World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 783
If not for Shen Xiang this time can release the air/Qi of special Devil Yang Mo Yi has, definitely could not deceive these five fierce Mo Clan Patriarch to be old. Chenwu Mainland's One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain, is very famous in Devil World, because of past here die many famous Demon and Devil World expert, many Devil World expert of present has believed that in dead One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain should have the good thing that many Devil Path Senior keep. Therefore that five elders heard Shen Xiang saying that had discovered fierce restriction, was curious, even was a little excited, if they can find the hundred thousand year ago, supreme treasure that their Devil Path ancestors kept, perhaps then his strength can be promoted. Quick, Shen Xiang arrived at that Demon and Devil heavenly pit, before, this Demon and Devil heavenly pit in Human World was an unusual danger(ous) place, but nearby Demon and Devil heavenly pit nobody dares to step in now, especially after presenting Devil Decaying Death Qi, various factions prohibited the disciple from entering. But Shen Xiang actually did not fear that is smiling, leading five fierce Mo Clan elders to arrive by Demon and Devil heavenly pit. This pit is really big, what thing should below have? But this restriction seems like many masters collaborates to arrange, seal what?” An elder hesitates saying that after arriving here, he does not think that this below has any treasure, instead under thinks very danger(ous). Shen Xiang somewhat worries, said: Perhaps is the seal a fierce far ancient beast demon, I remembered in the past here great war, but came Devil Beast in many Legend!” „If Devil Beast, our five people must it surrendering not be too difficult, by seal many years of Devil Beast, the strength will be affected!” A short and stout elder said Shen Xiang said with a smile: Fellow elders, if our Mo Clan has a far ancient beast demon, perhaps we can play the deterrent force that strengthens in Devil World, must know that now many influences cannot get used to seeing us to rule Devil World, cannot make them join up.” Right, so long as there is a fierce far ancient beast demon, our Mo Clan strength will be increased much, it is said ancient times the time, Devil Beast can ruin a middle-and-small influence easily.”

These five elders are discussion are excited, at this time they also had have broken the restriction method, is the storm. After Shen Xiang persuaded these five old fellow, then hid by far, carefully looks how they brought death. Was lived by the seal because of Demon and Devil heavenly pit, therefore these colorless tasteless Devil Decaying Death Qi are unable to overflow, these five elders naturally could not feel, even if overflowed, they were poisoned to be able to feel. Shen Xiang has to acknowledge that the strengths of these five elders are intrepid, if independent combat with Extreme Martial Sect's Gu Dongchen or Wu Kaiming, perhaps is tie, but Mo Clan has many this fierce fellows. These five Mo Clan elders collaborate, but a move Demon and Devil heavenly pit restriction rumbling, under Demon and Devil heavenly pit these had been constrained long time Devil Decaying Death Qi immediately spout, although is transparent, but can actually feel that intense qi flow sprays from that huge deep hole, spread all around, covers that five elders. These five elders discovered quickly body by a strange strength corrosion, this makes them have a big shock, because they think quickly this was anything, Devil Decaying Death Qi! These four characters are similar to judged that their silk death was the same, making them very frightened, because they are in massive Devil Decaying Death Qi now, Devil Decaying Death Qi continuously only then in the record had, but appeared each time are few, but here was actually the capacity for alcohol. After breaking restriction, is not the far ancient beast demon, but is Primordial Strange Poison, these five elders lament at this time not, they have a mortal hatred of that has instigated them to break restriction Mo Yi, at this time they sit down same place, does not dare to move heedlessly, once otherwise neglects, Devil Decaying Death Qi will wreak havoc in their bodies, is only instantaneous, they will turn into the purple black rotten meat. Shen Xiang smiles the past, that five elders see their Young Master unexpectedly not to fear Devil Decaying Death Qi, this makes them shock, but they can see from that smiling face that they were deceived.

Big...... Young Master you......” Shen Xiang has laughed, then turns around, changed his appearance. brat Shen Xiang, has seen five Senior, thank you to help brat break this seal massive Devil Decaying Death Qi places.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. If can spit blood, these five elders perhaps have spat now, but they actually cannot spit, once has chest pains while breathing, they will be poisoned dead. You......” suddenly, Demon and Devil heavenly pit presented a very intense suction, has attracted entry the nearby sandy soil completely, if Shen Xiang does not use a strength, will be involved in that heavenly pit. That five elders do not dare to move heedlessly, at this time also by drawing in heavenly pit in slowly. Hehe, good fierce Demon and Devil heavenly pit, spout Devil Decaying Death Qi, while Demon and Devil heavenly pit all around thing attracting, you enjoys your Devil World's strange poison banquet slowly, brat walked first.” Shen Xiang said while loudly laughing, flew the distant place, Jing Jing (quietly) looks that these five elders were inhaled in Demon and Devil heavenly pit, when he can see these five elder Jinkeng turned into the purple black rotten meat clearly by Devil Decaying Death Qi. For security, Shen Xiang planned that smelts strength that these devour come near this Demon and Devil heavenly pit, once some people look for him, he approached Demon and Devil heavenly pit to be invincible, who came in who died.

----- In Mo Clan Patriarch mansion, has spread an astonishing news, five elders who sends, unexpectedly died completely, their Life Source Stone completely disrupt. This makes that Patriarch complexion very ugly, because these five elders are also their Mo Clan some formidable strength, if by the outside is known died, definitely will have the influence to revolt their, therefore Mo Tongtian to keep secret, has not passed on the matter, including guarding Life Source Stone devil cultivator eliminated a potential informant by him. It seems like in this One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain fishy, the deaths of Yi'er and five elders possible with Human World irrelevant, Human World defends outside One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain now, they do not dare to go in easily, quickly sends for investigating clearly, actually in One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain to have any fierce thing, unexpectedly can make five elders also die, if can be adopted by us......” The Mo Clan person proliferates Devil World, now the new world has many, quick had a squad to enter the One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain investigation, not long, they induced that side Demon and Devil heavenly pit to have strange aura flowing, after several people passed, immediately was poisoned to death, turned into the rotten meat. After other people see, does not dare to forward, but in team some expert recognized that immediately is the Devil Decaying Death Qi symptom, afterward passed to the news Ancient Spirit Earth. But at this time Shen Xiang had practiced for ten days by Demon and Devil heavenly pit.