World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 774
Shen Xiang takes the lead in creating a disturbance, causes the people to cry out kills, but actually by King Continent's that several elders pressing. Demon World that Rabbit Demon said with a sneer: We think peaceful settlement conflict, if you want to erupt into the war, we momentarily accompany!” Shen Xiang does not believe Demon and Devil World so to be good, their side resources are deficient, whatever, finally will invade Human World. A Wu Family elder said: Then you are what kind of?” Rabbit Demon looks now understands, only then stands in the front these wear unified people, can make the decision, these martial artist at ease are shouting fiercely. We want to take a look at your Human World these martial artist to match to have here rich resources, how as for must see that naturally must be able to see through the fight, but the way will not be harsh, instead we suffer a loss.” Rabbit Demon said here, Demon and Devil World here stood a guy and a tiger head person, looked like the strength is good. We only send two warrior to come out, you can send ten, carries on the one-to-one fight with our two warrior, so long as defeats our two warrior, you can prove one have the qualifications to enjoy here resources.” The Devil World's middle age guy said: If your ten warrior are unable to make our warrior drop down, then you must resign the majority of resources to us!” Ten dozens two, so long as takes down opposite party two warrior wins, looks like truly is the Demon and Devil World comparison suffers a loss, but this good deed makes many person some not believe. Rabbit, this is only you said that your Demon and Devil World inside Big Shot has not come out, can we be able to believe you? Can you representative Demon and Devil World?” Shen Xiang said with a sneer, his sound has changed, nobody can hear. Now Demon and Devil World comes out, only then more than 1000, although looks like the strength is good, but Nirvana Realm actually few, only then the middle-aged guy of that Rabbit Demon and that speech is Nirvana Realm. That Rabbit Demon early is prepared probably, he said immediately: We can representative Demon and Devil World, so long as you have won, our Demon and Devil World guarantee cannot invade your Human World, this you can feel relieved.”

„Did you guarantee with what?” Shen Xiang coldly snorted and said: Depended on you to open mouth to say?” In rabbit demonic heart is somewhat annoyed, but responded: Is believed by you, if you want the war, today can start, when the time comes let alone we are barbaric!” Shen Xiang finally understands the Demon and Devil World intention now, if they have won, can occupy seizes the resources, because Human World must keep the promise. If lost, Demon and Devil World can act shamelessly, can still launch the war, this scheme truly hits well, but they looked at too stupid Human World. These Nirvana Realm that leads can also see the Demon and Devil World intention, now they also can only beat somebody at their own game, if can make the war postpone, they can prepare more sufficient, moreover they are ten pairs two, they have the confidence to win. Good, we comply, hopes that you when the time comes can keep the promise.” The King Continent's elder said. At this time major sect were discussing, which disciple must send out to come, the Nirvana Realm nature cannot go on stage, because opposite party is not Nirvana Realm. After short discussion, Human World here decision makes these study the good disciple to send Suppressing Devil martial arts. Shen Xiang does not know that which ten people sends to exit, but actually the person walked now, from the wear of this person, should be on King Continent, Blue Blood Clan bloodlines martial artist. Has not seen Lan Lan this big tits younger sister, is she unqualified comes?” Long Xueyi has doubts was saying. She and Yan Yanran have not come, should has other matters.” Shen Xiang said.

Bloodlines martial artist of that Rabbit Demon to Blue Blood Clan said: You can choose Demon World or Devil World's warrior.” Lan Gang, chooses Devil World's!” Blue Blood Clan elder shouted. Lan Gang is a look overwhelming power full beard, looks like a strong body is strong, the whole body fills strength, he nodded, has chosen Devil World's warrior. Mo Di, well and Human World friend compares notes.” That middle-aged guy has sneered. Was right, this fight died the person, but own responsibility, therefore you best are even if shouted that admits defeat.” That Rabbit Demon facial expression, probably was they steadily wins was the same. Lan Gang is pinching the fist tightly, he is first with the person of devil cultivator fight, his pressure is not small, because he knows nothing about present devil cultivator. Evidently, that Mo Di is Devil Eye Clan, does not know that is any eye, they so are no wonder self-confident, the Devil Eye Clan fellow in Devil World's small world, is the treasure.” Bai Youyou said. The competition starts, Mo Di attacks first, steps that two sturdy leg to dash about wildly, this valiant Devil World warrior, looks like looks like a bull of being in a towering rage, the correct use quickest speed, dashes toward Lan Gang. Lan Gang is a big fellow, the build is not smaller than that Mo Di, seeing Mo Di to clash crazily, on his face completely is also excited, brandishes the fist, condense wild True Qi, when he just found out the fist, suddenly has stopped, but in this instantaneous, that Mo Di hits, simultaneously double fist Qi explosion, just like two iron poles, dashes on the body of Lan Gang. On this Mo Di Devil Qi is tyrannical, obviously that strikes is how formidable, flies to the bang Lan Gang that gigantic body.

Lan Gang cannot fall to the ground, the body also two blood holes, a moment ago that two fist Qi explosion, unexpectedly exploded two blood holes on the body of Lan Gang. Admits defeat!” The Blue Blood Clan elder sees that Mo Di always, to drink immediately, Lan Gang could not fight , to continue again, will only be killed. Lotus Island's disciple who then meets, is one in Lian Yingxiao numerous son, named Lian Ze, is the same with Lian Yingxiao, is long very good-looking. Lan Gang knocked out the fist a moment ago time, suddenly has stopped, probably is received anything to affect, True Qi suddenly of whole body stops revolving, makes him lose True Qi to protect the body, by that Mo Di bang maliciously two blood holes.” Shen Xiang said. Right, the Devil Eye type in Devil Eye Clan are many, the ability is all sorts of strange and unusual, does not have one fixedly, but the general use is very big, therefore Devil Eye Clan is the Mo Clan strength before.” Bai Youyou said. Lian Ze still chooses Devil World warrior, Mo Di, because currently the people had certain understanding to this Mo Di, understood that uses a different technique, can make person suddenly stop, and strength is wild. Lian Ze believes that so long as first attacks, moreover with the extremely quick speed, did not fear that was hit by that mysterious different technique. This time, is Lian Ze attacks first, the speed is only fast leaves behind a remnant shade in same place, but in Lian Ze arrives around Mo Di, prepares to take control, suddenly has actually anchored, although that all of a sudden, but the body by Mo Di that pair of terrifying meat fist continuous bump, instantaneously had actually been suffered over a hundred fists, the bone of upper part almost breaks to pieces completely!