World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 770
The red hair female leaves the speed of fist to be quick, innumerable red fist image cover Shen Xiang, as if each fist can puncture the Shen Xiang's body is the same, but makes people feel what is surprised, Shen Xiang unexpectedly can 11 avoid. „It is not concerned about face!” Shen Xiang scolded one, holds the empty gate of this red hair female, a palm has patted, hitting maliciously on that very charming cheek, after his palm moves that creamy cheeks, does not show tender affection, erupts ten crack, unexpectedly is Devil Subduing Energy ten layers. This strength has very big injury to Demon and Devil, now was proven, the face of female is swollen a bulk, that attractive jade tooth was given to break by wild Devil Subduing Energy completely, the attractive cheek, changed beyond all recognition now. Eldest sister!” In three male female who the one side watches, hastily snores, on the face full is the color of anger, but does not have fight, because they know that this red hair female does not like others meddling her fight. But Shen Xiang also smiled, puts out a very big mirror to throw, when that red hair female sees the ugly type that oneself that changes beyond all recognition from the mirror, immediately gets angry results in the whole face to be fierce. I must rip you!” The red hair female bristles with anger. At this time, Shen Xiang asked: You are Mo Clan Devil Eye Clan?” This is Bai Youyou tells him, this red hair female has the eye of charming, another man has the Saint Devil mental perception, other three people definitely have, but they have not said. Right!” That red hair female should say immediately that changes to a red shade, swoops toward Shen Xiang, the speed was faster than a moment ago much, that red claw still stayed behind on the Shen Xiang's cheeks has grasped the mark, but also was only just like this, because Shen Xiang has hidden.

Shen Xiang laughed: Devil Eye Clan is fierce except for the eye, other aspects were many on difference, really so, I also think that you are in Mo Clan are strongest, this disappointing!” These five Devil Eye Clan young people secretly are surprised at this time, because of the Mo Clan internal situation, many Devil World influences is not clear, Shen Xiang unexpectedly knows these many. Enough killed you, what last words do you currently have? You already my toxin!” That red hair female suddenly laughs, although smiles the face is very painful, but she was very happy. When red hair female laughs wildly, Shen Xiang suddenly vanishes in same place, suddenly presents in that red hair female, then a fist rumbles, is ten crack sticks out suddenly, but this Shen Xiang also used Dragon Force, these two wild strength fused together, was bigger to the Demon and Devil lethality, was only a fist, in that red clothed female almost joined bodies the air/Qi of these disruption dirty spurted, that exposed tender body was also flown to the bang by powerful incomparably impulse, the friction tread, delimited a long gully in the ground. Eldest sister...... You how possible......” that to have the man of Saint Devil mental perception to be startled to shout, but Shen Xiang dodged before his body, God Slaughtering Hand spout desperate terror murderous aura, was bringing incomparably wild purple lightning, was ordinary just like Heavenly Thunder, heavily knocked out on the Saint Devil mental perception of that man. Although this fist has not used Dragon Force, but has Thunder Spirit Shen Xiang, lightning here is also the same fearfulness, is only a fist, the Saint Devil mental perception of man explodes, the intense click head paralysis of this man, making this man faint instantaneously. In five people the strongest Boss and second child, were defeated by Shen Xiang one move, unknown whereabouts, remaining that three incomparably panic-stricken, because this understanding Human World is different from them, in Devil World, the Human World person is incomparably frail, but present Shen Xiang, is formidable is above their imagination. On together!” purple hair female yelled, puts out a black long stick, overran toward Shen Xiang.

However she has not taken several steps, the both feet is given to tie down by water vine that Shen Xiang releases, in this instantaneous, Shen Xiang arrived around her, is being savage lightning explodes the fist to her both eyes, but that two men equally were also twined by water vine, these water vine were welled up Suppressing Devil Holy Power by Shen Xiang, making these Devil World people be hard to work loose. purple hair female both eyes Shen Xiang that fills lightning strength fight with the fists crazily belch smoke, has fainted, because the eye is their weakness, this is Bai Youyou tells him, so long as injures to their eyes, can make True Qi of his within the body chaotic, is unable to use, meanwhile can ruin their fierce Devil Eye. Shen Xiang's two men, was hit both eyes by Shen Xiang burned black, although has not died, but the latter half of life was ruined. This is the first war that three realms great war starts, Shen Xiang must make these five fellows go back to tell Devil World, first fought Human World to win. Exploded weakly!” Shen Xiang has rubbed the fist, turns into the bird once more, flies from this place fast, here can have the Devil World's person to appear, it seems like they have seized this Ancient Spirit Earth interior, these Evil Savage had also been conquered by them. Bai Youyou said: These five fellows, although strength is not strongest, but their Devil Eye abilities are very strong, from their taking care and devil art, they are not low in the Mo Clan status, but Devil Eye Clan generally in auxiliary status, for example the eye of that charming, if the strength in meditation not good person, regardless of the men and women, will be charmed by her, if on the battlefield, her casual eyes, can many but, therefore dies!” Shen Xiang curled the lip: But did not have now, I had made up a fist in her eye a moment ago. On this goods, with Sister Meiyao compared with the incoming messenger a lot of times, unexpectedly has also thought that the color is puzzled I! Cannot compare including small bad dragon tits, but also dares to show off before me, is really smelly is not concerned about face!” Doesn't Shen Xiang woman, regardless of size, which confuse the deceased person not to pay with a life? He had already been disciplined, besides these women, other women is very difficult to make him take off the pants.

Since eats after Hua Xiangyue, his pants crotch that thing obtained very big comfort and conquering feeling, became honest, made his vision higher, the ordinary goods, were very difficult to enter his eye. The Ancient Spirit Earth seashore, was gathering many expert, but these young people had been transmitted, Lian Yingxiao sees Shen Xiang quickly arrived, is stern-faced, knows that this Ancient Spirit Earth had the important matter. Inside how?” Yao Shumei hastily asked that that rich monster Devil Qi breath, making on her jade face reveal slightly some dignified color. three realms great war started, starts from here, you hurry to be ready! This was Ancient Spirit Earth the center of new world, the passage connected place is the Demon and Devil World center, Devil Subduing School has not said? The Demon and Devil World center is some fierce fellows.” Shen Xiang said. This makes audiences expert change countenance, they also guessed this actually, but cannot believe such quickly!