World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 790
In Ancient Desolate Devil Sect, shakes again, four elders who because sends died completely, moreover dies by these tomb, after this, many ancient desolate disciples takes place of the fallen to enter that place, completely was killed by poison by these poisonous Qi, only then strength expert extremely, can pass and out safely. Four elders were killed by poison, only remaining white bone, but their Ancient Desolate Devil Sect's ancestor tomb, totally was actually destroyed, this makes Ancient Desolate Devil Sect arrive at the extreme angrily, but is actually not able to vent, until now they died peerless talent Jiang Liguang, then died several formidable elders, finally links ancestor tomb also others to destroy. But they actually do not know that is who behavior! Shen Xiang in a piece of bleak plain, the top of the head is fierce at this time, looks serious, why because he does not know, was only one night, his fleshly body unexpectedly was unknowingly stronger, was quick he to think that was that Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal. Had been finished, this Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal lets my True Qi and fleshly body crazily promotes, fast is promoting including Divine Soul, Nirvana Tribulation must come!” In the Shen Xiang heart with amazement, he has a very strange feeling at this time, was stares to be the same by anything, where regardless of arrived, will have this feeling. But indication that this feeling, Nirvana Tribulation must arrive, only if hides into Mysterious Realm, otherwise is unable to avoid. Do not be anxious, you have to be many dead flesh white bone pills, enough you dealt with First Tribulation, even if did not depend upon the foreknowledge of old lunatic, you can also cross with ease.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang also has the time to return to Extreme Martial Mysterious Realm to look for Huang Jintian at this time, but this is equal to avoiding Nirvana Tribulation, if avoids Nirvana Tribulation intentionally, then later wants transcends tribulation time, the might of disaster will be more powerful, therefore Shen Xiang has not wandered about aimlessly. ----- By Blackwater Lake, is standing ten hoary-headed, old man of whole face wrinkle, they grasp some flags to brandish, in the mouth was reciting some incantations.

This is the Ancient Desolate Devil Sect's person, they are calling back from the dead, because they felt that these old man souls have not diverged, although is completely scattered, but these old man have the means from the new accumulation, saw that is who carries on the so crazy retaliation to their Ancient Desolate Devil Sect. Shen Xiang sees these old man to be sprinkled by this poisonous blood on the same day, thinks that these old man soul destroyed, he has not thought this Ancient Desolate Devil Sect unexpectedly has so fierce secret method. suddenly, that more than ten white hair old man Qi Han, the cry is strange, but sinister, hears appallingly, as if the ghost in ghostdom. Saw only dead elder phantom suddenly to appear, but was very unstable, was similar to the watermark is rippling generally. Is Shen Xiang, I before the point of death, seeing him to clash from the puddle, was he kills our...... to say intentionally with the poisonous water lane that the virtual image dissipated. An extraordinary god steed middle age, is gripping tightly the fist, although looks like he is very calm, but this time anger is turning into scary murderous aura, roared in forbidden land, frightening, this person Ancient Desolate Devil Sect's Dean, Jiang Tianlu! Here has strength that the space fluctuates to be remaining, we have a look to be able in these remaining strength to speculate where this person went.” old man said. Kills Jiang Liguang, kills four elders, ruins their Ancient Desolate Devil Sect ancestor tomb person, unexpectedly by them is issued Shen Xiang that Devil God Decree issues a warrant for arrest! This is really the huge satire, they others wools have not bumped into, has caused the so serious losses, at this time everyone could see that this is Shen Xiang is retaliating their Ancient Desolate Devil Sect.

Quick, that ten old man on the space aura of basis these participation, speculated that three places, Ancient Desolate Devil Sect's Dean, Jiang Tianlu sends for massive Ancient Desolate Devil Sect's expert immediately, entire Ancient Desolate Devil Sect turns out in full strength, encircles that three places. This has alarmed entire new Devil World, knew that after is Shen Xiang this Human World brat made such big matter, the Devil World people incomparably exclaimed in surprise that this grade of outstandingly able person, had issued a warrant for arrest by Devil God Decree, not only did not stay in Human World honestly, unexpectedly also ran in Devil World, cut to kill the Ancient Desolate Devil Sect's talent, with destroyed completely four elders poisonously, finally was good to trample tomb of child of Devil God, so Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering action, matchless, unprecedented. Shen Xiang has not known that now own name clearly passes on Devil World once more, because he is smelting strength in that Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal, prepared transcends tribulation, at this time he not minced matter his whereabouts, sat in a hill top, closed eyes sat cross-legged, the manner was auspicious, was practicing. Now who asks him to court death, because he is preparing to cross Nirvana Tribulation, others transcends tribulation time, so long as in the Nirvana Tribulation induction range, many person, the Nirvana Tribulation might will increase one generation, even if Nirvana First Tribulation, the might was very terrifying, if did not have the spirit dan marvelous medicine, these stood erect in expert of Mortal World peak do not dare create a mess. Therefore crosses the Nirvana Tribulation person to find the remote areas of some few person, if others enter the range that Nirvana Tribulation induces, does not have the advantage to anyone. At this time Long Xueyi, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou do not dare to release Divine Sense to come at will, completely seals up, the words that otherwise Nirvana Tribulation induces, Shen Xiang must withstand four times of might, that may kill Shen Xiang. But in the distant place, a person Ancient Desolate Devil Sect's disciple saw Shen Xiang, he has not thought that Shen Xiang such cultivates in this piece of desolate place, but does not hide well, this courage, making him admire in secret. Shen Xiang waits for Nirvana Tribulation here, if successful, he in this Nirvana, will enter into Nirvana Realm. That Ancient Desolate Devil Sect's disciple returns to report immediately, initially the speculation of that more than ten white hair old man was very accurate, because had the Ancient Desolate Devil Sect's disciple to find Shen Xiang in that three regions.

Ancient Desolate Devil Sect's Dean, Jiang Tianlu is leading the Ancient Desolate Devil Sect's numerous expert people, young outstanding, over a thousand, they circle in all directions, must besiege Shen Xiang, they think that they have these many people, enough grasped Shen Xiang exactly. Ancient Desolate Devil Sect in Devil World is a super influence, now Human World little rascal that uses Devil God Decree to issue a warrant for arrest far away runs over to a slap in the face by them, they only then grasp Shen Xiang exactly, the public execution can save their faces, therefore expert of Ancient Desolate Devil Sect major part arrived at this place at this time. Devil God is they believes that also only then so they can practice devil art that Devil God keeps, if irreverent to Devil God, they are unable to obtain strength, instead also because of cultivating these devil art will die. But now tomb of child of Devil God was destroyed, the Ancient Desolate Devil Sect's disciples are angry, regardless of the strong and weak, wishes one could to drink the Shen Xiang's flesh and blood, skins to its cramp. Jiang Tianlu has made a hand signal, sees only over a thousand expert suddenly from fly toward Shen Xiang in all directions rush over, is only several instances, Shen Xiang by dozens expert encircling. Shen Xiang immediately complexion big change, when he puts out Heaven's Crown Gate, actually already late, because Nirvana Tribulation appeared, that terrifying strength has locked a surrounding area dozens li (0.5km) space, indestructible, at this time trim earth, even is half Devil World is shivering!