World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 768
The Ancient Spirit Clan population is few, the place that only then more than 1000, they are is called Ancient Spirit Village, the house in this village with azure such as the jade common stone construction, it is said existed for hundreds of thousands years, was firm. Shen Xiang walks into this village, Long Xueyi said: This village is not simple, the fierce character are many, moreover in transparent Mysterious Realm, said that can see outside scene in this Mysterious Realm, but outside actually cannot look, this Mysterious Realm is very unusual is very rare.” The edge in village, is the forests of some covers, Shen Xiang releases Divine Sense, actually cannot penetrate, obviously Long Xueyi said is not false. Because Shen Xiang saved that several guys, therefore came to here by the invitation, what making Shen Xiang feel extremely flattered, Ancient Spirit Village Village Chief unexpectedly came out to receive him personally. Shen Xiang talked with that several guys all the way, knew that this Ancient Spirit Village Village Chief was here strongest person, named Gu Hua, was gentle white hair old man, he walked, with a laugh said to Shen Xiang: Many year of outside people have not come , the little brother you have rescued these brat, is our obligation people, comes...... In requests personally.” Sees the old saying, Shen Xiang to have a strange feeling of not being able saying that but this feeling makes him feel very familiar, he went to a very simple small hall with Gu Hua, that type of familiar aura was more intense. Gu Dongchen! On Gu Dongchen unique aura, but Gu Dongchen conceals very well, does Gu Dongchen come out from this Ancient Spirit Village?” In the Long Xueyi mind dodges, immediately said with amazement: This Ancient Spirit Earth and Mortal Martial World great distance is very far, how will Gu Dongchen present Mortal Martial World?” In the Shen Xiang heart is also extremely surprised, that type of familiar aura truly and Gu Dongchen looks like very much. In addition, Shen Xiang also discovered that this Gu Hua and Gu Dongchen have a common ground, is very thrifty stingy. Because Ancient Spirit Village suddenly came a bystander, brings in the village the curious child to come to surround, but by Gu Hua expelling. Gu Hua gives Shen Xiang one cup of tea, pitch-dark, and has flavor that a comparison irritates the nose, Shen Xiang received sip, almost spurted!

Village Chief Gu, this tea flavor...... Strange.” Although the flavor is not good, but Shen Xiang also can only brace oneself to swallow. Oh? possibly was puts for a long time.” Gu Hua shameless one red, has soaked a pot again, this can let the Shen Xiang entrance. This fellow too stingy, unexpectedly with these does not know how long tea leaves put to soak to the guest drinks, with a Gu Dongchen morality moral character.” Long Xueyi low snort|hum. Village Chief Gu, have your here some people left Ancient Spirit Earth?” Shen Xiang asked that his intuition told him, Gu Dongchen possibly was here one. Gu Hua stroked the beard, nod said: Several people have left, but through some special way, for example Teleportation Formation, or carried off by the external person, naturally, can exit is some talent very good little rascal.” Heard Gu Hua saying that Shen Xiang can affirm, Gu Dongchen was that several little rascal one of them, was very likely carries off from here by his Eldest Senior Brother. Oh, our Ancient Spirit Clan was too bad luck, absorbs the similar energy with that Evil Savage, drinks the same water, how then does not know, left natural large formation on suddenly, finally we were stranded here many years.” Gu Hua long sighed. Our ancestors have said that because here is a very danger(ous) place, breeds the Evil Savage this person human not human and ghost not ghost thing, we must outmigrate, but we actually do not give up this village, because is very here safe, Evil Savage has launched many attacks to us, how us, we were worried, could not find such a safe place again, therefore met stay here to walk every time, afterward on that day however formation appeared...... We forever trapped|sleepy here.” Although Gu Hua is strength immeasurably deep formidable martial artist, but at this time looks like, he is just old man of last years of life. „Can little brother, tell me, outside what happened? That many people have not come in that natural formation.” Gu Hua asked curiously.

Shen Xiang nodded, then told Gu Hua the matter of new world, this made a Gu Hua face look at Shen Xiang panic-stricken. Finally can come? Has not thought of unexpectedly in my this generation of occurrences!” Gu Hua knits the brows, low mumble said. Sees Gu Hua this facial expression, Shen Xiang to have not the good premonition, his hastily asked: What can come?” three realms great war! Our Old Ancestor have said that last three realms great war, will start from our Ancient Spirit Earth!” Gu Hua said. Last three realms great war! Before Long Xueyi had guessed, if Demon, Devil and Human three realms fused together, three realms great war only then this last time, this Ancient Spirit Clan Old Ancestor unexpectedly knew this matter! Shen Xiang drinks tea one completely, the complexion asked seriously: „From Ancient Spirit Earth, what is this?” Gu Hua smiles miserably: First Demon and Devil passage of new world, opens from here, reason that Ancient Spirit Earth will breed Evil Savage , because here space is very weak, the Demon and Devil World energy can pass, therefore makes Evil Savage turn like that seems like the mixture of monster, demon and person!” Shen Xiang stands up immediately, is gripping tightly fist: I must go back immediately, making everybody be ready, if necessary, must seal up here.” Gu Hua shakes the head saying: Cannot seal up, when the time comes you knew, after that passage opens, formidable space strength that produces, natural formation tearing, will then present very big passage, looks like probably is three continent connected together.” Shen Xiang understands now why many continent of this world collided in the past together, that is the space is reducing, here will present soon after very huge space passage, three realms great war will start from here!

This was last three realms passage opened, because passage will not close again, the new world will have innumerable three realms passage, Demon, Devil and Human three realms will fuse together.” Gu Hua said. suddenly, weak shivers to transmit, Gu Hua sets out immediately, goes out of the house, raises head to look at the sky of distant place, saw only there to present two black great holes. What is that?” Shen Xiang stares greatly the eye, on face full is panic-stricken, but that two black great holes, are dropping slowly. passage, Demon World and Devil World's passage, so long as descends the ground, this Ancient Spirit Earth will become greatly, two times of lands, that will be Demon World and Devil World's continent, the person the world structure of Demon and Devil monster three realms, inside continent and will be exactly the same, passage will open, each world will have continent and Demon and Devil World continent together mounts together, three continent will dock, then can come and go out mutually.” Shen Xiang understood, in Mortal Martial World is Chenwu Mainland and Demon and Devil World docking, that One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain other one side is the sea, is the place that and Demon and Devil World meets to inlay, therefore continually will extend several li (0.5km). But now, three realms great war started, this Ancient Spirit Earth will be born first three realms passage!