World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 775
Also with was the same a moment ago, puts in an appearance on the severe wound falls to the ground, Mo Di that wild strength, making many surrounding martial artist feel creepy feeling, these famous family juniors put on fierce protective armor, but a use does not have. Mo Di not only can release strange strength to stop, the attack speed and strength are also very terrifying, now looks like that formidable, is nasty. Lian Yingxiao hastily stops, otherwise his son must die in his front, he has put out grain of White Jade Lotus Seed, puts in the Lian Ze mouth, has stood firm the Lian Ze injury. The third person from Great Hawk Continent and Great Hawk Sect Wang Tianli, is Lan Hai and Lan Shan sect, Lan Hai and Lan Shan are the characters of Huang Jintian time, moreover is the brothers, and Huang Jintian has enmity, but their sect are very formidable. Wang Tianli is long very delicately, looks like somewhat delicate, this time he has not chosen Mo Di, but chooses the Demon World tiger head person. This tiger head person is bigger than that Mo Di, looks like looks like young giant such, moreover is very scary, the both arms both legs have the tiger wool, but the body actually stands like the human, is overwhelming power tiger head, has a very long very sturdy tail in behind. Copes with such a big fellow delicately, making people think the strength to be disparate, but was not the physique greatly is sometimes fierce. The fight from the beginning, Wang Tianli whole person suddenly then, that somewhat timid look, became very sharp, fills murderous aura, is similar to a hungry falcon, probably absolutely cannot run away to be the same by prey that he stares. Wang Tianli rises with a spring, stretches out the arms, unexpectedly is similar to falcon in the air circles, looks at that appearance, he releases True Qi wings, this martial arts is truly rare, looks at audiences martial artist is very greedy. The tiger head person roared, angry incomparable, Wang Tianli seizes the opportunity, a dive, such as the lightning thunder is common, the body is wrapping very intense True Qi, as if can penetrate the body of that tiger head person.

Looks at that imposing manner, many people think Wang Tianli has in a big way may win, but when Wang Tianli approaches the tiger head person, his body outside True Qi suddenly vanished, did not have True Qi, Wang Tianli is a delicate student, hits in the arms of tiger head person, sees only the tiger head person to laugh, works on Wang Tianli is a pain beats violently, is only several suddenly, this delicate student, was devastated to result in the severely wounded corona dead by this crude tiger head person. This tiger head person unexpectedly is also same as that Mo Di, understood that a different technique, can stop instantaneously, moreover True Qi is unable to revolve to vanish in that instantaneous suddenly, such one, they are invincible! But the Shen Xiang's view actually and others are different, he thinks that this is the ghost who that Mo Di does, Mo Di has mysterious Devil Eye, a moment ago Mo Di on looking at steadily is staring at Wang Tianli, Wang Tianli meets suddenly to lose True Qi in that instantaneously, obviously was plotted with Devil Eye by Mo Di. Has such fierce Devil Eye, definitely was the elite who Devil Eye Clan sent, Ancient Spirit Earth Mo Clan says does not invade, but in secret sent out fierce devil cultivator, mixed in each Devil World, united Demon World to invade Human World, what plot this does Mo Clan have?” Bai Youyou congealing sound track: hundred thousand year ago, Demon and Devil World does not have what schemes and tricks, comes up to rush ahead, but plays the clever trick now, is much fiercer than Human World.” Human World here martial artist, one after another was frustrated, moreover in fighting was defeated instantaneously, was the same presented the short stop. Shen Xiang removes the makeup to accommodate, arrives at side Wu Kaiming quietly, whispered: Lets on me, otherwise you lost!” Also at this time, the ninth person has defeated, moreover broke an arm, the tenth person is Extreme Martial Sect's Yun Xiaodao, but Shen Xiang appeared at this time, making Wu Kaiming pleasantly surprised. Big Brother Shen, you really come are not the time, I very want to teach that big tabby cat.” Yun Xiaodao said with a smile: Since is Big Brother Shen gets rid, then definitely also will make us look at satisfying.” Shen Xiang smiled, then looked at Zhu Rong and Xu Weilong they, whispered: Is ready, if you see me to have other actions, rushes ahead to me, this group of fellows harbor evil intentions absolutely, with the tiger head fight time, that Mo Di will be helping in secret.”

After Wu Kaiming hears, knits the brows saying: You said that will let the method that person True Qi vanishes is Mo Di does?” Shen Xiang nodded: In the eye of Mo Di, waits for you to pay attention, if I ruin the eye of Mo Di, has a look at the Demon and Devil World these fellows' responses, must pay attention to that rabbit and that middle-aged guy.” Wu Kaiming slight bow: Comes up, now you go on stage, other influences will not oppose that they pinned the hope on our Extreme Martial Sect.” Sees Shen Xiang suddenly to brave, in other Big Shot hearts of Mortal Martial World is sighing with emotion, he knows that before did not make Shen Xiang come was wrong, now Shen Xiang appeared, making them feel at ease much, Shen Xiang this rarely seen, took a broad view at the entire new world to be rarely seen, that valiant strengths as well as various fierce martial arts, were very difficult to discover second in the new world! Shen Xiang, the person of Devil God Decree issuing a warrant for arrest, you really appeared!” That Devil World's middle age guy shouted to clear the way immediately. You have not said that doesn't allow me to go on stage?” Shen Xiang lightly smiled, then looks to let that Mo Di, is staring at Mo Di that eye. That is Ancient Desolate Devil Sect's Devil God Decree, naturally does not have relationship with us.” This Ancient Desolate Devil Sect Devil God, therefore they can issue Devil God Decree, so long as is the Ancient Desolate Devil Sect attached influence, jurisdiction region, so long as meets by the person who Devil God Decree issues a warrant for arrest, must get rid to strike to kill. Shen Xiang choice and Mo Di to war, so long as ruins Mo Di Devil Eye, that tiger head person was very good to cope.

Ha Ha...... If I kill the person who Ancient Desolate Devil Sect has issued a warrant for arrest, does not know that what complexion Ancient Desolate Devil Sect can be?” Mo Di was laughing. Sees Shen Xiang in Devil World is also such famous, the people secretly are admiring, has not thought of Shen Xiang unexpectedly conceited to Devil World. Demon and Devil World continually has defeated Human World nine young expert, now the morale rises suddenly, Mo Di is also self-confident, in his opinion, Shen Xiang with other people is also same, so long as were used the mysterious Devil Eye attack by him, can be punched by him crazily. So long as the familiar Shen Xiang's person, knows that cannot use the common sense on Shen Xiang, cannot in front of Shen Xiang arrogant, otherwise the fate is very miserable. Shen Xiang does not know how must cope with that Devil Eye, but he actually did not fear, because his fleshly body is very strong, but also has Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor to protect the body, even if were beaten violently, cannot the severe wound. Come, I make you attack me first.” Mo Di said while loudly laughing, thinks one can kill the character who Devil God Decree issues a warrant for arrest, he is excited.