World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 764
Teng Ying said: I have used long time, cultivates this bamboo in a big way, but along with my strength promotion, to my function getting smaller, if the Big Brother Shen need, that goes, I must leave here in any case, goes to the human the world to walk.” Shen Xiang will certainly not take something for free the Teng Ying thing, he has given some Teng Ying high level spirit fruit and Profound Beast Dan, the value has surpassed this Five Colour Spirit Bamboo, this is also Shen Xiang wants to make Teng Ying stay steadfastly in Extreme Martial Sect. After Five Colour Spirit Bamboo puts in Hidden Jade Ring inside, Shen Xiang asks: Teng Ying, this Ancient Spirit Earth deep place have you gone?” No, deep place danger(ous), I go in very much will definitely die, although I do not know that inside has anything, but my intuition tells me, goes in depending on my present strength, but will court death.” Teng Ying can feel danger(ous) of deep place clearly. Shen Xiang arrives on a high summit with Teng Ying, overlook gets down, is one piece by piece by the mountain that the fog covers, cannot see following to have anything. Now we in find a place that is, belongs to the danger(ous) edge, here demarcation line, so long as in stepping into, quite in stepping into others' domain.” Teng Ying stern-faced looks at distant place. Although Teng Ying is antique strange beast, but falls in the room, the adolescence speed is slow, the strength is limited, like Long Xueyi, if Long Xueyi does not meet the Shen Xiang's words, the adolescence path will be definitely rough, will fall to others hand. When Shen Xiang and Teng Ying chatted, slight shivered to transmit, but Shen Xiang can actually judge, this shivered transmits from that danger(ous) deep place. That group of fellows are really idiots, their unexpectedly ran!” Teng Ying clenches teeth saying: Big Brother Shen, we leave here quickly, if in provoking anger that group of fierce fellows, our danger(ous)!” What are these fierce fellows?” Shen Xiang asked that he somewhat was worried about Dongfang Jing. Does not know that seems like humanity, but is not, because they do not have the aura of humanity.” Teng Ying is bewildered.

Shen Xiang opened Space Gate with Heaven's Crown Gate, then said to Teng Ying: You walked to arrive at Extreme Martial Sect, when the time comes you looked for Gu Dongchen or Wu Kaiming, said that was I recommends, said that you must join Extreme Martial Sect, they will arrange your.” Teng Ying bears in mind, nodded, then asked: „In Big Brother Shen, you must go in right?” Um, goes to have a look, does not need to be worried my.” Shen Xiang smiled. Be careful!” Teng Ying has patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder, on that immature handsome face shows the unusual smiling face. Teng Ying steps into Space Gate, Shen Xiang turns into a black hawk immediately, speedily flies toward the source of distant place that vibration. Flew the small moment, Shen Xiang has felt a very strange energy, probably he penetrated an energy barrier of not being able to see a moment ago. Really has the strangeness, a moment ago that the barrier of [say / way] not being able to see was the natural formation, but was actually used, so long as passed through, will be perceived, moreover body also remaining these energies, by accurate localization tracing.” Long Xueyi said: You turned into the black hawk to pass magic power, therefore you come not to be discovered that the body will not be stained by these energies.” Said that in some people do exist?” Only then humanity understands the utilization such complex thing. „It is not clear, in brief is the wisdom very high fellow . Moreover the strength is also very strong, you look below.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang can under clear seeing in these old trees towering to the skies, remain a light energy aura, after this is great war, stays behind, moreover many years ago stays behind.

„Can Nine Heavens Mental Exploration use?” Shen Xiang asked. Cannot.” Long Xueyi sighed. Quick, Shen Xiang flew one to have the fierce fighting trace place, from the aura under remaining, was Nirvana Realm expert, Shen Xiang had not discovered that had the bloodstain and corpse. It seems like can only use old means that turns into the bird, flies in the forest low spot.” Long Xueyi said: I use the nose to give a try, can find that young fool.” This Ancient Spirit Earth everywhere is some old trees, these trees absorption world Spirit Qi many years, are long very sturdily, but also some evolutions, if there is a patience, can find many Azure Profound Fruit here. Um, had found, this young fool Shen Xiang's smell is very good to distinguish, she and her father together, has that Madame Peach Blossom probably.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang a moment ago and Teng Ying with that crowd of expert met, but looked at that Yao Shumei, truly was very long raises the eye, but he thought that Dongfang Jing this young fool compared to ask for the person to like. Flies according to a Long Xueyi finger of direction, Shen Xiang can see many traces all the way, for example has the claw on some big trees, has the footprint in the ground, some big trees collapsed, is remaining a strange energy aura. These footprints have not put on shoes, is the footprint of person, but actually wants to be bigger . Moreover the claw of these fellows are very sharp, grasps can release that very fierce energy to come.” Long Xueyi looks at these traces, the analysis said: „It looks like this type of thing are many, is crowds, including footprints are very big, the trace that but leaves is very shallow, should be the strength is strongest, the build also will be bigger.” Now what can determine, in this Ancient Spirit Earth has with the mysterious thing that the person looks like very much . Moreover the build slightly be older than the normal person.

Must approach that crowd of things, the quantity are many, there are dozens.” Long Xueyi hurriedly said. Shen Xiang reduces speed the flying speed, although turns into the bird, the move that but if makes is too big, will be discovered. Not long, he saw these to make them guess many time things, that truly was some people. The build of these people are very big, the waist gathers round beast skin, skin dark colored dark colored, is long very vigorously and healthily, looks like the whole body fills strength, in addition, is they have four hands with the average man maximum difference, two of coming out are long from the back, this is longer to the arm is thicker, this to the hand that comes out, has ten very sharp nails, looks from afar that looks like the short-sword of cold light sparkle is the same. These people are bald, has to protrude a sunspot in back of the head, Shen Xiang from their looks, discovered that this photograph is the wild animal is the same, look inside fills to be cruel and heartless, but in them, three build bigger taking the lead, is sending out low and deep roaring. Pursued Evil Clan.” Long Xueyi has pondered the good moment, took a deep breath, said. What? Evil Clan?” This race inborn is this, reproduction speed and adolescence speed very rapidness, but does not have what wisdom, only then minority 1-2 can have with the person same wisdom, therefore was enslaved by their kings very much easily, is that full of wisdom, is called anything to make anything, dies dies.” Su Meiyao also knows this race the matter. Basically is this, because of this, is uncompanionable in the antique time and humanity, humanity once used long time to change them, but afterward was attacked, this race has one time to have the large-scale war, attacks humanity, takes humanity as the food, because each inborn has strong strength, does not need to practice can along with adolescence become stronger, therefore there is a very big threat, expert of humanity pursued them finally, has not thought by the seal here.”