World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 772
Shen Xiang also wants own Mysterious Realm, this is a how eye-catching matter, but he knows that Liu Meng'er and Dongfang Xinyue urgently need compared with him, therefore he does not have start to talk. I want to ask that Xianxian and Youlan situation, they did start transcends tribulation?” Shen Xiang is worried about this matter very much. Their strengths originally good, moreover some of your help, should cross successfully. When the time comes they were Nirvana Realm, will keep Icewind Valley, had small Mysterious Realm there, will be safer.” Liu Meng'er said. Shen Xiang nodded, then refers to above was floating the giant disc, asked: This can Mysterious Realm batch refinement?” Naturally cannot, this formation plate material, but I and Meng'er for many years accumulated, one time has used up, if material are many, I and Meng'er could refine fast in Icewind Valley that time formation.” Dongfang Xinyue knew about the Liu Meng'er's matter at this time. Icewind Valley has small Mysterious Realm, has time formation in, but this small Mysterious Realm does not allow the man to enter. Refines the formation plate material and high level spirit herb is equally rare, after Shen Xiang leaves Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire, is thinking how must get so far as these materials, these material scarce reasons, are because is hard to form in Mortal World, generally in the more higher world. The Extreme Martial Sect's entrance, stands one crowd to wear the white robe, among the white robes the picture has the robust man of black moon, seeing these to take care, the Bai Youyou sound is having the doubts, said: This is the Mo Clan black moon/month guard, this is the status very honored guard, Devil Eye Clan must be respectful to them, now will appear in the Extreme Martial Sect's entrance? Are they negotiate? When did Mo Clan become such well-mannered?” What? Is this Devil World's fellow?” Shen Xiang breaks in Extreme Martial Sect immediately, actually sees Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming, is talking with the middle-aged person who wears black armor. Shen Xiang comes , the middle-aged person immediately turns the head to look to him, although releases swift and fierce murderous aura, but actually cannot frighten Shen Xiang. Side this middle-aged person, a man of wear similar black armor, on the handsome face of this man, hangs is wiping smiles pale, but in the look is bringing murderous aura, as if there is bitter hatred to be the same with Shen Xiang.

In Ancient Spirit Earth, is you injures my five subordinates?” The young man asked. That five Mo Clan Devil Eye Clan person, unexpectedly is the subordinate of this youth! This makes Shen Xiang surprised, must know that five Devil Eye Clan strength is good, how their above said that is also Nirvana Realm. Does not have the means that I by their compelling.” Shen Xiang let go. Shen Xiang, can make Ancient Desolate Devil Sect send out Devil God Decree to come, not disappointing, unexpectedly can in that short time severe wound my five efficient subordinate.” Youth indifferently said. Hears Devil God Decree these three characters, the Shen Xiang cannot help but headache gets up, on the same day he has destroyed the Devil God altar, does not know that has enraged that fierce fellow, therefore was initiated Devil God Decree by that several fellows. Association that should come.” The Shen Xiang forced smile said. We are not the ancient desolate Devil God's followers, therefore that Devil God Decree is useless to us.” That big black armor middle age said. These Devil World's person unexpectedly are well-meant, moreover was so reasonable, making Shen Xiang somewhat be hard to accept. Then you do come here goal are for what?” Shen Xiang knits the brows to ask, this makes him puzzled. Is warns you, our Ancient Spirit Earth will not participate in any battle, therefore your battles do not involve our Ancient Spirit Earth, otherwise we let us not blame us not being impolite.” That middle-aged coldly said.

You my five subordinates abandoning, me will have remembered your.” The youth smiles lightly, but the smiling face actually fills killing intent. Shen Xiang also refuses to admit being inferior, said with a sneer: Has the type to ask for now, I momentarily accompany, when the time comes you can accompany your five subordinates to discard together.” You......” a that youth anger, then coldly snorted, goes out of Extreme Martial Sect slightly, that big middle-aged coldly shot a look at Shen Xiang one, leaves. This Ancient Spirit Earth Mo Clan, is strongest, now unexpectedly must tell others, they will not invade Human World. Shen Xiang will not believe their bullshits, if the Demon, Devil and Human three realms battle arrives finally, damages severely Yuan Qi time, this Ancient Spirit Earth above Demon and Devil can rule this fusion huge three realms with ease. Their courage are really big, did not fear that got rid by the old lunatic?” Shen Xiang curls the lip saying: This fellow may be cloudy, as far as I know, they are in Devil World a strongest influence.” Relax, schemes and tricks thing, I may be an expert compared with you, we can against their, actually Young Martial Uncle you, that anything ghost Devil God Decree probably that 10 billion post a reward to be much fiercer, you hide.” Gu Dongchen said that his worry Tyrannical principle, when the time comes perhaps some Devil God followers, quietly will not mix in Chenwu Mainland to come, for kills Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Time that relax, I must hide, does not want the person to urge me, I will also hide, when the time comes except for me, nobody can find me.” three realms great war was a very good informed and experienced opportunity, Shen Xiang has studied that many Suppressing Devil martial arts, had Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, he did not display well, did right by these things? In new world, as if only then Ancient Spirit Earth passage opened . Moreover the fierce influence, received the warning of that Mo Clan, that Mo Clan reputation will not carry on any battle, will stay in Ancient Spirit Earth honestly, if some people harass them, they will certainly get rid.

Although this Mo Clan said that but actually nobody trusts them, in secret is guarding. After the news that Ancient Spirit Earth passage opens spreads over the new world, the scared tide of new world is more intense. Young Martial Uncle, One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain situation terrible, each influence starts to send for going very much now, first sends 20 elite disciples to take the lead, Extreme Martial Sect takes the lead by me.” Wu Kaiming said. Has my share?” Shen Xiang hastily asked. No, but there is Yun Xiaodao they, reason that we have not made you go, when is everybody meets reaches an agreement, because you too can court disaster, moreover does not obey the arrangement, when the time comes is various faction coordination with each other.” Wu Kaiming said. coldly snorted that Shen Xiang is not feeling well, asked: Then I can go?” Wu Kaiming Hehe said with a smile: Has not said that but do not cause any important matter to come!” Some places near One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain, gathered many martial artist, these martial artist knew the after head of Demon and Devil can trade crystal stones, running over in high spirits, waits for that passage to open, dares to come here martial artist, majority do not fear death, all day long on the cutting edge licks the hunter of blood!