World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 767
The middle-aged person whole face threatens three to wear the beast skin vigorous and healthy guy fiercely, on that several guy faces also full is angry, moreover their corners of the mouth have the bloodstain, the body one or two blood holes, the complexion is unattractive, should be injured. In the middle-aged person behind also three Heavenly Lightning Sect disciples, on the swords in their hand have the bloodstain, should be they pierced the body of that three guy, on their faces also full is the haughty smiling face. Outside humanity is really same as Evil Savage, but compared with Evil Savage despicable evil and cruel.” A one-eye guy gets angry exclaims, put out to send out rich Spirit Qi spirit herb, this was they were just acquired. Shen Xiang looks in the heart to be angry, this Heavenly Lightning Sect good and bad is also in the new world very famous big faction, but Dean unexpectedly does such matter. This fellow, should be Heavenly Lightning Sect Dean, Lei Durong, cannot forgive him!” Shen Xiang has put out Demanding Life Devil Bow, condense Dragon Force, releases Devil Decaying Death Qi, he must control very precisely Devil Decaying Death Qi, so long as enough that Heavenly Lightning Sect Dean body internal air/Qi dirty rotten that's alright. Xueyi, favors the opportunity, rescues that little girl with magic power, cannot make this fellow prevail.” Shen Xiang said that crossbow arrow angry spraying that condense comes out. After the crossbow arrow shoots, Lei Durong felt immediately some people sneak attack him, in his lax instance, strange strength, making that girl suddenly on his hand fall off his palm, flutters shouted to that one-eye. Who?” The Lei Durong anger exclaimed, the Shen Xiang's crossbow arrow has not shot through his body, but by fierce protective armor blocking. For all that but that Devil Decaying Death Qi spreads in the Lei Durong body surface, penetrates the clothes and that treasure armor, wormed one's way into from the skin, Lei Durong is sect's Dean, quick discovered worthily the autointoxication, hastily has eaten up grain of high level Detoxification Dan, then sits cross-legged to sit down, transports the merit to sit in meditation, he knows that type of toxin is very terrorist, is wreaking havoc in his body, if a bit faster does not process, he could die! Dies this character, crossed martial artist of Nirvana eight tribulations to these, is somewhat strange, generally only then they, when facing Nirvana Tribulation, will have this fear, but he feels within the body that strange poisonous Qi now, cannot help but deep fears.

Protector, do not let the person approach me, that plots against my fellow strength not to be definitely strong, otherwise he already appeared.” The Lei Durong sinking sound drinks, lets his side that three disciple surround he. That several build tall and strong guys see this, knows that some people rescue in secret, they hold that girl feelings to depart, Lei Durong stuffy snort|hum, releases intense strength, presses that several guys lies to fall to the ground, but that girl was being protected by the one-eye guy, had not been injured, but is sobbing low voice. Lei Durong has also paid the price for this reason, he a moment ago a luck, the speed of that toxin proliferation became rapidness, the air/Qi of his within the body started dirty rottenly, frightened his hastily to put out bottle, but actually shooting crushed by a Shen Xiang arrow. despicable!” The Lei Durong whole body shivers, is nipping the tooth tightly, has put out these characters. Shen Xiang puts out Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, flies to jump from the tree of distant place, during several breath, arrives in front of Lei Durong. Perhaps does not have your despicable, Old Turtle!” Shen Xiang said with a smile lightly. unexpectedly is Shen Xiang! Lei Durong throat one sweet, almost the blowout blood, his solemn sect Dean, unexpectedly by Shen Xiang this little rascal plotting, has let in his body acute poison. I and you do not have the enmity without the injustice, why you must strike a vicious blow to me!” Lei Durong low and deep shouted, Shen Xiang has massive Life Returning Pill, naturally can also have the fierce toxicant, Lei Durong always does not dare to despise the alchemy master, because pills of alchemy master not only can save others, can kill people and invisible, can die a tragic death. Shen Xiang said with a sneer: These people do not have the enmity with you without the injustice, why do you want to rob others' spirit herb? Also must threaten others with a child, you do not have the qualifications to ask that my this issue, I cannot get used to seeing you such to do!”

So long as you give me the antidote, I can admit mistakes to them, compensate them.” Lei Durong is pinching the fist stubbornly, he crossed the Nirvana eight tribulations with great difficulty, he such died unwillingly, must die is also when crosses Nirvana Ninth Tribulation. Shen Xiang laughs: My credibly you!” At this moment, a Heavenly Lightning Sect disciple flies to leap up suddenly, unexpectedly in the direction that girl is, Shen Xiang's responded that is not slow, moves sideways, simultaneously a blade chops, hews two halves that Heavenly Lightning Sect disciple. A blade, a Tempering Realm disciple, unexpectedly like the bean curd, was given by Shen Xiang, protective armor anything, a use is useless. Shen Xiang can guess correctly that this is Lei Durong with Divine Sense sound transmission, lets that disciple fight. Snort!” Shen Xiang Divine Blade shakes, sends out together clear dragon roar, the above blood was also shaken blood fog. The remaining that two disciples whole bodies shiver, they naturally know that Lei Durong does not have revolt strength, otherwise already fight extinguished Shen Xiang, they fear Shen Xiang that fierce toxin, unexpectedly are being quietly let a Lei Durong such fierce martial artist poison. You...... You......” The Lei Durong words cannot say, Shen Xiang moves sideways, coldly shouted: Death!”

Divine Blade cuts to fall, the blood flies violently, brings the frightened head to tumble, these blood are the black, is bringing acute poison, making that two disciples look at the whole body to become tender, their fierce Dean, unexpectedly such dies before them, by little rascal butchering. How long but they do not have fear, then forever deep sleep, Shen Xiang after killing Lei Durong, these two disciples together kill. Shen Xiang emits flame, in flame is bringing Suppressing Devil Holy Power, can give to burn down these toxin, is only the short moment, here was cleaned up cleanly. „Are you all right?” Shen Xiang walked , helping up that one-eye guy, then smiles looks at that to cry the adorable girl of pear flower belt rain. Many thanks rescues, it seems like outside humanity not also completely like these fellows.” A guy face awe looks at Shen Xiang, that Lei Durong strength they know certainly that they in the Lei Durong eye, are similar to the ants are the same, but actually by Shen Xiang butchering. Does not use politely, these fellows in person many places is a good person, after once has a liking for the thing that some they want, will be more dangerous than everybody.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Shen Xiang and these three guys talked, knows that they are here indigenous people, called Ancient Spirit Clan. Here is also Evil Savage the place of origin, the energy that they absorb is the same with Evil Savage, therefore by the seal here, is unable to depart, their overall strength unexpectedly are not weak, with Evil Savage quite! A whose they come out with elder, but that elder pursues fierce ancient beast, makes them wait for here that then meets that Lei Durong, Lei Durong happen to sees them to sort these rare and precious spirit herb, therefore got up read corruptly, must rob it.