World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 763
Saw the people to prepare attack, Shen Xiang said with a smile: I remember that my 10 billion posted a reward to abolish, you held me, Dongfang family will not give you monetary reward.” Who does not know that his 10 billion post a reward was not only abolished, but also obtains the gratitude of Dongfang Chaoqun, now but the people must grasp is not he, is Qilin Thunder Hawk of his side that turn into a human shape, that is compared with a ten billion crystal stone more precious thing. However nobody fight, Shen Xiang has the backstage, Dongfang Lingyun brings one crowd of expert to besiege Extreme Martial Sect on the same day, finally spits blood to turn over to completely, is hand that because Huang Jintian moves. Elder Brother Shen Xiang......” distant place transmits shouts the sound together tenderly, Shen Xiang one listens to know that is Dongfang Jing the young fool is shouting him. After Dongfang Jing shouted, seeing many people immediately to look to her, regretted that should not a moment ago such loud voice, this made her shame reddens all over the face, hastily hid Dongfang Chaoqun. Jing Jing (quietly), is quite skillful, you also here!” Shen Xiang brought Teng Ying to walk, Teng Ying admires to Shen Xiang now, he came a moment ago time somewhat was disturbed, but that crowd of expert besides using the greedy eye visit him, moved has not moved. Teng Ying also similarly retaliates these people with angry look. Sees Shen Xiang and Dongfang Jing relationship is so good, these very envy with the teenage boys and girls who who comes. Little Friend Shen, you help us again and again, does not know how really should thank you!” Dongfang Chaoqun sees Shen Xiang to walk, hurriedly said, on the face full is the color of gratitude. Shen Xiang thought that can obtain Dongfang Xinyue this outstandingly beautiful female slave is Dongfang family most greatly has repaid, therefore he said with a smile hastily: Slight effort, does not need to be polite, who makes this Dongfang Lingyun probably to our Extreme Martial Sect fight, like this fellow, my Extreme Martial Sect cannot make him ramble absolutely merrily.”

Shen Xiang these words also said that some on the scene listens to people, although his Extreme Martial Sect does not have very big territory, but the strength is not weak. Shen Xiang put out a hand to pinch Dongfang Jing that naive beautiful cheek, smiled: Young fool, your courage is really big, dares to run this place.” I come with the father.” Dongfang Jing lowers the head, small sound track. Little Friend Shen, this you do not need to be worried that we want to make these young man younger generations come out informed and experienced informed and experienced.” Dongfang Chaoqun said. Shen Xiang shakes the head saying: Informed and experienced is not this, this place you have not imagined that simply.” Shen Xiang, you dare to come, therefore here has not calculated too terrible.” Lian Yingxiao walked, said with a smile, here, was he and Shen Xiang's relationship is good, knew Shen Xiang many secrets. I am look for my friend, but my friend said that had been attacked by one group of bastards a moment ago bewilderedly, his a little skill, can run away from this crowd of pig's front trotters luckily, my this friend is Demon Beast, the strength is not too strong, but is very familiar with here, I just broke through, therefore makes him lead me a revolution of extension in this.” Shen Xiang cracks into a smile, said very with ease, but let have fight that crowd of expert to be mad a moment ago is red in the face, wished one could maliciously slapped Shen Xiang, this clarified is scolding them. „It is not wordy, my friend must lead me to treasure hunt.” Shen Xiang waved, then leaves with Teng Ying. fight catches others' Demon Beast friend, this definitely is incorrect, if investigates that they must apologize, but Shen Xiang is only the indirect insult, said several.

„The courage of this little brat really and in Legend is equally big, I looked that does not have Huang Jintian to support to him, he so, he a moment ago will not fear that was attacked by us?” Yao Shumei leisurely said, this middle-aged beautiful woman a moment ago was careful looked at Shen Xiang, what making her most surprised was, she could not see that Shen Xiang's cultivation base came, True Qi has not fluctuated. Madame Peach Blossom, you if a moment ago fight, Hehe, consequence how I do not know that in brief Huang Jintian should not look for you, you must know that Huang Jintian does not dare to leave Mysterious Realm casually. Shen Xiang's depends on is not Huang Jintian, but Extreme Martial Sect's Big Shot collaborates, cannot stand off you, even if entire Chenwu Mainland collaborates, in your eyes is not anything.” Lian Yingxiao looking pensive said that on the same day by Demon and Devil heavenly pit, he personally sees Shen Xiang one blade one, fearlessly these expert chopping. I do not believe that if no Huang Jintian, how he is fierce , is just little rascal.” old man disdainfully said. Oh?, if he uses ten grains of Life Returning Pill to post a reward you, you said that what fate you will have? As far as I know, his alchemy technique is not Extreme Martial Sect that mysterious Elder Dan instruction, is not Hua Xiangyue, he before entering Extreme Martial Sect, has solid alchemy foundation, enters Extreme Martial Sect shortly, uses alchemy technique to defeat a foundation good alchemy master, and receiving will be an apprentice.” Lian Yingxiao smiled: What everybody has not to know, Fire God Palace's Han Lie also owes him a favour.” Han Lie truly owes a Shen Xiang favour, if not Shen Xiang gets rid on the same day, perhaps he was also stranded in that Devil Decaying Death Qi, although Han Lie had not said that but from the Han Lie temperament, this favour he has borne in mind. Demon and Devil heavenly pit that matter, on the scene had several expert to experience, they believed in firmly. After Shen Xiang walked, naturally does not know that others were discussing him, he follows Teng Ying now, Teng Ying stayed in this Ancient Spirit Earth very for a long time, here also domain, moreover he was also protecting spirit herb, through absorbing that spirit herb Spirit Qi gained the energy. Big Brother Shen, Extreme Martial Sect is really fierce, that group of people very much feared a moment ago probably.” A Teng Ying face admiration said.

Naturally fierce.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: This group of fellows bully the weak and fear the strong, if you are very strong, they definitely will hide by far, but if you are very small and weak, Hehe......” This I understand that here is also same, law of the jungle.” Teng Ying nodded. Big Brother Shen, can I join Extreme Martial Sect? I thought me, if with human contact, should be able to promote quickly.” In Shen Xiang heart one happy, he wants to become a friend with Teng Ying, has not thought that Teng Ying unexpectedly must join Extreme Martial Sect: Naturally, Extreme Martial Sect very much will definitely be glad to receive your, you should be the Extreme Martial Sect first beasts disciples.” Teng Ying lives in a cave, Shen Xiang arrives at the cave deep place with him, feels the strength of very rich Five Elements. Five Colour Spirit Bamboo!” Su Meiyao induces to this aura, immediately has recognized: This refines Five Elements Profound Dan second main material!” Five Colour Spirit Bamboo is long very high, each five colors, send out strength of weak light glow and Five Elements, so long as, can refine furnace Five Elements Profound Dan. Five Elements Profound Dan only needed two main herbs, Shen Xiang had five Dragon Crystal Fruit, this means that he will have massive Five Elements Profound Dan herbs.