World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 762
actually this Qilin Thunder Hawk is little brat!” Long Xueyi said with a smile. Stared at others? To eat others?” Shen Xiang teased: Your this small bad dragon, taste is good!” Bah, how I will be have a liking for this type by the fellow who others seize, said that our Young Master Shen are better than him.” Long Xueyi chuckle said. youngster that this Qilin Thunder Hawk turns into, whole face anger, was roaring to all around person at this time, in the look filled murderous aura, was virulent to these external intruder. Words that has not misread, this should be antique strange species, Qilin Thunder Hawk, the old man has looked at the related record on an old book, it is said this strange beast is very likely to be fiercer than Qilin.” old man said that on the face full is pleasantly surprised. Audiences expert you look at me, I think your, because this Qilin Thunder Hawk is very strong, most people had to get rid a moment ago, such fierce strange beast, everyone wants to obtain, then the issue came, because does not know how should assign. Rescues this little rascal, he affirmed that here stayed was very long, should know that here many matters, they do not know how in any case now should assign, rescued Qilin Thunder Hawk, this group of idiots did not use such headache, killed two birds with one stone.” Long Xueyi happily said with a smile. Shen Xiang takes Long Xueyi, snatching the thing said like does good, and rationally. Rescues? This is not easy to do, this crowd of expert may not be is a vegetarian, moreover their net anything is very fierce!” Shen Xiang said. You have understood only Divine Art of Four Symbols, little uses earth attribute True Qi, right!” Long Xueyi asked. Right.” The Shen Xiang nod said that because Divine Art of Four Symbols was enough.

That Divine Art of Four Symbols refers to in Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art to compile, but reason that inside earth attribute had not been compiled , because must display earth attribute strength, must need the massive magic power coordination, otherwise the use is not big.” Long Xueyi said: Your that Water Escape Art, coordinated earth attribute True Qi actually, can display.” Shen Xiang understands how quickly Long Xueyi must do: You said that you can make me the land under that little brat body open a road to come me?” Basically is this, but is fiercer than your Water Escape Art, this is in Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, your present magic power is good, should be able to grasp very much with ease.” Long Xueyi said. In the Shen Xiang mind presented that some cultivation technique immediately, named Earth Divine Elephant Art, mainly coordinates the magic power use using earth attribute True Qi, can have mysterious and formidable strength. Releases your earth attribute True Qi and magic power, displays Heavenly Dragon Seal such like you, but Heavenly Dragon Seal in space, but this Earth Divine Elephant Art in ground.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang used Heavenly Dragon Seal is not a time two, regarding this was very experienced, in cultivation technique revolution Divine Elephant True Qi and magic power according to mind, let it quietly condense under that youngster body. At this time that youngster was suppressed by many nets, besides roaring, anything could not do, strength was suppressed. Earth Divine Elephant, Earth Escape!” earth attribute True Qi suddenly of Shen Xiang within the body did not have half, in emerges not far away instantaneously the underground, sees only under that youngster body suddenly to present a small vortex, there soil probably is the water equally is gentle, a that vortex appearance, youngster was inhaled immediately, was carrying on audiences expert of intense discussion just to respond that vortex on vanish from sight, there land restored actually to be so stiff once more, moreover a trace did not have. After Shen Xiang displays Earth Escape, that youngster was presented earth vortex passage to give to bring by that suddenly, that youngster is the whole face is also surprised, when he detected own whole body full is strength, Shen Xiang holds him, steps into Space Gate that already opened, maintains the distance with that crowd of expert.

little brat, do you also want to find that group of people inadequate?” Shen Xiang fierce flings good-looking youngster that this Qilin Thunder Hawk turns into the ground. This youngster is wearing the blue black armor, at this time face anger, but he actually knows that was Shen Xiang has saved him, otherwise he is also being covered by these fierce nets now. Snort.” This youngster quickly calm, angry coldly snorted. On your this strength, what climate can become?” Shen Xiang laughed, throws to this youngster grain of pill pellet, this is Profound Beast Dan, the above smell is also the beasts most likes , after this youngster has licked, eating up without hesitation. I called Shen Xiang, did you name? Why will appear here? How also to have the conflict with that group of people?” After Shen Xiang sees hostility retrogression on that youngster face, asked with a smile. I called Teng Ying, many thanks big brother rescued!” youngster has patted dust, to Shen Xiang gave a salute. Hidden Jade Ring inside Long Xueyi whispered in a low voice: Useless fellow, grain of Profound Beast Dan the person family belongings big brother, was really an idiot, no wonder will be held.” I have grown up since childhood here, I practice according to inheritance memory absorption world Spirit Qi, occasionally also meets catch Demon Beast to eat!” Teng Ying can feel Shen Xiang to be well-meant to him, this feeling is the beasts inborn has. I was catching a big snake, then runs into that group of people, that group of people discover me, not saying anything further attacked me, my strength was inferior to them, finally......” Shen Xiang has patted his head, said with a smile: Now has been all right, later the limelight, runs into this group of people again, hides distant point that's it, this group of idiots idle are being all right to do, coming to this inside to explore to treasure hunt, you regarding them is a big treasure.”

Teng Ying coldly snorted: so that's how it is, this crowd of humanity were discussing a moment ago still how to carve up me, snort|hum!” „, Best not to have turned into that physique, very easily becomes the goal.” The Shen Xiang urging said that this Teng Ying probably is also only the Tempering Realm peak, facing these Nirvana Realm expert, simply does not have the strength to hit back. You possibly do not know that world, I and speak......” Shen Xiang to bring Teng Ying to walk in a direction. Big Brother Shen, don't that crowd of humanity in that direction, you fear them?” Teng Ying has favorable impression to Shen Xiang at this time very much, Shen Xiang not only has saved him, gives back to his thing to eat, but he since was born one, is the enemies who in this meets, wants to kill his Demon Beast or is humanity. Did not fear that you come that's it with me, when the time comes I said that you are the friend of mine, they will not move absolutely your.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Humanity can have the Demon Beast friend, this is not extraordinary in the new world, especially these tame Demon Beast sect specially. Shen Xiang said to Teng Ying all the way the matters of many centuries, Teng Ying looked forward to, but at this time they were away from that group of people getting more and more near, that crowd of expert unexpectedly have not left. When audiences expert was discussing how when must track down the Teng Ying trail, Shen Xiang and Teng Ying suddenly walked, making the people be surprised, in the hand a formation plate net, as well as various flying sword magic treasure must call the past, when they see Shen Xiang that smiling face, actually stiffened.