World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 781
The Mo Yi stick is very wild, the time of pounding, changes to the innumerable roots, forms a standing net to cover, if Shen Xiang is not the response is rapid, definitely will suffer the stick. Angry Dragon Cut!” Shen Xiang in moving aside, finally found the crevice counter-attack, Divine Blade shivered, angry dragon wild cry, wind and cloud color deterioration, although is only a blade, but actually must rule by force a lot compared with the Mo Yi beforehand attack. The Mo Yi complexion is very dignified, that the storm that restrains by force to form raids toward him, making his body very uncomfortable, why now before he understands Shen Xiang, can stir the completely squashed sauce with that strength his dozens subordinates completely, if he is less discrete, is unable to resist this powerful strength. Mo Yi lifts up high the iron rod, the cross piece lives in a Shen Xiang's blade, the shake that arouses, penetrates the body of Mo Yi, making the air/Qi of Mo Yi within the body reduce together dirty, is very uncomfortable. Suppressing Devil Holy Power and Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade transform as strength, has very strong injury to Demon and Devil, at this time Mo Yi felt, that strength made him feel the fear, he understands what strength quickly this was. Devil Subduing martial arts, but this is not Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi, what is this?” Mo Yi asked that but Shen Xiang has not replied him, instead was a blade. The blade wind is similar to the wild rough sea waves, sweeps across toward Mo Yi, the thunder cry lightning flash, lets Mo Yi such as in the strong winds rough seas angry sea, Suppressing Devil Holy Power also makes him feel very weak, he has not thought that Shen Xiang will grasp this Devil Subduing martial arts, but in Devil World, most fears is also this martial arts. The impulse that Shen Xiang blade Vast Wave Cut, forms is similar to the dreadful rough sea waves, is attacking the body of Mo Yi, making Mo Yi spurt a blood. What strength is this?” Mo Yi deeply is shocked by strength that Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade released.

Shen Xiang said with a sneer: This is called Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade the blade, cuts the monster slaughter demon specially, strength that I use is called Dragon Force, naturally, I also integrated Suppressing Devil Holy Power!” Suppressing Devil Holy Power! Hears these four characters, the Mo Yi body cannot help but trembles, because to his knowledge, this strength, only then the Heaven World above person can practice, even if on Heaven World, can practice this strength person not to be many, but Shen Xiang can actually practice, this makes him unbelievable, if not he feels by oneself, he does not believe absolutely! This Mo Yi strength is truly good, if Shen Xiang does not have Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade and Suppressing Devil Holy Power, perhaps now has been hit the completely squashed sauce by Mo Yi, if Mo Yi is not within the body has Devil Qi, perhaps Shen Xiang's strength will not become that many injuries to other party, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade and Devil Subduing that martial arts Shen Xiang will have, specially will restrain Demon and Devil! Ha Ha......” Mo Yi suddenly laughs wildly, sees only his body to inflate suddenly, puts out a hand, chops Angry Dragon Cut that chops to give to hold Shen Xiang, sees only Mo Yi eyes becomes red, Devil Qi wells up crazily, massive monster Devil Qi in this One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain, by Mo Yi inspiration body. Shen Xiang startles greatly, because his suddenly felt that strength of own within the body is draining, this Mo Yi unexpectedly also cultivates to have one type to be able devil art of devour others skill. This fellow has Devil Yang Body, what he cultivates is Devil Yang Devouring Technique, and Engulfing Devil Art is equally fierce, but Devil Yang Devouring Technique only then has Devil Yang Body to practice.” Bai Youyou said very much with amazement: This Devil Yang Body advantage, can turn into Devil Qi all kinds of strength fast, becomes his strength.” Mo Yi said while loudly laughing: You thought is strength of own within the body draining? Ha Ha...... Right, you by my devour, you will be being been turning not long into a dry corpse!” Shen Xiang is calm, he thinks funny, because he has not thought that he will have by devour one day.

A Mo Yi face is laughing fiercely, this Devil Yang Devouring Technique has a shortcoming, is devour time, cannot the selected target, for example now, after he display, not only in the skill of devour Shen Xiang within the body, all around monster Devil Qi came by his devour, making his body inflate rapidly. Don't too haughty!” Shen Xiang said with a sneer, sees only his eyes one red, two explode lightens red light, this Penetrating Heart Devil Eye releases the innumerable [say / way] to have the intense ruinous ray at this time, penetrated the critical place of Mo Yi body, making Mo Yi immediately be similar to the discouraged rubber ball, becomes withered. Mo Yi startles greatly, although he is first time sees this devil art, but he actually recognizes, this is in Devil World inside rare technique Penetrating Heart Devil Eye! This is peerless rare technique that the Devil Eye Clan ancestor creates, even if no Devil Eye also to practice, but was lost for a long time was very very long, Devil Eye Clan did not have, but Shen Xiang actually understood the use. Passes...... Penetrating Heart Devil Eye!” Mo Yi whole body severe pain, the meridians of his within the body completely by the fierce ray penetration of Penetrating Heart Devil Eye, but strength that he absorbs, unexpectedly flows out his body fast, he by Shen Xiang devour! The face of Mo Yi was startled to twist, because he knows that the Shen Xiang use Engulfing Devil Art be much fiercer than his Devil Yang Devouring Technique, not only the devour speed is fast, but can also lock on the devour goal. Hehe, weren't you smiled a moment ago very happily?” Then was one's turn Shen Xiang to smile, moreover he gently was also touching the head of Mo Yi, he was displaying Grasping Soul Devil Curse. Felt that the thing in own mind by the Shen Xiang cruel search, Mo Yi was being called out with pain to get up: Who you are...... How you understand that many Devil World rare technique............”

Body of Mo Yi in little withered, the thing in his mind also little was taken down by Shen Xiang, that has the thing about Mo Clan plot. These Devil World rare technique are Bai Youyou teaches for his, if independent combat, the nearby does have the person, Shen Xiang uses these devil art, can with ease the opposite party making, especially deals with Mo Yi this haughty unconventional fellow. Shen Xiang also because of understanding these devil art is proud, he thinks really own Bai Youyou, thanked her to teach such fierce devil art to give him. Devil Yang Body already by your devour, the massive pure energies that you can obtain, finds a place to build up!” Bai Youyou said that looks Shen Xiang uses her devil art to strike to kill these Devil World important personages, in the Bai Youyou heart also loudly shouts satisfying, looks very crisply. For a long time did not have devour, somewhat was really strange!” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile, after the body of Mo Yi has burnt down, he is far away from this place, finds a peaceful place to build up these strength. Later you want devour, specially devour these aptitude are good.” Bai Youyou said that her taste also very much selects, sees the Shen Xiang carelessly devour words, she does not meet comfortably. Shen Xiang devour Mo Yi, but also knows that knows the plan of that Mo Clan from the Mo Yi memory.