World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 758
Earth Core Divine Fruit of big fellow affirmed that is long very well, otherwise he does not know the innumerable world earth core fuse together, because the earth core temperature gets better, has produced more nutrition manures, that Earth Core Divine Tree fast result, this stingy big fellow, stubbornly blocks that tree, feared that was seen by you.” Long Xueyi is talking incessantly, although she had Earth Level Low-Grade Dan Profound Beast Dan to take food, but she after is a small greedy dragon, so long as will be the delicious thing is kept thinking by her on, she in Hidden Jade Jade Palace, but before tasting completely many, has not eaten spirit grass(es) spirit fruit, luckily Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou managed very strictly, otherwise these Immortal Level definitely could not escape her slightly gluttonous. Naturally, she eats up these things, will become very strong, as Shen Xiang's beast pet, will have very big advantage to Shen Xiang. Each world has earth core, the temperature in earth core is very high, breeds the Fire Spirit good place, does not know that can seek for Fire Spirit in inside?” Bai Youyou said. Shen Xiang slightly took a deep breath: According to the Fire Spirit characteristics, will gather the together battle generally, devour opposite party that then does utmost, if by me were discovered big pile of Fire Spirit, then altogether push in my body, I troubled.” Previous time comes, he fused that Earthly Yin Fire Spirit to be unbearable, let alone fused many Fire Spirit. Shen Xiang took 50% roads, hotly, now he felt that the ignition the ache, with such that Ancient Fire Beast said that this earth core temperature became compares was higher before. It seems like cannot go to earth core, I suffices me to practice in the halfway, if not depend upon Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor to arrive at earth core, perhaps I evaporated on the road.” Shen Xiang places on the hand the hole wall, then fierce receives, he very long had not felt such burning burnt. It seems like these stones are heat-resistant, does not know that suits refiner?” Can not have any stone of change under this temperature, is seriously surprising. Shen Xiang does sway formerly was walking, his braving smog, the sweat evaporation, blood in ebullition, but he thinks also insufficient, this is insufficient the condition to make him practice Black Tortoise Strengthening Technique.

Only then makes him feel body each likely by the time that the iron irons, can make him revolve Black Tortoise Strengthening Technique body cultivation. Was walking, but Shen Xiang actually can only proceed to crawl now little, that high temperature, making True Qi of his within the body seethe with excitement, if not he revolves Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, melts that tyrannical, perhaps he already exploded. Was similar, here is my present limit!” The place that Shen Xiang is at now, is flooding red Qi mist, these Qi mist are bringing incomparably scalding hot strength, is most awfully. Shen Xiang now on revolution divine art, these scalding hot strength inspiration bodies, while quenching fleshly body, decomposes True Qi these scalding hot strength with Fire God Art, compresses through Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art again. Then, Shen Xiang starts to practice on this to passage of earth core, here scalding hot energy, is containing massive rich Spirit Qi, but can decompose non- attribute rich True Qi through Fire God Art, coordinates Yin and Yang Divine Veins to revolve after Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, can transfer five elements of True Qi non- attribute True Qi, then compresses in Five Elements beast image. Your Divine Soul can the revolution Nine Turn Dragon God Technique practice, here environment be good.” Long Xueyi said. Many fierce divine art of Shen Xiang practice, were utilized by him very ingeniously, can assist mutually, mutually harmonious at the same time revolution, thus composes a whole, when lets moving clouds and flowing water that Shen Xiang revolves, has the division of labor respectively, this is also he cultivates one of the speed quick reasons. Here is away from the earth core also big section distance, has so rich fire Spirit Qi! It seems like earth core there is worse, Fire Spirit will definitely have, now possibly in mutually devour, after the time grew, these Fire Spirit possibly become stronger, when the time comes is also gathers their best opportunities.” Su Meiyao said excitedly that she is the alchemy master, already wanted Fire Spirit, if the same place, even if quality very low Fire Spirit, she will wish for earnestly, but now the Fire Spirit quality is not good, she could not have had a liking. Especially Shen Xiang, he thought that purple Fire Spirit also can only be front qualified, in his opinion, at least wants Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit this different Fire Spirit to be good.

------ The Peach Blossom Immortal Realm entrance is called the Heavenly Ruins continent's place in one, this Heavenly Ruins Continent is Heavenly Ruins world biggest continent, the status was the same with Mortal Martial World King Continent, belongs to ten continent third, above person many and is very strong, although these influences do not expand like Dongfang family, but their strengths do not allow to look down upon. Person who now goes to the Peach Blossom Immortal Realm people are many world has the status, for example in Mortal Martial World, King Continent's Wu Family and Blue Blood Clan, Divine Martial Palace's Palace Master, is Lan Shan and other famous expert, Chenwu Mainland, only then Lotus Island's Lian Yingxiao goes, Hua Xiangyue and Liu Meng'er, although was invited, but they are very busy, rejected. Dongfang family Patriarch Dongfang Chaoqun, as well as Dongfang Xinyue also has Dongfang Jing, was invited, but only Dongfang Chaoqun leads Dongfang family this young fool to go. In addition, some Pill Association ten big Dan King and high level alchemy masters who some Devil Subduing School's two Dean and elders, as well as the Fire God Palace's important personage, later just started were invited. Reason that many people accept this invite , because in this Peach Blossom Immortal Realm has the character of Immortal strength, looks like Huang Jintian this type, crossed the Nirvana Ninth Tribulation person, will hide is inhaled Heaven World in Mysterious Realm, these expert will come, majority want to know the Nirvana Ninth Tribulation matter. Naturally, many expert go, has taken their haughty disciples or the children, if the luck is good, but can also marry with other influences, meanwhile can make these young man younger generations see the world. By Netherworld Abyss, death Qi is steaming, Shen Xiang now on dirty crawls from below, he can come up with Luo tomorrow directly, the feeling that but he wants to try to crawl what is, at least later can boast with Huang Jintian, must know Huang Jintian but in the past under came up to half. Also is really the egg hurts, time unexpectedly that crawls meets these many poisons, luckily father Hundred Poisons Immunity.”

Shen Xiang in leading to earth core that road has practiced for one month, very smooth enters into Tempering Realm late stage, body cultivation there environment really has the good effect, but must withstand that type of terrifying flame to roast roasts. After the breakthrough, obtains the strength of granting, this time true element grains had 1.28 million grains, this means that his Dragon Force will be more terrorist. „Is this Netherworld Abyss? Although bad risk, but looks like does not have no treasure, the value of not having explored.” A male suddenly heavy day falls, on that white clothing that wears, has Peach Blossom. Chenwu Mainland is also mediocre, is worth place few that explores to treasure hunt, it seems like here is not good!” At this time another female grazed slowly, this female was very beautiful, the head was also inserting a Peach Blossom round of hairpin, just her sound has filled arrogant. At this time they discovered that sat in Netherworld Abyss nearby Shen Xiang, person who saw this whole body dirt, their knitting the brows head. Shen Xiang saw, these two people are that Peach Blossom Immortal Realm person.