World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 773
These do not have sect's martial artist, elite disciples of natural ratio these sect key trained, but in these martial artist, famous also many, after these martial artist have studied Devil Subduing Energy, the confidence multiplies, thinks that Demon and Devil persons head will be quite fonder of playing jokes, therefore accompanies. Your these young animals have remembered, do not give to spoil the heads of these Demon and Devil, but must take away to trade crystal stones.” A middle-aged person was urging several young men. That several young men nodded, the head of Demon and Devil may be much fonder of playing jokes than Demon Beast. These martial artist are comes prepared, before, them from Devil Subduing School there understood that these Demon and Devil, have found out some anti-poison skills, in order to avoid when the time comes met with a disaster. After elite disciple who however they see the Mortal Martial World major influences, immediately thought the competitive power is very big, but they also know when the time comes Demon and Devil quantity will be definitely many, but these elite disciples of influence are also limited, they can fish many advantage. Shen Xiang also quietly mixes in the middle of this crowd of martial artist, he cannot with Extreme Martial Sect's large unit together. Reason that these influences do not want him, a reason , because his strength is too strong, can definitely the go it alone. With entire team together, is not he implicates the team, is the team implicates him, but the teamwork is especially important. If Shen Xiang with people together, when the time comes meets Demon and Devil, the wild horse that definitely the looks like will run away rushes, these old fellow big pile of scheme on Bai Xiang. Three days passed by, here person are getting more and more, is in threes and fours, Shen Xiang also sees some Devil Subduing School's student and Fire God Palace's person. On this day, very intense space strength erupts to come, clashes from One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain, but actually nobody enters, these people before, collected many materials, if goes in now, is most danger(ous), perhaps also will write off by Demon and Devil World expert. However the people are very excited, because of not long, them can fight. If in the upper air, can see three giant lands at this time including together, but on Demon and Devil World continent, has big Space Gate, other Demon and Devil World continent, can connect Human World continent to come through that.

„The Devil World person be more formidabe than Demon World Evil Demon, because Devil World's devil cultivator is long is the same with the Human World person, can mix among us, has with the Human World suitable wisdom, but Demon World Evil Demon, only then these have very strong strength and status high Evil Demon, has high wisdom and Shapeshift ability, other Evil Demon are one flock of wild animals, is used to bring death.” Must enter One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain, but must pass through a piece of plain, every day some people stand on the plain, looks at that to flood rich monster Devil Qi One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain. After passage opens tenth day, the Shen Xiang suddenly discovery has many things to walk from One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain, carefully looks, unexpectedly is some devil cultivator and Evil Demon. Sets up in an array, the quantity be only over a thousand, disappointing the people, because their here has tens of thousands people, this person is insufficient the difference. Demon and Devil unexpectedly joined up, it seems like they became sane, this was not the good matter.” Bai Youyou said. Before, Demon and Devil World was also mutually hostile, but can actually walk now together, and has not conflicted. At this moment, the elite disciple who the major influences send also walked, the quantity has several thousand. Shen Xiang watches changes quietly in the one side, what makes his gratified is, Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong their cultivation base arrived at Tempering Realm late stage, this speed in normal person opinion, is quick. Your was Human World so barbaric? Do set that many people, want to massacre us all of a sudden? Then invades us to be inadequate?” Has the tall man of long ear to walk, his both eyes are red, the skin is fair, on the hand back also has some white downs. This has rabbit bloodline Rabbit Demon, it seems like Demon World evolution good, does not know that the Demon World beautiful woman is what kind of? Plays to have different kind pleasant sensation and stimulation?” Long Xueyi happily said with a smile.

The people are not feeling well secretly, Demon and Devil World had invaded Chenwu Mainland, died many people, if not they attacks, Chenwu Mainland will not counter-attack, now their unexpectedly says Human World to be barbaric, is really smelly is not concerned about face! Naturally, this was the hundred thousand year ago matter, this hundred thousand year, Demon and Devil World has anything to change will not surprise people, but depending on their natural dispositions, was very difficult not to suspect them. Do not look that our quantity are few, if you want, we can make war now immediately, your this person insufficiently we kill radically.” That Rabbit Demon said with a smile lightly. We naturally do not want the war that bleeds, the hundred thousand year ago you invade us, while we counter-attack, evidence in your behind One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain.” The King Continent's Wu Family elder said. This we did not deny, but this was the hundred thousand year ago matter, our Demon and Devil World resources since ancient times was that deficient, hundred thousand year ago had such matter to show that this was a mistake, therefore we cannot make this mistake again.” That Rabbit Demon said. The Demon and Devil World fellow is truly disappointing, the people also planned and them fight with all might, then takes their heads to trade crystal stones, now road that but Demon and Devil World unexpectedly must walk the peace. Naturally, this is the good matter, but the people worried that cheats. Wu Kaiming said with a smile: Then you said that what way you do want with fight for our resources? We will not give to you.” At this time a Devil World's middle-aged man said: Naturally will not make you give to us, words that our Demon and Devil World collaborates, your Human World does not have the stratagem which ensures success certainly, but we will give you now the opportunity!” Hears this saying, the people know absolutely road that this Demon and Devil World will not walk the peace. Opportunity?” Wu Kaiming said with a sneer.

We to you an opportunity of fair competition, will prove that you do match to have these resources!” That Rabbit Demon said. This lets the people immediately crack cursed, this Human World inside resources, are their, added that anything does match to have. If we don't comply to compete with?” Wu Kaiming from the beginning, does not think road that Demon and Devil World will walk the peace. That Rabbit Demon said with a smile cloudy: „If not comply, our Demon and Devil World will collaborate, routs you, making you our slaves!” Demon and Devil World the hundred thousand year ago is the same, but was becomes intelligent, has not rushed ahead from the beginning, but searched the Human World strength actual situation first. Shen Xiang said with a sneer: Dog cannot change to eat excrement, rubbish to do with them, cuts completely their heads, the head of this fellow can trade crystal stones, was they maximum value!”