World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 766
Dongfang Chaoqun puts out a handle long sword, leaps, goes through in the True Qi storm, arrives at these leaders instantaneously, wields a sword to cut off their back arms, but Yao Shumei also refuses to admit being inferior, is brandishing two tall and slender pink long whips, is ruthless and brushes behind Evil Savage quickly that pair of thick arm, each whip pours into her greatly strengthened True Qi, whips, will arouse an explosion. After Shen Xiang sneak attacks short several instances, these leaders by Dongfang Chaoqun and Yao Shumei fierce counter-attack, casualty big piece. With is the same, that pair of arm that Long Xueyi said is these Evil Savage lifeline, once destroys, strength reduces greatly, is unable to counterattack, only then that strong fleshly body can resist attacks. Still in that big leader of grinning fiendishly, the whole face scowl looked a moment ago tread that to was cut the arm that fell by Dongfang Chaoqun, these leaders have not thought that a moment ago continuously by the person who they pursued to the end and hit hard, counter-attacked unexpectedly to be so cut-throat . Moreover the strength was not weak. Yao Shumei and Dongfang Chaoqun mainly to protect that several young people, cannot let loose the hand to hit, so long as retains strength, protects the young people to run away, leaves this danger(ous) place. That big leader has roared, fierce flying leaps up to the forest, but actually at this time, together azure light flashed through, in the air has left behind a azure circular arc, was the same just like crescent moon, but the body of that big leader also cleft in two. Sees only Shen Xiang to fall gently slowly, in the hand is taking a very aggressive azure broadsword. Hehe, did not have that pair of arm, unexpectedly becomes such weak!” Shen Xiang chops Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade on the shoulder, walks toward Dongfang Jing grinningly: Young fool, scared!” On the jade face of Dongfang Jing full is alarmed and afraid, she sees Shen Xiang to arrive, then sweet smiles to Shen Xiang, then nodded. Yao Shumei and Dongfang Chaoqun just about to start to talk expresses gratitude to Shen Xiang, but Shen Xiang actually snatches shouted in front of them: You really do not listen to the advice, runs to annoy troublesome, the quantity of this group of fellows are many, here outside, is comes out to play, if by troop surrounding that you bump into, I could not be rescued you.”

Yao Shumei and Big Shot of Dongfang Chaoqun solemn side influence, unexpectedly was Shen Xiang extended the aid at this time, if did not have Shen Xiang to help, they definitely will fall into to struggle hard. Young Master Shen, you said are, many thanks Young Master Shen gets rid to rescue.” Before Yao Shumei arrives at the Shen Xiang body, smiles lightly, to Shen Xiang gave a salute, making these Peach Blossom Immortal Realm disciples dumbfounded, Shen Xiang is just brat, unexpectedly can let Yao Shumei so polite treatment. Shen Xiang Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade of blood is receiving that drop, said with a smile: Hehe, before Madame Peach Blossom, has not asked my Extreme Martial Sect to be a guest, should also be feared that brat causes trouble.” This makes the Yao Shumei jade face one red, she has not thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly was in front of her saying that embarrassing her somewhat. Yao Shumei has not refuted, but blushes, the smile nodded: Also please excuse me! Later Young Master Shen must come Peach Blossom Immortal Realm, we welcome at all times.” Shen Xiang has referred to a direction: Walks this direction, can leave this place, you come , the body accounted for some energies, will be induced with ease by that group of fellows, they were antique Evil Savage, by seal here, therefore after you left the seal their natural large formation, did not fear that was chased down.” Then other people?” Dongfang Chaoqun asked. Along with them, I am only saves the young fool, but I want the depth place to have a look now while convenient!” Shen Xiang has pinched Dongfang Jing face vigorously, then sneaked into the forest to vanish. Elder Brother Shen Xiang, is careful.” Dongfang Jing hears Shen Xiang to enter deep place, immediately one startled, hastily shouted one tenderly, but actually could not see the Shen Xiang's form.

After Shen Xiang just walked, Lian Yingxiao grazes with a smile: Has not thought that the hero rescues the beautiful matter, by Shen Xiang this brat snatching.” Including Island Master, after we these young people deliver, but must come back, here situation is not wonderful, if presents the serious casualty, we may be responsible, after all was our these expert initially proposed that must carry on these events.” Yao Shumei stern-faced said. Lian Yingxiao nodded: This is must do, you should block Shen Xiang a moment ago, asks that he has about this inside matter, he with that Qilin Thunder Hawk is a friend, should know anything.” ------ Shen Xiang to that Evil Savage understanding is not many, but knows that these Evil Savage weakness, how he is curious this Evil Savage empire to revolve in the Ancient Spirit Earth deep place. Ancient Spirit Earth is many continent collisions fuses, therefore Spirit Qi is very rich, but Shen Xiang has not bumped all the way actually into spirit herb, but actually met once had the spirit herb place, he passed through there time, but can also be able to feel the remaining aura. This footprint is the footprint of shoes, looks like should be the normal person, but has not actually left behind any aura . Moreover the footprint are not many, should jump down from the trees.” After Shen Xiang sees these footprints, the congealing eyebrow ponders: Looks at the trace, should have a period of time, do some people come to this inside to collect spirit herb frequently?” Shen Xiang at this time more careful, he is this region is very easy to grow some spirit herb to come, he transferred here, discovered that here humanity has dozens, he judges from these foot wear impression and foot wear impression size. Should from outside humanity, not be possible be year to year lives in this inside fellow, but hides very well, had not been discovered by Evil Savage, after or Evil Savage discovered that this group of people can get rid of Evil Savage to massacre.” Long Xueyi said.

More arrives at inside, Spirit Qi is rich, although has certain distance with Mysterious Realm, but actually compares many big sect's Spirit Qi to be rich, must know these big sect constructions time, is thousand selects Wan Xuancai to decide that the Spirit Qi majority are very rich, but here casual place has with these big sect spells. Perhaps is Shapeshift Demon Beast!” The Su Meiyao's words make in the Shen Xiang heart tremble, the Shapeshift Demon Beast majority are Nirvana Realm, the strength is very strong. Although Ancient Spirit Earth does not have other world that many people, danger(ous) that but hides makes many expert have to carefully treat. Shen Xiang turns into this the common azure bird, is flying in the woods of cover, can avoid by some concealment ability strong Demon Beast attacks. Flew approximately after the half of the day, Shen Xiang suddenly hears together the threatening mean sound: Does not hand over spirit herb that you pick, I pinch this little girl!” This sound Shen Xiang is somewhat familiar, he can hear is in that crowd of expert inside, was quick he to see angry one, put on the middle age of blue Chinese-style gown, was pinching a 5 or 6-year-old girl's scruff, this powder will carve to be possible the person girl who the jade carved to raise, but on that girl small face full was the uncomfortable color, the tears falls from the small cheek. Shen Xiang looks angrily, he from taking care of that middle-aged person, knows that this middle-aged person is Heavenly Lightning Sect.