World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 769
Ancient Spirit Clan hides in this Mysterious Realm, naturally will not have the matter, but other places were difficult to say. Is each world has passage luckily, if each continent passage, was troublesome. Has not thought that such quickly started, I must go back to be ready!” Shen Xiang also thinks the time is very sufficient, can wait for him to cross Nirvana Tribulation, but first passage appeared now. Chenwu Mainland above passage, thinks that also will quickly appear. Careful.” Gu Hua nodded, then sends out Ancient Spirit Village Shen Xiang. After Shen Xiang arrives outside, really feels very strong monster Devil Qi breath, he has put out Heaven's Crown Gate, wants to open space passage, but has not actually succeeded, the reason is the space is very unstable, is the tyrannical space fluctuates in all directions. Now can only fly.” Shen Xiang turns into a bird, speedily flies in the woods. Meanwhile, in the new world on many continent these full is in monster Devil Qi breath Danger Zone, the fluctuation of space strength is very intense, these places are the same with Chenwu Mainland, once was in a world presented the Demon and Devil passage location. Because three realms great war approaches, these continent send some people to supervise to look that at this time Gu Dongchen received the news, he worries in immediately Mortal Martial World, Big Shot of major influences, together meets, other world are also so, at this time they become the incomparable unity, otherwise when the time comes will be destroyed completely, has many resources not to have the opportunity to use. After expert in Ancient Spirit Earth meets these Evil Savage, being far away that is very tactful, when passage appears, they basically arrived in Teleportation Formation of seashore, they saw to empty the above black great hole. This is Ancient Spirit Earth the center of new world is inadequate? Generally is this place space is weakest.” Bai Youyou said that Shen Xiang entered Sacred Dan World in the past time, from the Mortal Martial World center.

Has the possibility very much!” Long Xueyi said. If so, that side Devil World's center is not simple, there fellow is very strong, is the Mo Clan agglomeration!” Bai Youyou said. The Mo Clan person, Shen Xiang had already seen, and has killed, he does not think fierce. These that you kill although surnamed Mo, but is actually not the pure Mo Clan bloodline person, if the pure Mo Clan bloodlines, with the fellow of your same rank, is not weaker than you.” Bai Youyou very earnest saying. Um, I understood!” Can make Bai Youyou so serious, Shen Xiang knows that Bai Youyou is being worried about him, making him more careful. That two black great holes how, Shen Xiang had not paid attention, he felt that space power was getting more and more tyrannical, on that day however formation definitely, therefore was destroyed, when the time comes Evil Savage can leave Ancient Spirit Earth, if these Evil Savage were controlled by Demon and Devil World, inconceivable. Has the situation, some people come, very intense Devil Qi, should be the Devil World's person!” Long Xueyi anxiously said. Interesting, some unexpectedly people can turn into the bird!” Brings curious sound suddenly to appear together gently, sees only a black net to cover, the speed such as the electricity was common, covers Shen Xiang, pressed Shen Xiang in the ground. Shen Xiang immediately changes the human form, in heart is very surprised, because some unexpectedly people can see his Shapeshift, Long Xueyi has said that only then the Divine Dao person of high skill can look through him. „Do you achieve? If not I have the Saint Devil mental perception, I cannot look.” Wears black magnificently dressed, the skin color snow white man descends in front of Shen Xiang gently, his eye will flash through once for a while wipes red light glow, this is the Saint Devil mental perception that in his mouth said.

Two male two females also floating fall, as soon as they descend the ground, all around trees suddenly turns into a piece of black salt, was swept by strong winds. An appearance seductive purple hair female said with the expression of loathing: I dislike these trees, I must destroy!” All around several hundred great trees, unexpectedly instantaneously was destroyed by such a female, moreover that technique is very strange and terrifying! By Shen Xiang that the black net covers, looks dumbfoundedly, because he knows that surround his many sons and daughters, is in Devil World strength very strong young expert, may is, has pure bloodline Mo Clan that in the Bai Youyou mouth said. „Is this Human World man? Is much longer, the stature is better than you, but the strength has missed a point, I want my first time to give to such charming Human World man.” A red hair female said charmingly that is swaying from side to side that maturity graceful bearing tender body, eye glittering the beautiful red glow, as if must cancel the Shen Xiang's soul. The purple hair female of that repugnant trees eats to say with a smile: Eldest sister wants to exercise martial arts with him, you look at him, is very calm!” The red hair female sees Shen Xiang not to be confused by her, said surprised: „The my eye of charming is useless, he to him is not it seems like simple, wants to have a look at him the performance really on bed.” Before Shen Xiang, listened to Bai Youyou saying that Devil World has some women to exercise martial arts with some strong handsome men, now he was sees. I asked you, how you turned into a bird.” That sound is gentle the white face man who looks like the woman to ask, Shen Xiang was used the black net to cover by him. Shen Xiang has stood up, coldly snorted, the body trembles, transparent colorless Suppressing Devil Holy Power erupts, shakes black powder that black net.

How I turn, closes your trifling thing! Why must tell you.” Shen Xiang has sneered, although by five fierce devil cultivator surrounding, but he does not have frightened. Looks black powder that these scatter, this many sons and daughters were shocked. „The second child, this is you thinks fiercest making an arrest devil tool.” But maturity the red hair female congealing eyebrow of monster flexure said that at this time she to Shen Xiang vigilantly. That white face man sees his devil tool to be ruined, immediately is angry, his sound is that gentle: Eldest sister, no matter how you like him again, I must turn into pile of hashed meat him, then eats little!” Second child, this is prey that the eldest sister I settles on, gives me, when I practice the merit, should have the bone to eat.” Red hair female gloomy and cold smiles, sees only her both hands suddenly becomes red, hand back above suddenly presented a pair of red claw. How Shen Xiang hears others in discussing is eating his meat and bone, in the heart is uncomfortable very much, he does not have to think one so will be delicious in these devil cultivator eyes. The red hair female smiles charmingly, clothes suddenly falls broken, the body remaining two cloths, together are only binding jade peak of chest, the surround waist, proudly shows together her stature. But Shen Xiang actually remains unmoved, must know that this woman is very bad, unexpectedly must exercise martial arts with him, practices the merit also to his bone eat to others. Strength in meditation is good!” The red hair female knows certainly that Shen Xiang is very strong, but she thinks that she is not weak, during the speeches, she fluttered to Shen Xiang's, with that red claw fist, to Shen Xiang is being a crazy fierce attack.