World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 780
Shen Xiang and Rabbit Demon great war time, the sound that initiates is not small, has alarmed in Demon and Devil of deep place, but Demon and Devil does not have to examine, because they thought that will be safer in the One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain deep place, if some people come, this environment is also favorable for them. Went out of the dim woods, Long Xueyi suddenly perceived that had one crowd of devil cultivator to approach, the population was only 50-60, but the strength was good. Long Xueyi just discovered that this crowd of devil cultivator, Shen Xiang saw, moreover this crowd of devil cultivator probably know him here, erect quick running over. Is you!” Shen Xiang is not accidental, the person who he sees on the same day in all directions Gods will not invade Human World Mo Clan two, but this is only that youth. Shen Xiang knew from that Cui Sha memory that this youth named Mo Yi, is Mo Clan Patriarch Young Master, has the legitimate Mo Clan bloodlines, is much nobler than that Devil Eye Clan, the group of people who at this time he brings, is Mo Clan, but bloodline is not very positive, but strength actually good. Mo Yi is very accidental, he has not thought that will meet Shen Xiang here, before he and his father stated in all directions cannot invade Human World, but he appear here One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain now, if passes on, their Ancient Spirit Earth devil cultivator will perhaps not be trusted. Shen Xiang discarded the Mo Yi five haughty subordinates, is that five Devil Eye Clan, Mo Yi has taken to heart, but now Shen Xiang appears here, Mo Yi only then massacres Shen Xiang, this not only can keep secret, but can also revenge. Cui Sha knows is not too many, but this Mo Yi knows definitely many, in the Shen Xiang heart is secretly excited, has not thought that this Mo Yi will deliver at this time. You are not Ancient Spirit Earth? Runs this place? Do you come out from the One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain deep place? Ha Ha...... I know that you have schemes and tricks, really real, your fellows are incredible.” Shen Xiang said while loudly laughing, he does not have the fear, this makes Mo Yi very accidental. Snort, since had been bumped into by you, cannot make you live is leaving here!” Mo Yi said with a sneer. Shen Xiang rebutted with sarcasm: Dog cannot change to eat excrement, now you acknowledged that you were planning Human World?”

Mo Yi said: That is also what kind, you did not have the opportunity to inform!” Has killed him!” Mo Yi drinks, however retreat opens, he did not plan own fight. Sees Mo Yi to order, Shen Xiang grasps void, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade suddenly appears, he is gripping tightly Divine Blade, same place circles in flight, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade spouts Qi Energy that intermittent Dragon Force turns into, wants to have a trillion jin (0.5 kg) heavy pressure, forms tornado, is involved in this terror in these toward devil cultivator that he clashes the high-pressured tornado. devil cultivator fleshly body is very strong, but actually cannot withstand the extrusions of these trillion jin (0.5 kg) pressures, is only instantaneous, that dozens fierce devil cultivator, was extruded completely died a tragic death. Before Shen Xiang took Five Elements Profound Dan, True Qi restores the rapidness, so long as the opposite party were not Nirvana Realm, he must cope, had more than enough to spare. Mo Yi sees Shen Xiang to stir completely squashed to be broken his dozens subordinates all of a sudden, cannot help but has a big shock, must know that his these 50-60 subordinates, which do not have fought many battles, which in Devil World does not make the person be panic at the news, but in front of Shen Xiang, instantaneously completely was killed. For all that but Mo Yi does not have fear, instead is very excited, because he thought that he has run into a fierce match finally, in Devil World, he is very difficult the opportunity and a well-matched person contest, he faced one just to enter into Nirvana Realm devil cultivator, had certain stratagem which ensures success. You are very strong!” In the Mo Yi that handsome and ice-cold facial features, full is tranquil, saw only him to put out a very long black stick. This thing should with the immortal tool same rank.” Bai Youyou said. Is immortal tool also what kind of? But Shen Xiang's Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade divine tool, if opposite party strength is very strong, even if he has Divine Blade unable with ease coping with weapon cuts off.

„Do you want to kill me?” Mo Yi looks that the Shen Xiang's eye asked. That is because you want to kill me, could see that you have many skills.” Shen Xiang smiles lightly. You did not know about Devil World, otherwise you currently will not have this idea, will only be afraid to me, you can kill my subordinates truly to make me very surprised, but you must know that they in my eyes are just one flock of dogs.” Mo Yi sound ice-cold, is having a light arrogance. „Aren't you in Mo Clan have one of the legitimate bloodlines?” Shen Xiang said. Shen Xiang unexpectedly knows these, Mo Yi knitting the brows head of: It seems like you know much!” But Bai Youyou Heavenly Devil World inside expert, must know that Heavenly Devil World can with the formidable higher world that Heaven World places on a par. I also know behind this One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain that crowd of Demon and Devil, must listen to the order of your Mo Clan, I also know that you this year were 600 years old, was old fellow.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Shen Xiang from that Cui Sha memory, can very clear this Mo Yi status, in Devil World, this Mo Yi be that few, under Nirvana Realm strongest existence, and has very noble status. „Were that rabbit and Cui Sha killed by you?” The Mo Yi eyebrow selects, if Shen Xiang kills Rabbit Demon, outside his unconsciously haughty, but the Cui Sha strength he is very clear, even if he is very difficult. Shen Xiang will certainly not make Mo Yi have very high vigilance to him, his said while loudly laughing: Is I kills, but I do not have fight, the toxin of that rabbit also is really fierce, I slightly have used!”

Mo Yi said with a sneer: I know that this idiot meets the misdemeanor, his toxin truly enough Cui Sha killing by poison, but Rabbit Demon should be you kill, must from this fellow mouth ask that something do not come difficultly.” Rabbit Demon and Cui Sha have not gone back, but One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain makes very big noise, Mo Yi has the person to come out to nose. Shen Xiang has smiled saying with a smile: Almost is this.” Mo Yi said while loudly laughing: Then you will certainly lose today, you and Rabbit Demon fight affirmation has consumed many strength!” As Mo Yi laughs crazily, Devil Qi in upper air surges crazily, unexpectedly suddenly falls from the sky, enters in the body of Mo Yi, making the Mo Yi that quite thin body expand, has broken open the clothes, reveals the fierce scary muscle. Shen Xiang retreat several steps, that to the Heavenly Devil ghost, an intermittent air wave extremely, has been similar to the storm is ordinary, but Shen Xiang will actually not dread, he cultivates Devil Subduing martial arts, grasps Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, cuts the monster slaughter demon, if he fears, he will lose these strength! You are also mediocre, unexpectedly uses these strength, but do not think this, I will fear you!” Shen Xiang said with a sneer. Mo Yi roars, is holding that black stick, toward the Shen Xiang blow to the head, that has restrains by force, tears the earth, if Shen Xiang moves aside, perhaps the head will be knocked explodes.