World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 778
„The Demon and Devil words cannot believe that they simply do not have what prestige to say, we must guard, can strengthen now instead defend!” Wu Kaiming knits the brows to look One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain that the air/Qi ghost soars to the heavens, that is linking the Demon and Devil World bridge. Although Demon and Devil passage opens, but Demon and Devil immediately has not actually rushed ahead, instead in the use scheme, this also lets the aspect that audiences expert most does not want to see. Rabbit Demon the speed of escaping is quick, moreover he has a pair of very fierce leg, escaping time in making fast bouncing, several sub- entered in One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain, but is away from their Demon World also to have the 1st Stage very long distance. No matter how the Rabbit Demon speed is fast, does not have Long Xueyi's Nine Heavens Mental Exploration to be so quick, Rabbit Demon has been staring by Long Xueyi, but Shen Xiang also full speed pursues Rabbit Demon at this time. This Rabbit Demon should just Nirvana, therefore he cheek of humanity, only then completely changes turn into a human Evil Demon, is fiercest!” Bai Youyou said. Shen Xiang did not fear just Nirvana Evil Demon, if could not hit, he incurred with Devil Decaying Death Qi this final killing, let alone Evil Demon of this rank, even if were completely transform into human Evil Demon to that Devil Decaying Death Qi frightened. That Rabbit Demon suddenly discovered that some people with whom in him behind, he compared the worry is these fierce Human World expert comes with whom, but he discovered quickly only then Shen Xiang, he could see that the Shen Xiang's strength has not arrived at Nirvana Realm, otherwise that will be more terrorist. This human is little rascal an idiot? Is extremely arrogant, this strength dares to challenge me.” Rabbit Demon stopped immediately, in One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain that in this was covered by the dark clouds, the rabbit the confidence multiplies immediately, that familiar monster Devil Qi breath, making the blood of his within the body very active. Thinks that Shen Xiang destroyed their plan, but also kills more than 1000 Demon and Devil that they have taken away, in rabbit demonic heart the anger surges upward. Shen Xiang was not the first time enters One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain, the One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain most danger(ous) place he has gone, naturally did not fear here monster Devil Qi breath.

Sees Rabbit Demon in he, Shen Xiang is not accidental. You very have courage, unexpectedly dares to rush to One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain alone, arrogant fellow.” Rabbit Demon said with a sneer, after he sees Shen Xiang calls Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, he immediately is vigilant. Shen Xiang this Divine Blade, specially cuts the monster slaughter demon, the aura that releases is the same with these Suppressing Devil Holy Power, can make Demon and Devil frightened, can have the multiple injuries to Demon and Devil. Dead rabbit, wants to plot against father, you are tender!” A Shen Xiang blade has divided, his ground shivers slightly, Dragon Force and Suppressing Devil Holy Power pour into Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, in innumerable formation by Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade was transformed as more formidable cutting monster slaughter demon strength again. This crazy fierce blade chops, in the sky suddenly glittering has lightning, blade Qi is similar to five lightning explosion top general, releases intermittent lightning, covers toward Rabbit Demon. This blade rapidness, Rabbit Demon moves aside without enough time, can only release energy shield to protect itself. Bang an explosive, Divine Blade chops to chop on energy shield that in Rabbit Demon releases, Rabbit Demon only thought one were suppressed to be the same by trillion jin (0.5 kg) strength probably, but under his foot big ground, the avalanche has become the powder, by that terrifying pressure grinding. Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade changes heavy along with strength of master, Shen Xiang had used very strong strength a moment ago, therefore Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade becomes trillion jin (0.5 kg) heaviness, a blade gets down, the pressure that trillion jin (0.5 kg) attack is very terrifying, if not Rabbit Demon has the Nirvana Realm strength, can protect itself with energy shield that the formidable spookiness of his within the body turns into, his fate turns into the powder the lime soil to be the same with all around these. Shen Xiang that blade made One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain send out very big vibration, that Rabbit Demon exclaimed to Shen Xiang this blade, human little rascal, grasped this strength without Nirvana, making his heart of hearts have the faint trace to be alarmed and afraid.

Has not ended!” Shen Xiang was saying, chops a blade like lightning, strength unexpectedly compared with also strong, this blade gets down, a big ground dropped was good to record the ruler, in that rabbit demonic heart terrified, the strength that because Shen Xiang showed that can kill him. Shen Xiang's eye suddenly changes red, the whole body anger combustion, the anger made his strength suddenly rise dramatically, lets his Dragon Force and Suppressing Devil Holy Power has burnt, melted angrily is strength, this was in Dragonslayer Seven Killing Cut Angry Dragon Cut secret. Angry Dragon Cut, the angry blade, tyrannical strength sends out intermittent wild with rage roaring, the earth is shivering, the dark clouds that in the sky that monster Devil Qi turns into the tuck dive, as if entire world frightening change color by this angry dragon blade. Do not want to kill me!” Rabbit Demon roared, released all strength in within the body, condense on energy shield, the enhancement defended, now he cannot hit back, if did not concentrate to defend, he definitely will suffer the knife. Angry Dragon Cut falls on Rabbit Demon, in One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain several mountains collapse immediately, ground suddenly presented a deep fissure, is similar to the spider web is ordinary, but that place that Rabbit Demon and Shen Xiang are, turned into a width to reach bottom of the thousand feet (333 m) big hole. Rabbit Demon looks that by Shen Xiang that the strength recoil shoots, gasping for breath is exclaimed: little rascal of good terror, that blade should be his limit a moment ago, strength also used up, Ha Ha......” Shen Xiang anger vanished, but within the body that 128 ten thousand true element grains glittering the ray, his True Qi is vigorous, is roaring in the dantian. Snort!” Shen Xiang low and deep one, making people think that the uneventful seashore, suddenly had raised the intermittent dreadful rough sea waves, but the shake of ground, makes Rabbit Demon think in own deep place mighty waves sea. Vast Wave Cut! One of Dragonslayer Seven Killing Cut, coordinates Dragon Force and Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, can display overwhelming strength.

Rabbit Demon smiling face suddenly coagulated, he clenches teeth, strength of hastily revolution within the body, in the heart keeps cursing Shen Xiang. A blade chops, turbulent strength spurts from Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade comes out thinly, forms very terrifying pressure, all around the impact, this is a pit, but actually turned into the flat land now, but Rabbit Demon actually can also stand, obviously his strength is also good. Has not to end!” Rabbit Demon has roared, but the Shen Xiang's response is actually a blade. Angry Dragon Cut! Was feeling the prestige of angry dragon, the Rabbit Demon spirit break, he can block the Shen Xiang first blade, the second blade and third blade, but Shen Xiang actually endless crazy divided to chop, resembled True Qi not to ask for money such, the release of never stinting, greeted completely on him. Angry Dragon Cut, Vast Wave Cut and in Thunderbolt Cut this Dragonslayer Seven Killing Cut wild and terrifying three moves, back and forth unceasing dividing chops on Rabbit Demon, after this is Shen Xiang enters into Tempering Realm, first time heartily releases True Qi to fight. Consecutively over a hundred cut, Shen Xiang not exhausted, but Rabbit Demon has actually cut an arm, big lands do not know that was turned many.