World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 777
Mo Di and death of tiger head person, making Demon and Devil World this 1000 many Demon and Devil the morale reduce immediately greatly, Mo Di and tiger head people are in them are quite strong, but actually makes into the black salt by others now, Shen Xiang that Evil Devil the impression, deeply has ironed in their innermost feelings, making them not dare to look straight ahead Shen Xiang now, otherwise they will feel a very uncomfortable fear. The Rabbit Demon air/Qi results in the whole body to tremble, he not to lose a tiger head person gets angry, because Shen Xiang destroyed their plan, only almost, their plans must be completed, can not need anything to lose, obtains the large amounts of resources, then waits for their overall strength to exceed Human World by far time, the that's alright invasion, enslaves humanity again, when the time comes radically is easy as pie. But now, this plans to be given the destruction by Shen Xiang completely, the Shen Xiang's strength is really intrepid . Moreover the fight experience is rich, was watching nine fights at the same time, saw some clue. The Demon and Devil present understands that by person who Devil God Decree issues a warrant for arrest, certainly cannot underestimate, does not have many in Devil World by devil cultivator that Devil God Decree issues a warrant for arrest. In rabbit demonic heart full is the anger, saw only on his palm suddenly to present black Qi, he waved gently, that black Qi turned into a Dao Qi arrow, flew to shoot toward Shen Xiang, very accurate stroking on the Shen Xiang's throat. Careful......” Long Xueyi just shouted to make noise, Shen Xiang felt that a throat pain, is similar to by the mosquito bite like that his hastily covers the throat that that been mad arrow hits a target with the hand, he only feels something windings on his palm. Shen Xiang looks that palm these black Qi are permeating in the skin slowly, in the heart a anger, hastily looks at all around, because these black Qi are very fierce poisonous Qi, he has not thought that some unexpectedly people will plot against him. Comes from Rabbit Demon, is that rabbit to the hand that you move.” Long Xueyi said that although she can discover, but actually cannot make Shen Xiang avoid promptly. Rabbit Demon unexpectedly dares to release the stab in the back in these many Human World expert eyelid bottoms, obviously Rabbit Demon has hatred how to Shen Xiang, at this time Shen Xiang sees that Rabbit Demon, on the Rabbit Demon face full was the haughty smiling face, Shen Xiang in his eyes is a deceased person. Shen Xiang such has been staring Rabbit Demon, in eyes full was murderous aura, on the Rabbit Demon face haughty smiling face suddenly coagulated, because the Shen Xiang toxin has not sent dead, the time of that poisonous outbreak should start, but Shen Xiang actually can also stand there is staring him.

The toxin of Rabbit Demon practice is fierce, even if will be some Nirvana Realm poisonous monsters is been poisonous lives to might as well die, let alone human little rascal, this has made him unbelievable, in the palm condense left many poisonous Qi, flagrant will emit the poisonous Qi condense air/Qi arrow toward Shen Xiang, will shoot at Shen Xiang. This time poison-tipped arrow compared with the beforehand big a little, because big a little, was actually discovered by some look good expert. Shen Xiang is staring that Rabbit Demon time, audiences expert thought that some are not right, therefore he looks at Shen Xiang. This time, Shen Xiang holds that poison-tipped arrow with palm, but Rabbit Demon responded immediately, because he saw to have many eyes to stare at him, was these expert, he knows that he put the matter of stab in the back to expose. Good fierce toxin!” Shen Xiang exclaims in surprise one intentionally, actually he does not know that this toxin is fierce, even if Devil Decaying Death Qi enters his body, he cannot feel might. Young Martial Uncle, what has this fellow made to you?” Wu Kaiming one anxious, moves sideways to arrive at side Shen Xiang. Anything, this type of toxin how me. This rabbit poisonous Qi condense to become Qijian, then in secret starts to me.” A Shen Xiang character character said that the sound is full of murderous aura and anger, but on his right hand also emits azure light glow, then presents cut down Demons, eliminate Devils Divine Blade, above that makes the Demon and Devil uncomfortable invisible aura spread to all around, making these Demon and Devil cannot help but hit one to tremble. Hears the Shen Xiang's words, Wu Kaiming is looking angrily at that crowd of Demon and Devil immediately, Yun Xiaodao they were also angry, have revealed weapon.

„Do your this group of barbarians, you want to do?” Rabbit Demon sees the potential not to be right, in vain loudly shouted. „To do? I must chop your rabbit head!” Shen Xiang roars, at this time his murderous-looking, perhaps is because Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade induces to the massive monster Devil Qi breath, infected him. That swift and fierce murderous aura that Shen Xiang erupts speedily spreads, covers on this piece of plain, making Demon and Devil more frightened. Shen Xiang bears the brunt, unexpectedly not, because Rabbit Demon is Nirvana Realm is timid, has fired into the Demon and Devil group. Wu Kaiming sees this, hastily rushes, before Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong them, knows that will have such matter, they who is ready, does not dread, raises weapon to fire into the Demon and Devil group. Tramples flat them!” Does not know that who shouted, these waiting for a long time martial artist, the noisy crowd rushed, Big Shot and disciple of other influences, have to clash at this time, otherwise by others will be said that they are weak. Looks at present that tens of thousands of martial artist enormous and powerful clashes, Rabbit Demon was scared, light that boundless potential lets the courage that he has not counterattacked. Shen Xiang and Wu Kaiming arrive in the Demon and Devil group first, his blade chops, Divine Blade jumps Qi Energy that shoots, is similar to the sharp sickle is ordinary, hews two ten Evil Demon. Rabbit Demon wants to exhaust strength to destroy completely Shen Xiang, but he considers behind Shen Xiang to have many Nirvana Realm expert, if he a bit faster does not run away, he has at death's door one.

Shen Xiang, to me!” Rabbit Demon said with clenched jaws that afterward changes to a white lightning, flies to shoot toward One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain. Shen Xiang coldly snorted, the Divine Blade anger wields, everywhere one visit, the body of Evil Demon was chopped by violent anger blade Qi torn to pieces, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade above aura , during makes these Evil Demon fall into to despair. At this time, Yun Xiaodao they flushed, not saying anything further, the sword danced in the air, the blood splash scattered, cuts to kill these Evil Demon, making Evil Demon send out desperate neighing, but that side devil cultivator actually rose spiritedly to counter-attack, but was actually hit the completely squashed sauce by fierce Nirvana Realm martial artist. These thousand Demon and Devil, at all are not the Human World matches, is only a rush, completely was cut completely, field littered with corpses, everywhere red blood. Big Brother Shen?” Yun Xiaodao looked at all around, has not discovered Shen Xiang. Young Martial Uncle entered One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain, he said that searched the situation.” Wu Kaiming said that he is not worried about Shen Xiang. That Nirvana Realm middle-aged devil cultivator and Rabbit Demon can run away promptly, otherwise they will also be killed, but Shen Xiang is pursuing that Rabbit Demon now. This tortoise rabbit, dares to plot against the father, usually is I plots against others, now had been plotted by others, I cannot make this sinister fellow live going back, too danger(ous).” The Shen Xiang heart said.