World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 791
Shen Xiang looks deathly pale, over a thousand people of suddenly entered the Nirvana Tribulation induction range, his Nirvana Tribulation may not only be over a thousand times, as for is many time of he is not clear, even if Nirvana Ninth Tribulation, is mediocre. Your this group of idiots, father's transcends tribulation, you want dead not to look for the father, had been killed by you, your this group of bastards, everybody was finished now.” The Shen Xiang anger exclaimed. In a moment ago that instantaneous, these had experienced Nirvana Tribulation expert, ashen-faced, at this time they cannot get away, regardless of walks far, they will stare by Nirvana Tribulation. Most Devil World is shivering, alarms innumerable Devil World expert, they do not know that will be any reason will make this move. The Jiang Tianlu complexion is ugly, he has not thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly is crossing Nirvana Tribulation, words that early knows, even if his ten lives, hundred gallbladders do not dare to come. Although is only Nirvana Tribulation of person, but actually some these many people, Nirvana Tribulation these person also localizations will be transcends tribulation, because the people here will be heaven defying, but good devil cultivator, moreover these devil cultivator will do all kinds of evil, savage will be callous, Nirvana Tribulation will be more terrorist. Dean, has killed him, Nirvana Tribulation will diverge.” Person of shouted. Shen Xiang immediately cursed: Nonsense, if father died, you living the hope does not have, the father must cross Nirvana Tribulation truly, when the time comes strength of disaster will have comes to me most probably, if you have killed us, humph, humph, you must divide equally these strength.” Nirvana Tribulation does not come for a very long time, the earth shivers slightly, a surrounding area dozens li (0.5km) space tightens completely, even though is dozens expert collaborates unable to rumble broken, this is day strength, strength of nature, nobody can resist. Shen Xiang, you have killed my son, but also......” Jiang Tianlu words suddenly by the angry Shen Xiang interruption.

Returns your younger sister , does father in transcends tribulation, you join in the fun, you not awfully, I may awfully! If not you issued that anything nonsense Devil God Decree issues a warrant for arrest me, I am disinclined to smear the hand to butcher your son, all these are you bring upon oneself.” Shen Xiang roared: Come, aren't you very angry? Has killed me, come......” The Jiang Tianlu air/Qi results in the whole body to tremble, he does not dare, if has killed Shen Xiang, their Ancient Desolate Devil Sect thoroughly had been finished, Shen Xiang dies, Nirvana Tribulation will allocate their heads absolutely. These expert could or, but these have not experienced the Nirvana Tribulation person difficultly saying that they are worried at this time, to chase down Shen Xiang, unexpectedly must cross Nirvana Tribulation, these expert also same, crossed Nirvana Tribulation is the advantage, but that crosses own Nirvana Tribulation, even if they live, they can in vain transcends tribulation. Ha Ha...... Nirvana Tribulation does not have, in condense strength, the strength of granting if I in so fierce Heavenly Tribulation following lucky undying, I obtain will be definitely many, heaven defying the line, success resistance so powerful Tianli, this is the unprecedented matter, making the storm come more violent!” Shen Xiang stands on a hill, is laughing crazily. This makes these people want to spit his face saliva maliciously, like this, but also is frightening them, but some timid people, the leg was now soft. Dean, gets so far as the nearby him, to is farther, Nirvana Tribulation when the time comes with him he withstands is strongest, Tribulation Force that regardless of his life and death, he withstands will not affect us.” An elder said. Jiang Tianlu also has this intent, moves toward Shen Xiang, but Shen Xiang also knows that they must make anything. Does not use your fight, I will walk!” Shen Xiang indifferently said, this group of people wish one could to kill him at present, but actually cannot now fight, moreover in the life and death edge, their complexions makes him look in the heart dark crisp. At this moment, one group of Ancient Desolate Devil Sect's disciples arrive at this place through Teleportation Formation suddenly, all flushed with the quickest speed, population unexpectedly also has more than 1000.

Must come in easily, but must exit such as to ascend to heaven difficultly. Your this group of idiots, cannot look here situation!” Jiang Tianlu almost spits blood, more than 1000 people of Nirvana Tribulation have sufficed the terror, increases 1000 now, this must make them die without the burial ground. But the distant place actually hears the Shen Xiang big laughter: Ha Ha, comes well, comes well, dead together is happy, can come to be buried along with the dead to me with these many Ancient Desolate Devil Sect's disciples, I died also die content.” At this time most Devil World, between Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi was extracted sky over Shen Xiang completely. The disciple who these just came , after knowing the details, the face was green, but these disciples who early comes, face green, wishes one could this crowd of aggravating the situation, brings upon oneself the at death's door fellow to choke to death. However the inexorable fate has decided that even if now only then a Shen Xiang person, the Nirvana Tribulation might still does not reduce. In the sky, bang, the boom is billowing, aura condense together, the mutual collision, hits an intermittent terror the startling thunderclap, what Shen Xiang's First Tribulation is, no one knows, but very terrifying that's it. The Jiang Tianlu intestines were green, he has not thought unexpectedly runs upon Shen Xiang crosses Nirvana Tribulation the time, moreover some these many people enter the Nirvana Tribulation induction range together, even though their these expert can live, many good seedlings also to be hard unable to withstand this so terrifying Nirvana Tribulation. But Shen Xiang is very tranquil at this time, because he has Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor this divine armor as depending on, he also has Jade Dragon Bloodline, is hard to make him, he worried that Hidden Jade Ring will ruin, but that good and bad also stems from dwelling place of celestial beings's hand, should not be made easily rottenly.

Can come?” Shen Xiang is gripping tightly the double fist, looks by the sky of tyrannical energy fill, as if will present Evil Devil to be ordinary at any time. Feels that destroying the Heavens and exterminating the Earth pressure, many Ancient Desolate Devil Sect's disciples the leg and foot became tender, but these expert are the complexion is also ugly, this is bigger than eight tribulation stronger that they crossed, they only hope that majority of Tribulation Force falls on Shen Xiang, such one, their these expert, only then resists some Tribulation Force, perhaps also has the hope of returning alive. Came!” Shen Xiang induced anything, then hastily ran toward that group of people. The Ancient Desolate Devil Sect's more than 2000 people see the distant place to have a person to dash, shouts abuse in public all, all thick word slander scolded, Nirvana Tribulation, Shen Xiang unexpectedly will run over toward them, this clarifies is the strategic point they. „Does young bastard, you do!” Jiang Tianlu is greatly anxious, roars. We, since is predestined friends to meet together this place, should spend together the adversity, shared the luck of bestowed by heaven, we worked with concerted efforts, decide to cross this matchless Nirvana Tribulation.” Shen Xiang said with smile on the face. Goes to being predestined friends of his mother, went to his mother's the luck of bestowed by heaven, Shen Xiang was a disaster, who approached him, who had bad luck. Jiang Tianlu and many expert have gotten rid, but Nirvana Tribulation lowered at this time, unexpectedly is everywhere five colors flame, turns into various ominous beasts, sprints from the sky.