World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 788
Set up the light dead, he had the Devil God bloodline person, was the Devil God's descendant, the elites in goalkeeper sends, received Somalian here thoroughly, must discover the ominous beast that killed the vertical light.” A old man grief and indignation said. Ancient Desolate Devil Sect died the successor, this matter causes a stir in entire new Devil World immediately, moreover dies in Ancient Desolate Forbidden Area, now Ancient Desolate Devil Sect concentrates strength, searches forbidden land, must discover the Jiang Liguang cause of death. In the Mo Yi memory does not have many understanding to this Ancient Desolate Forbidden Area, only knows that in this big, simultaneously fills the crisis, otherwise in this already was filled with the person, the Ancient Desolate Devil Sect's person comes here, must be careful, will otherwise die mystically. Shen Xiang naturally did not fear that Ancient Desolate Devil Sect knows he has killed Jiang Liguang, he had issued a warrant for arrest by Devil God Decree in any case, already and Ancient Desolate Devil Sect to Three days pass by, in Ancient Desolate Forbidden Area is lively, unexpectedly came several thousand Ancient Desolate Devil Sect's disciples, they are searching for in inside, but Shen Xiang all process very thoroughly, will not leave behind any clues. But Han Jingxuan also knows this to be important, therefore walks has not left any trace, her body is fragrant, was used the special technique elimination by her, she does not want to hang on Devil God Decree. In Ancient Desolate Forbidden Area has massive fierce ancient beast, if not Shen Xiang goes into hiding well, he was already pursued has run around, these ancient beast savage, many Ancient Desolate Devil Sect's disciples turn into these ancient beast food, but searches for is still continuing. Front suddenly transmits very strong Yin Qi, making Shen Xiang almost fall, if not his magic power is deep, he must certainly change the human form. This place is used to make tomb to be very good, has not thought thing that Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable leaves behind also here.” Shen Xiang said that cautious and solemn is flying forward, after going to this Yin Qi very rich place, Shen Xiang has not looked at ancient beast has come the footprint, these ancient beast cannot withstand here Yin Qi. Soon, Shen Xiang sees about one 30 ten feets in width circular black puddle, these water are similar to the ink is common, Yin Qi that these penetrate to the bone icy coldly braves from this Blackwater Lake.

By puddle, but also has process careful construction some tomb, at this time looks like sinister is terrorist, appalling, the cold wind howls intermittently, is similar to shrieks and howls wildly, lets in the person heart restless. His mother, can that thing estimate under this Blackwater Lake, make me dive?” Shen Xiang turns into the bird, stands on Blackwater Lake nearby all over the body jet black big tree, in the heart somewhat hesitates. Below has the good thing, what fears? Isn't a puddle? What place haven't you gone?” Long Xueyi urged, she was at this moment curious, wants to know that has left behind any thing in Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable. Makes me be mentally prepared!” Shen Xiang releases Divine Sense, wants to find out with Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, but is actually not able to dive, this Blackwater Lake unexpectedly restrains Divine Sense. By dim sinister Blackwater Lake, Yin Qi is strong, in addition many tomb, look like cold and gloomy scary, but at this time, several black clothing old man suddenly appeared here, their whole face wrinkle, expression ice-cold, looked like probably crawls from the grave was the same. Shen Xiang glimpses four old man that this suddenly presents, in the heart one cold, because his unexpectedly has not noted some people to approach, Long Xueyi is also so. For does not make these fierce old fellow discover that Shen Xiang hastily drills into tree hole, the concealment aura, he realized that these old fellow are looking around. „A trace does not have, a aura has not stayed behind, but actually touched restriction, this links us unable to achieve, who has come to here? Is the Jiang Liguang death related with him?” old man gloomy and cold said. What is the goal of this person? Even if Mo Clan, does not dare so to provoke our Ancient Desolate Devil Sect!” Another old man said angrily.

We hurry to inform Dean, this person in Ancient Desolate Forbidden Area, has not hesitated to probably discover this person!” Four old man suddenly change to cold wind, vanishes here. Shen Xiang relaxed secretly, in this place, if were discovered by these four old fellow, perhaps he has not put including Devil Decaying Death Qi, was killed by these old fellow. Jumps quickly, what has to be good to fear?” Long Xueyi the heart is itchy at this time, her Divine Sense is unable to enter under Blackwater Lake. „It is not you get down, don't you naturally have to fear? What fierce thing if under has, I do deliver?” Shen Xiang said ill-humoredly. Fears anything, turns into a small fish, gets down from the nearby slowly, if meets any fierce thing, this dragon gets rid that's it, I will be the future am most attractive fiercest Divine Dragon, any Demon and Devil ghost must submit under this dragon skirt.” Long Xueyi snort|hum said. Shen Xiang had considered, turns into a small fish finally, plunges into Blackwater Lake, even though his within the body has Universe Fire Spirit, at this moment he was still frozen the whole body to be uncomfortable by that ice-cold black water, is similar to is gripped by innumerable ice needle is being same, this makes him have to change the human form, then releases Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor to come, this makes him feel better. Early knows that did not listen your, the plan of my actually with Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, you made me turn into the small fish.” Shen Xiang complained, him no longer felt at this time icy coldly, but all around darkness, was much more peaceful, what making him somewhat frightened was, he worried that has these fierce ancient beast under this Blackwater Lake. In Shen Xiang just plunged into under Blackwater Lake, that four Ancient Desolate Devil Sect's old man appeared, black water that they look at these fluctuate, the facial expression becomes very strange.

„Is this possible? This is the Poisonous Beast Devil God Extreme Yin incomparable poisonous blood, although does not have the smell, so long as moves, instantaneously will gasify, but currently has the thing below?” Startled old man said with amazement. In the Shen Xiang heart shakes crazily, this Blackwater Lake unexpectedly is the poisonous blood of Poisonous Beast Devil God, his suddenly thinks very disgusting, made undying Poisonous Beast Devil God playing by him including Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable, but this also made him feel at ease, because will not have any fierce thing under this, not having no ancient beast to withstand this type of toxin. At this time, above broadcast the weak sound: We wait for him to come up here!” This crowd of old fellow, does unexpectedly want to hold me? Does not have the gate!” In the Shen Xiang heart disdains, accelerates to dive, eastern Tibet in acute poison, is the trick that Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable habitually uses. Under Suppressing Devil Divine Tablet has one generation of toxin female demon scorpion Princess, Suppressing Devil Mirror also in a acute poison bog, Suppressing Devil Bloodline in Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest, Shen Xiang admires Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable this wise trick, such one, only then these Hundred Poisons Immunity people can obtain the thing that he leaves behind.