World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 786
Any nonsense ten big leaders, the strength was also too weak, crossed the goods of Nirvana two tribulation three tribulations.” Long Xueyi disdainfully said: Also thinks that fierce, it seems like Devil World was far compared with the Human World incoming messenger.” Shen Xiang also saw that now that ten big Sect Dean strength is average, Nirvana Realm of this rank is in many sect young elders. The Han Jingxuan running speed is fast, Shen Xiang also saw that she has not displayed to come fully, obviously is intends to these ten big Dean introduce a place. This road is very familiar, is......” Shen Xiang suddenly one startled, at this time he remembered this road leads to that Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable hidden treasure place, Shen Xiang follows close on that ten big Dean behind, entered piece of verdant mountain forest, this makes him very surprised, this is he arrives in Devil World, first time sees such big trees, moreover here Spirit Qi is also good, but why doesn't have Devil World sect to establish the entrance here? Front that ten big Dean suddenly stopped, old woman sinister woods said: We have stepped into Ancient Desolate Forbidden Area now, the words that proceeds again, will perhaps have danger(ous)!” This named Ancient Desolate Forbidden Area place, making the Shen Xiang mental association issue a warrant for arrest his Ancient Desolate Devil Sect to that listens from the voice of that old woman, this obviously is an unusual danger(ous) place. Snort, isn't ancient desolate Devil God buries son's place? The old men already want to go to have a look, Ancient Desolate Devil Sect that group of fellows do not dare to come , is also is not worried to enrage their Devil God, but I did not fear.” Old man said with a sneer , to continue to pursue that Han Jingxuan. Other Dean also think otherwise, although here named forbidden land, but that is only Ancient Desolate Devil Sect declared that these Dean to chase down Han Jingxuan, cannot control that many now. Shen Xiang guessed that Han Jingxuan not only killed their hanger-on numerous outstanding talented people, but also has that strange picking to make up devil art, therefore stubbornly will be chased down by these Dean.

Now looks like, the Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable thing should hide here, has not thought of here that ancient desolate Devil God son's grave, but also is really big talent, took such a big good place to bury the son.” In the Shen Xiang heart has endless emotion, he does not have what favorable impression to that Ancient Desolate Devil Sect, and issues a warrant for arrest him. ancient desolate Devil God truly mixes in this Devil World well, after does not pass to Heavenly Devil World, is not much, what has to be good to fear?” Bai Youyou disdains to say. Han Jingxuan in this mountain forest flexible dashes, such as the wind is common, moreover she is familiar with this inside road, could see that she comes to here frequently, when she arrives at giant lake side, actually suddenly stopped. slut, do you want to be without a fight?” Old woman said with a sneer, these ten big Dean pursue her to pursue very tightly, is not because the Han Jingxuan speed is too slow, is only she intentionally. Han Jingxuan just stopped, by these ten big Dean surround, but on her face actually displays no fear, sees only her to say with a smile tenderly: Old lady, I thought that you want to capture my devil art, restores the youth through that devil art again, right? Or you fight had already killed me.” The old woman is only coldly snorted: I want to hold your succuba, brings to expose to the public to execute.” Han Jingxuan hee happily said with a smile: Do not shout my succuba, we are Devil World people, so long as practice to this share, you dares to say what misdemeanor one haven't done?” slut, left wordy, hurried to hand over devil art, kept an entire corpse to you.” That old man said that these Dean looked was old half to treadon into the coffin, so long as the practice, they will pass away, therefore they obtained that type quickly to obtain strength cultivation technique urgently. Hands over devil art dead, does not hand over also dead, why do I want to give you? Refuses stubbornly fearfully, but looks like your this old fellow to wait for death, is most fearful, giggle......” Han Jingxuan smiles charmingly tenderly, is moving her beautiful long hair, smiles the flowering branch to shiver all over, making these ten old fellow air/Qi result in the whole body to tremble.

Holds her, making her live to might as well die!” Bald old man roars, afterward ten people of fight, compel to Han Jingxuan, in each individual hand releases the steaming fearful black ghost. The Han Jingxuan strength is inferior to them, but she is secure at this time, sees only her to put out a black thing, tosses into the lake, afterward changes to together red light, toward grazes at the same time, at the same time, in the lake suddenly has found out nine giant heads, unexpectedly is gigantic incomparable Nine-headed Snake. Each head is similar to the hill generally is giant, is spitting the snake apricot, nine giant heads are not only not clumsy, instead like the lightning, bites quickly to these old fellow. Instantaneous, this Nine-headed Snake that braves from the lake, has swallowed nine old demon gate Dean, moreover that thick flexible snake tail, does not know when fell remaining old women maliciously, that tail is containing very terrifying strength, is only, pulls out that old woman is split up, looks at Shen Xiang to be dumbfounded. This snake was too fierce! However that spirit is also good, unexpectedly uses something to direct this snake.” In the Shen Xiang heart is laughing in one's heart, Han Jingxuan directs here that ten Dean first, then rubbish with these ten Dean, similar time directs that fierce nine pythons. Looks at the Han Jingxuan calm appearance, knows that she plays this frequently. But that nine pythons probably also and Han Jingxuan is very familiar, possibly is because she has the reason that food comes to it frequently. After Han Jingxuan has solved these ten big Dean, the mood is excellent, plays with is sending the tree top, steps the lively joyful step, humming a little tune, the old route is returning. When Shen Xiang wants to jump to let this spirit sexually harasses, male suddenly of wear black clothing drops from the clouds, falls on the Han Jingxuan front, the man of this god steed is having the evil looking smiling face, looks at that whole face vigilant Han Jingxuan.

„Who are you?” Han Jingxuan hastily retreat two steps, because she feels at present this person very danger(ous). Han Jingxuan, it is said you obtained strange devil art, in the short five years, turned into one to cross Nirvana Realm devil cultivator from a maidservant, and...... Your stature and cheek were also more attractive, is really top grade outstanding person on the bed.” This black clothing man narrows the eyes to focus to say with a smile. Shen Xiang has shocked, is only five years, this Han Jingxuan this spirit cultivates Nirvana Realm, this was too terrorist, even if he has many fortuitous encounters, some Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou this to the wonderful female's guidance, does not have this speed! You are...... Ancient Desolate Devil Sect Dean...... Big Young Master, Jiang Liguang!” Han Jingxuan suddenly has remembered anything, has called out in alarm. This is Ancient Desolate Forbidden Area, do some people rush I to be able not to know? You were not first time come , during the person who this Young Master frequently practice in this, coming in completely in I grasped.” Jiang Liguang said with a smile evilly: Now you also practice to have, the time was similar, is good opportunity that picks to make up!” Gave up any idea of!” Han Jingxuan shouted to clear the way tenderly: I warned you, do not think that I can pick to make up like other women at will, if you dare to touch my body, who picked to make up who has not known!”