World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 782
Shen Xiang has not left One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain, although in this monster Devil Qi is very heavy, but many places are safe and peaceful, Shen Xiang smelts strength that these devour come under a jet black mountain corner/horn now. Since he has practiced Fire God Art, he can smelt to purely strength that devour comes, therefore not after him has any influence. Ancient Spirit Earth, outside a tent, a middle-aged person is breathing here these fresh air greedily, at this moment, under his famous artisan suddenly walks, the complexion is bringing panic-stricken dignifiedly. Patriarch, Young Master he......” under that famous artisan said here, swallows the saliva. This Patriarch is Mo Clan Patriarch, named Mo Tongtian, since after Devil World all world fuse, he led Mo Clan to rule entire Devil World, the influence was strong, before was also he brings Mo Yi to visit each influence, declared that they will not invade Human World. Mo Tongtian stared that under one, said solemnly: Yi'er he? How he should cope with Chenwu Mainland in the director now.” He died!” Under the famous artisan took a deep breath said that then put out one fully is the black fissure stone: This is Young Master Life Source Stone, you look......” Mo Tongtian sees this whole body to tremble, immediately the anger soars to the heavens, a palm under hits completely squashed to be broken that: Comes the person, convenes various Great Elder, meets urgently!” I used that many painstaking care to train Yi'er, now unexpectedly was ruined!” Mo Tongtian too many sadness, have not been only very angry, probably was a he beloved thing is made was rottenly same, he only wants to know that is who made rottenly, then massacred to vent anger that person.

Quick, ten elders arrived. Yi'er had the person to go to One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain dead, you hurried One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain, a bit faster found to kill the Yi'er person, the quicker the better, grasped as far as possible exactly!” Mo Tongtian said. Five elders leave Ancient Spirit Earth immediately, returns to their Devil World continent, passes above Teleportation Formation to transmit to again with Chenwu Mainland connection Devil World continent on, enters One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain, starts to search. Shen Xiang also in the energy of smelting these devour coming, this energy, although in a body of devil cultivator, but exceptionally is pure, because that Mo Yi has Devil Yang Body. At this time he also has the majority of energies not to build up to change into his, moreover needs a period of time to complete, but he has not known that now is having five fierce Devil World expert to seek for him. Mo Clan ten Great Elder came five, obviously Mo Tongtian now is how angry. Quite a while passed, Long Xueyi is touring in all around with Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, helping Shen Xiang stand sentry, wholly-absorbed practice that therefore Shen Xiang also feels relieved. Long Xueyi suddenly sees to have several to throw over the black robe, leading the old man of hat to fly fast toward Shen Xiang, obviously is knows Shen Xiang here. little rascal, wakes up quickly, several fierce old fellow are catching up toward you, seems like Devil World's.” Long Xueyi said: They have five, it seems like you can only run toward inside.”

After Shen Xiang hears the Long Xueyi's words, immediately opens the eye, rushes toward the One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain deep place. Has one type thing that in Devil World is called Life Source Stone, if the person died, that type of stone will also break to pieces, it seems like Mo Clan knows that Mo Yi died.” Bai Youyou said: Mo Yi has Devil Yang Body, his energy will release an unusual aura, if you do not build up completely, will release, was induced very much easily by Devil World's expert.” Shen Xiang displays Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, quick sees in five old fellow that he behind pursues, his said with a sneer: Is the Mo Clan five elders, is the Mo Yi his father's subordinate, unexpectedly delivers to court death.” Direction that Shen Xiang rushes to now, is that Demon and Devil heavenly pit, there lived by the seal, but does not have the words of seal, these Devil Decaying Death Qi will not overflow One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain, because under Demon and Devil heavenly pit, has strength, can the Devil Decaying Death Qi control around Demon and Devil heavenly pit. Shen Xiang walks now there, wants to make these five elders break the Demon and Devil heavenly pit seal. Demon and Devil heavenly pit, very huge deep hole, but now by transparent restriction covering, following Devil Decaying Death Qi is unable to clash, although this restriction is many expert collaborates to arrange, but they considered at that time, can be used to cope with Demon and Devil World, therefore they were only have made simply, must break is very easy. Must collect Devil Decaying Death Qi not to be very easy, Sister Bai Youyou's specially uses the toxin, moreover Heavenly Devil World above expert, but must cope with Devil Decaying Death Qi to be careful, if Devil World inside devil cultivator, that was more difficult, so long as approaches, is very easy to be poisoned. But Shen Xiang actually did not fear that his perfect Realm Suppressing Devil Golden Body Hundred Poisons Immunity, having enabled him these fierce Devil Decaying Death Qi inspiration bodies, preserves in inside. That five Mo Clan elder, after entering One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain, releases Divine Sense to induce, they want to search in this inside person, but has not actually thought that can induce to the Mo Yi unique energy aura, then pursued, when just they must approach, this aura has discovered them probably, the unexpectedly rapid traverse, this makes them pursue tightly.

Mo Yi died, but the Mo Yi unique Devil Yang aura still, this makes that five elders believe that their Patriarch have misunderstood, they guessed that Life Source Stone possibly had problems. Shen Xiang in running, displays Transformation Technique, turned into the Mo Yi appearance, he has the Mo Yi aura now, there is a Mo Yi memory, he thought that besides the Mo Yi father, must deceive other people not to be difficult. Young Master, is we!” Elder suddenly yelled. Shen Xiang thought to take risk, therefore he stopped immediately, that expression of model Mo Yi speech, said: actually is elders, I also think that is Human World these fellows!” Five elders see Mo Yi not dead, immediately relaxed, an elder said: Your Life Source Stone cracked, Patriarch thought you dead, therefore sent us to come for you to revenge, it seems like that was Life Source Stone had problems.” In the Shen Xiang heart moves, said: Possibly has relationship with a place that I went to a moment ago, I thought there possibly is the hundred thousand year ago institute of the hidden treasure leaves behind, but has fierce restriction, is hard to break depending on my strength, the elders came happen to!” Oh? leads us to have a look quickly.” An elder said that they felt relieved to Mo Yi, because Mo Yi is they trains. In the Shen Xiang heart said with a smile: My this leads you dead!