World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 785
Shen Xiang thought that he is unfamiliar with the people and place here, therefore he has not revealed this female, but intentionally somewhat shy asking: Elder sister you here? Do you name?” Sees this handsome grandiose male unexpectedly so to be at present shy, that red clothed female smiled sweetly was more charming, but also swayed from side to side her to let the fiery body that the man awaited eagerly intentionally. Little brother you are really lovable, but elder sister the big celebrity, is known in several cities near this, nobody dares to bully me, remembers elder sister's name.” That tall red clothed female arrives at side Shen Xiang, discovered that Shen Xiang unexpectedly wants the high head compared with her, but she stretches out Qianqian jade finger to caress the Shen Xiang's handsome face lightly, the coquettish look such as the silk looks at the Shen Xiang that somewhat timid look. Elder sister's name was called Han Jingxuan, can remember?” This female stands on tiptoes the tip of the toe, is spitting Youlan in the Shen Xiang ear, that numb charming sound Shen Xiang somewhat is excited. This Han Jingxuan Charm Technique is truly good, Shen Xiang has not thought that just arrived at Devil World, was sexually harassed to entice by such a succuba, he thought that the luck is good. Sister Jingxuan, can you lead me to leave here? I became lost.” Shen Xiang said. Naturally, the little brother you called is the name.” Han Jingxuan is holding Shen Xiang's, a face tender sweet smiling face. Shen Fei.” Shen Xiang has arranged a fictitious name. Brother Little Fei, why will you come to this place? Runs away from inside?” Han Jingxuan is drawing the Shen Xiang's big hand, felt that Shen Xiang's is strong, in her heart is blossomed happily, can find a strong man to pick to make up, that is very rare, let alone is this monogamous man. „It is not, I am only want to take a look at Human World.” Shen Xiang said with a smile gruffly. Going to Human World must pass One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain, unusual danger(ous).” Han Jingxuan very earnestly said.

All the way, Han Jingxuan does not listen to entice or tease Shen Xiang, in her opinion, Shen Xiang probably is the mouth meat is the same, so long as found an appropriate place, she can fight, but Shen Xiang also is very the way happy, because this Han Jingxuan will make him occupy convenient once for a while. After entering a city, Shen Xiang discovered that many people by far are hiding Han Jingxuan, Shen Xiang knows certainly that these men are fear this to bewitch among the succuba with invisible, but Han Jingxuan said one are very strong, therefore these men fear her. But these Devil World men see Shen Xiang with Han Jingxuan, cannot help but in a low voice sighed, probably was together the precious jade is ruined was the same. The Devil World's city is rotten, with some withered adobe builds, does not have what lumber, although the Devil World's resources are deficient, here hotel and store anything, has the good thing sell, Shen Xiang also knows that these hotels and stores are an industry of influence. Han Jingxuan here also good houses, although looks like incomparably crude, but in decorates very neatly, flutters the charming delicate fragrance, Shen Xiang drinks one water that Han Jingxuan is giving completely now. Shen Xiang Hundred Poisons Immunity, did not certainly fear that inside has anything, direct drinks up, he just drank up, Han Jingxuan throws to his bosom, then has kissed his cheeks, said with a smile tenderly: Small treasure, you are really lovable, I somewhat did not give up you.” Sister Jingxuan, do you want to do?” Shen Xiang felt that the white hands of Han Jingxuan paste on his navel, is releasing cool strength. Shen Xiang is somewhat disappointed, he also thinks this Han Jingxuan will remove completely to entice him, then with his anything, finally carries on to pick to make up in having sexual intercourse, has not thought that is only this way. Hasn't done, gives you Rourou belly, you will be very comfortable!” Han Jingxuan treats as the child same to come to see Shen Xiang, in her opinion, by the man who she charms, will become will be the same with the child, will drink let alone the water that she has prescribed medicine. little rascal, is this woman a virgin you cannot look?” Bai Youyou low coldly snorted: Picking that she cultivates makes up devil art is not that type, this type compares advanced some.”

Has not done, can see? I am not sharp-eyed like you!” Shen Xiang curls the lip to say. The Han Jingxuan ten shares receive by in the Shen Xiang's bosom, is listening to the heartbeat of this strong man, is feeling man that scalding hot thick crazy earth breath, pastes holds suddenly to stop releasing that cool aura in the Shen Xiang navel above jade, her unexpectedly was tenderhearted. Sister Jingxuan, did you stop? Very comfortable!” Shen Xiang somewhat is also accidental, this woman unexpectedly has not continued. In Devil World, cultivates in the resources deficient situation, the female recruits the man specially is best, but very much will have danger(ous), if kicks the sheet iron, ten have ** will die, but Han Jingxuan this way carries on to pick to make up is safest, has not needed to handle that matter with the man. humph, humph, the young enemy, elder sister was somewhat tired, first sleeps.” Han Jingxuan charmingly angry, then left the Shen Xiang's bosom. In the Shen Xiang heart said with a smile: Has not thought that this woman unexpectedly was lenient , because instead was charmed by me?” Han Jingxuan here, was a beauty, otherwise she will not entice that many men to come to her to exercise martial arts, therefore her strength was also very strong. It looks like in Shen Xiang, at least is Nirvana Realm, a female in this environment, mixes this situation is also very fierce. Shen Xiang lies down on the chair, displays Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, seeks Teleportation Formation in city, that is in guards in the stern mansion, is planting many trees in inside, understood at a glance the person who there is occupied is fierce. suddenly, loudly shout had a scare him together.

slut, comes out to suffer to death quickly, dares my Black Devil Sect person!” What speech is a beard middle age of wear black Chinese hemlock. Person who comes is not only this Black Devil Sect, several other, each are whole face murderous aura, dreadful anger. Han Jingxuan also had a scare, hastily goes to the hall, draws Shen Xiang to walk toward the back door, but there is actually stopping up a white clothing guy. Snort, your this slut, thinks you went to One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain, has not thought that your unexpectedly also dares to come back, you could not be inescapable, today Dean of ten big sects come.” That white clothing man said with a sneer. Shen Xiang one startled, he has not thought that this Han Jingxuan unexpectedly is the same with him, unexpectedly has angered this continent's ten big sect Dean, now also by these ten big Dean surrounding, even if he, in the past does not dare to provoke these many fierce fellows all of a sudden. Han Jingxuan is nipping the jade tooth tightly, has been hitting a palm to Shen Xiang, then runs, she knows that these people will not feel embarrassed Shen Xiang's, but lets off Shen Xiang has been she for many years had also made the only good. This Han Jingxuan speed unexpectedly is quick, has broken through the roof directly, suddenly grazes the distant place, left her residence, moreover that ten big sect's Dean also tightly pursued. Shen Xiang rubbed that to be hit a chest of palm by Han Jingxuan, said with a smile: This woman is really my friend, no wonder we such will be predestined friends.”