Dongfang Lingyun. Since has been Dongfang Lingyun is the Dongfang family elder group of head has proposed the expansion, causing the new world to have the events of many massacres, at this time to crusade against Dongfang Lingyun, new world unexpectedly had a tacit union, this unity, making many influences be pleased, at least three realms great war approaches, everybody can together repel the enemy. Dongfang Lingyun is a very sly person, he expected that before attended the meeting to have such matter, therefore he had already found the escape route, does not counter-attack, but hides in Pill Association, he has sent out ten Good Fortune Fruit, is not gives in vain, he governs Dongfang family to be so long, the resources that plunders is innumerable, so long as he crossed three realms great war, crossed Nirvana Ninth Tribulation again, transcend Heaven World, can from start newly. The people think must go all out one with Dongfang Lingyun, who knows that Dongfang Lingyun suddenly has actually been missing, Dongfang family a group of people without a leader, these elders also play to be missing in many, such one, Dongfang Chaoqun very relaxed doing returns to Patriarch, but Dongfang family already pulls out spatially by these elders and Dongfang Lingyun, therefore this new world first influence disintegrated overnight. Dongfang Chaoqun did not have what ambition, he is only thinking must develop good Dongfang family, retains the inheritance of bloodline, because just Dongfang Lingyun is in power in the family, unites the Dongfang family strongest that group of people, he weak resists, has to wait for the opportunity.