World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 765
In antique, shouted that these fellows are Evil Savage, they fiercest method, is they that both hands that is long from the back.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang follows in this crowd of Evil Savage behind, can induce to them behind long comes out that pair to be long and thick arm is in condense strength. Dongfang Chaoqun and Yao Shumei tightly were really being pursued by this crowd of Evil Savage, because they must protect several younger generation, can only run for the best plan. Looks at their both hands above nail quickly.” Long Xueyi shouted. Shen Xiang nail of line of sight condense on Evil Savage that both hands, these nails such as the short sharp sword, above is sending out pale white light glow immediately, sees only them to wield this pair the big hand that grows from the back, these are similar to the nail of sharp sword look like the sudden downpour to be separated from the finger immediately generally, they flies to shoot toward Dongfang Chaoqun. Dongfang Chaoqun asked for advice this attack to be the same with Yao Shumei probably, immediately releases True Qi, forms two thick True Qi walls, keeps off in their, at that time, such as the sword common nail, routed the first layer True Qi wall, but second layer was also struck fully is the fissure, these nails sewed on that True Qi wall, then blast. Quite fierce! Their nails were also long, no wonder they must run away, if did not run a bit faster, these young people will be killed by these nails.” Shen Xiang exclaims. Dongfang Chaoqun also starts to counterattack, he to rear area these are pursuing that group of Evil Savage people on a bang fist, fist energy turns into the innumerable fists, raises a big level the ground, these trees were broken by smashing with stone by that fierce fist energy completely, is only instantaneous, a big region was razed. Shen Xiang flies in the upper air, avoids affecting, what makes his surprised is, these Evil Savage unexpectedly do not have the matter, they were repelled, after they stand up, makes vigorous efforts to catch up immediately, the speed of running must make Shen Xiang suck the tongue quickly, he has not thought that these giant and unwieldy fellows, unexpectedly is so agile, after entering the forest, can in branch above flexible jump of these great trees. Shen Xiang is unable to see that these dozens Evil Savage strengths come, if were Tempering Realm martial artist fought with the fists by Dongfang Chaoqun that a moment ago, undying also severe wound, but these Evil Savage were blown by that intense fist energy backs up, at this time can also very flexible swift and violent jump on the thick branch, the hot pursuit Dongfang Chaoqun they.

What good means has to cope with them?” Shen Xiang asked. Evil Savage fleshly body is very strong, this is inborn, especially frontal attack time, their carrying capacities are very strong, as for their weakness, is that pair of arm that attacks behind them to be long, the most effective means chop to the arm that.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang looks in the sky that he discovered build big that three Evil Savage take the lead, moreover they have not attacked. This group of fellows separated!” Shen Xiang suddenly sees that to have two leader various belt ten background Evil Savage, picks up the speed, pursues from the two sides packages. Wisdom that these lead, was the same with humanity, because in Dongfang Chaoqun in front of them, unexpectedly suddenly presented one crowd of Evil Savage, at this time in all directions is, Shen Xiang has counted, the leader reaches ten, has own squad, surrounds Dongfang Chaoqun from many directions they. „The Evil Savage quantity are many, and has a very strange bush telegraph way among the leaders, no matter separates far, these leaders can exchange the information, the mutual transmission, discussed that the process that the exchange, pursued a moment ago perhaps, they held a meeting, these ten leader estimates are the mind are interlinked, therefore coordinates very tacitly.” Long Xueyi said that she also very admires these leaders. These ties Evil Savage of a number of acting recklessly is attacking and occupying the world, that is very terrifying matter.” Su Meiyao said. Quick, Dongfang Chaoqun they were surrounded, them only then two strength quite strong people, but these Evil Savage ten leaders, other these Evil Savage strengths are also immeasurably deep, at least is not these young people can cope. Ha Ha, stupid humanity, we have wanted to exit to eliminate you, has not thought that your unexpectedly rush to here, relax, we will not kill your, you will become our slaves.” Build biggest Evil Savage said while loudly laughing, Shen Xiang can see now that the build maximum strength is bigger.

Shen Xiang stands on a tree, has put out that by from has refined newly Demanding Life Devil Bow, has locked dozens Evil Savage back arms, so long as reduces one, can make these Evil Savage damage severely Yuan Qi. „The skins of these fellows are very thick, with Dragon Force and Suppressing Devil Holy Power!” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang True Qi of revolution within the body, will melt the turn into dragon strength and Suppressing Devil Holy Power immediately, finally fuses together, pours into Demanding Life Devil Bow. „Who are you? We have not provoked you!” Yao Shumei sets upright the willow eyebrows, cold voice is asking. Wants you are humanity, we had enough reason to extinguish you, we and you were unable to co-exist.” That leader ferocious sound said. So long as Evil Savage were seen the back by Shen Xiang, basically had been locked by Shen Xiang, that arrow that to be projected by oneself is effective, Shen Xiang also added such as little Devil Decaying Death Qi, can be used to break the defense, then mixed in has compressed the flame, can have the combustion the effect. This arrow to dozens goals, moreover results in cannot expire, Shen Xiang used three True Qi, regarding having 128 ten thousand true element grains him, these three True Qi were very terrifying. Goes!” In the Shen Xiang heart shouted that has trembled in Demanding Life Devil Bow of condense crossbow arrow quietly slightly, a transparent crossbow arrow flies to shoot, is divided into dozens small arrows, very accurate injection 53 Evil Savage back arms. Of bang, more than 50 crack send out together, after these Evil Savage back arms were exploded blood fog, then sticks out suddenly flame, the flame and Devil Decaying Death Qi mixes together, drills into these Evil Savage bodies following the wound, is rotten their interior burning down, is only instantaneous, has dropped down more than 50 Evil Savage.

Had been sneak attacked, this makes that leader be angry immediately: Who!” Shen Xiang laughs: Is your Sir I!” Pursues!” The leader roars, the direction that no matter also Dongfang Chaoqun they, spread toward the Shen Xiang sound immediately rushes. Dongfang Chaoqun and Yao Shumei look at each other, then gets rid together, aims at these leader back arms, then uses they strongest strength, displays most the quickest attack, is only instantaneous, that intense air wave, turns into intense storm, the innumerable palm shades and fist image, along with that storm, shell in the backs of these Evil Savage. Because they saw Shen Xiang's to attack a moment ago to these Evil Savage are very fatal, especially after the back arm was destroyed, basically discarded, but their frontal attack these Evil Savage, were hard to cause the damage to them a moment ago!