World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 787
Ancient Desolate Devil Sect is a super big influence in Devil World, although now Mo Clan is this new Devil World's overlord, but also is because Ancient Desolate Devil Sect has not striven for hegemony, otherwise in Devil World at least several hundred years can not be peaceful. But this Jiang Liguang takes Ancient Desolate Devil Sect's next Dean, young, the strength was formidable, must go far beyond Han Jingxuan evidently. Jiang Liguang said while loudly laughing: You think that you do obtain that devil art are your luck good reason? The truth told you, these devil art were I sends for letting out in secret, for dozens years, woman like you were many, so long as their Nirvana succeeded, I will send for grasping take, then enjoyed to me, not only obtained formidable strength, but can also result in enjoys.” The Han Jingxuan complexion suddenly changes, just killed ten fierce Dean her, the mood was excellent, but has not thought that in an instant turned like this, moreover she did not have to think one can practice, was the plan of this Jiang Liguang. Good method, this fellow to be no wonder young, must cross Realm of Nirvana three tribulations, actually with this method.” In the Shen Xiang heart exclaims. „Do you also think?” Long Xueyi smiles to ask, Shen Xiang has not responded her, but puts out Demanding Life Devil Bow, since the opposite party is Ancient Desolate Devil Sect Dean big Young Master, he will not be lenient. devil art that young beautiful woman, you practice, is my Ancient Desolate Devil Sect's, I have certainly the means to pick to make up you, moreover I can also control your strength.” Jiang Liguang smiles very evilly, his unexpectedly starts to take off the clothes: Can enjoy such a beautiful woman in such a beautiful forest, is very good!” Young beautiful woman, you have been for many years quality best one, does not hate to kill you, but does not have the means that after picking makes up, you will turn into an old lady, you can die in my hands, is your good fortune.” Jiang Liguang raises head said while loudly laughing, but Han Jingxuan is the complexion is ugly, because this moment unexpectedly cannot move, strength of her within the body was controlled unexpectedly. When Han Jingxuan thinks one must the present man devastates cruelly, Jiang Liguang laughter suddenly stops, because Shen Xiang has shot an arrow to him, has the Devil Decaying Death Qi air/Qi arrow to penetrate the Jiang Liguang body directly, Devil Decaying Death Qi spreads in Jiang Liguang within the body. The Jiang Liguang complexion big change, hastily transports merit to resist the toxin in within the body.

You can die in my hands, was your good fortune!” Shen Xiang is grasping Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, jumps down from a tree, be with smile on the face. Thinks Han Jingxuan that one are faced with imminent disaster, sees this, pleasantly surprised, she does not have to think own unexpectedly by this little brother rescuing. Brother Shen Fei, you here? The elder sister had almost been finished, thank you.” Han Jingxuan hastily grasps, although she knows that Shen Xiang is not very simple. Shen Fei? Snort, he called Shen Xiang, was my Ancient Desolate Devil Sect uses the person of Devil God Decree issuing a warrant for arrest.” The Jiang Liguang complexion is ugly, felt that devil poison in within the body is uncommon, Jiang Liguang starts to fear, he realizes quickly that type of toxin thinks with Devil Decaying Death Qi very much, when he wants to shout, Shen Xiang's Divine Blade has wielded, divided to fall his head. After Jiang Liguang dies, Han Jingxuan depresses the shock in heart, wants to step on several feet, actually held on by Shen Xiang: Words that you do not want dead, do not bump him!” Saying, Shen Xiang emits flame, fires the ashes Jiang Liguang. Snort, your unexpectedly deceives me, others, but sincerity to your, bad younger brother!” Han Jingxuan is charmingly angry the [say / way], the appearance is being really charming. You almost picked to make up me, but also sincerity? I also look in your lenient share, with, me has rescued your life, otherwise you will die a tragic death.” Shen Xiang curls the lip to say. Can Han Jingxuan not know the Devil God Decree matter? If makes the person know that the Jiang Liguang death and she has relationship, perhaps she also issued a warrant for arrest by Devil God Decree.

Han Jingxuan pursed the lips, said: Your courage is really big, had issued a warrant for arrest by Devil God Decree, unexpectedly also dares to run Devil World to stroll randomly.” Shen Xiang said: I am look for the thing, you quickly leave here, this Jiang Liguang definitely has Life Source Stone, if discovered that he died, the Ancient Desolate Devil Sect's person definitely will come to here.” Good younger brother, you?” Han Jingxuan knows that now own Charm Technique basic is useless to Shen Xiang, before Shen Xiang played her to play. Dead girl, my age compared with you mostly, you at most also 20?” Shen Xiang has pinched her jade face vigorously. Han Jingxuan spits the tongue, is angry to say in a low voice: „Before you, still installs before me tenderly.” I must go in this here have destroyed, I must make Ancient Desolate Devil Sect know that issues a warrant for arrest my Shen Xiang to pay very serious price.” Shen Xiang said with a sneer, the double fist grips tightly. Han Jingxuan has tarried, this is ancient desolate Devil God young buries son's place, that is Ancient Desolate Devil Sect's Old Ancestor, it is said Ancient Desolate Devil Sect all previous dynasties important personage, Dean elder anything, buries in this, has fierce demon in this inside, enters the people in deep place to die without doubt. But now Shen Xiang actually must others graves holding straight, this is equal to trampling Ancient Desolate Devil Sect's family jewels. Walks quickly, if you go to Human World to slaughter innocents, be not held by me, I will not show when the time comes mercy.” Shen Xiang warned her.

Han Jingxuan spits the fragrant interpreter, although her 20 years old is, but actually the maturity graceful bearing, caresses flatters movingly, where regardless of arrives, must use her devil art, is simple. Hello, you, deep place inside has fierce ancient beast carefully, is very fierce!” Han Jingxuan knows Shen Xiang to be uncommon, otherwise also kills undying that Jiang Liguang, but she is some worries. Han Jingxuan looks that the Shen Xiang's back vanishes, sighed one lightly, turned around to leave this Ancient Desolate Forbidden Area. Shen Xiang displays Transformation Technique, turns into the bird to fly into the deep place, he must seek for the thing that Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable leaves behind, he has not thought of unexpectedly in this Ancient Desolate Forbidden Area. „The thing that Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable keeps, certainly appear early compared with that grave, it seems like here is Danger Zone.” Bai Youyou said. Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable puts the thing the place, which is the good place?” Su Meiyao teased, that was Danger Zone awfully, only then Shen Xiang can walk in these places at will. That altar that in the past Shen Xiang destroyed was Ancient Desolate Devil Sect stays behind, was equal to destroying the Ancient Desolate Devil Sect's big plan, therefore Shen Xiang will issue a warrant for arrest by Devil God Decree, now he arrives in Devil World, knows that what existence that Ancient Desolate Devil Sect was. In more than double-hour that Jiang Liguang died, Ancient Desolate Forbidden Area above suddenly presents several to wear the black clothing, complexion solemn valiant old man, they look under lightly, is searching for Ancient Desolate Forbidden Area with Divine Sense, wants to seek in inside person.