World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 792
Nirvana Great Tribulation starts to revolve, the ancient desolate audiences all are startled, in the heart cursed Shen Xiang all, unexpectedly clashes at this time, this clarified to fierce Tribulation Force direct toward them on. Must be far away from the Shen Xiang's time in Jiang Tianlu, Shen Xiang like the lightning, stubbornly holds the Jiang Tianlu arm, face happily said with a smile: ancient desolate Dean, I thought that your manner is uncommon, the item contains auspicious light, today will not have any misfortune, trivial First Tribulation Tribulation Force, how you.” Jiang Tianlu is angry: Fart, the father on today the big mildew of eight lifetime, the young bastard, a bit faster has let but actually loose wants, or my palm chops you!” When sky condense are many Tribulation Force turns into endless Violent Fire, the imposing manner all day, the potential such as the crazy dragon, is similar to trillion gifted generals is common, compels, the intense scalding hot pressure that creates from the sky slowly, making numerous strength bad ancient desolate disciple vanishes in puff of smoke instantaneously. Shen Xiang still stubbornly holds Jiang Tianlu not to put, this is Heaven-shaking Fire Tribulation, is the flame that Shen Xiang most does not fear, although he is unable to go to new earth core now, but fire-resistant ability still powerful incomparable, the world unusual person can be a worthy opponent. ancient desolate Dean, the words said that your son you grow not like, is you one's own? Does not have including you 10% imposing manners.” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile, Jiang Tianlu has gotten angry thoroughly, exhausts strength, fierce flings, flung to fly Shen Xiang. In this time, sky the strength of unsurpassed Fire Tribulation, induces Jiang Tianlu, these turn into the innumerable beast flame, emits roars all day, is treading void, the surging space, the sound is rock the earth, overran toward the following person. Suddenly, the innumerable flame have covered the Shen Xiang surrounding area several li (0.5km), the inexhaustible flame burns crazily, the beast flame in inside wild galloping, attacks the people, the earth is trembling crazily, the place of entire transcends tribulation, is similar to piece of sea of fire, the fire intensity is dreadful, is similar to the mighty waves sea, was being jolted by the wild flame in inside person, but first wave of Tribulation Force lowers, the big piece of people vanishes in puff of smoke in sea of fire. Shen Xiang sits cross-legged in the ground, lives the splendor all over the body, Suppressing Devil Holy Power is resisting the intense flame, the response that has turns into golden light, making Shen Xiang be similar to golden War-God, ten thousand fires do not invade, eternal Indestructible. Even if has Universe Fire Spirit him, at this time somewhat cannot endure, this is the fire of disaster, is Heavenly Fire general existence, moreover is more than 2000 people initiates, the might can be imagined.

If were not he approached Jiang Tianlu a moment ago at crucial moments, coursed Ancient Desolate Devil Sect that group of people some Tribulation Force, Tribulation Force that he withstood at this time was more intense. First Tribulation, is unprecedented great tribulation, Shen Xiang thought one are bad luck, luckily is Fire Tribulation, otherwise he is hard to withstand. First wave of Tribulation Force just started, has continued more than half double-hour, but true Nirvana Tribulation just started. Shen Xiang raises the head to look , the pupil dodges golden light, penetrates steaming sea of fire, saw only airborne presented a golden great ball, was similar to Golden Burning Sun is ordinary, multi-colored sunlight dazzling, was getting more and more powerful along with this Golden Burning Sun light glow, the flame in sea of fire was also getting more and more scalding hot, as if can fire the ashes the earth. These flame are only this Golden Burning Sun surface fire Qi, so is intense, even if were crossed expert of Nirvana eight tribulations to be hard to contend, if not for I were using Earth Core Fire to quenching the body, perhaps already turned into the ashes, great tribulation that 2000 people of initiation, was really fierce, unexpectedly can condense leave small Golden Burning Sun to come!” Perhaps this Golden Burning Sun is the Nirvana Tribulation Lord!” In Shen Xiang heart imposing, he has not emitted Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor now, in sea of fire, is these beast flame is roaring, deafening, transmits eight sides, resounds through the skies, Shen Xiang cannot hear other sounds. So Heaven-shaking great tribulation, vibrates trim continent, at this time trim continent is similar to the steamer is ordinary, that small Golden Burning Sun hangs, shines the release, light glow the place of coverage, will produce very intense flame. In the great tribulation distant place several hundred li (0.5km), numerous Devil World Demon World expert float in the air, is looking out into the distance the great tribulation center, all shock, even if their short distance is shone by golden light, felt that all over the body burns burns, blood ebullition.

„Is this Ninth Tribulation in Legend?” A full beard middle age said with amazement that he went all out to cross Eighth Tribulation, stagnated for many years, actually does not dare to face Ninth Tribulation, at this time present great tribulation, makes him feel that was fiercer than his Ninth Tribulation. old man shakes the head saying: „It is not Ninth Tribulation, I have seen Ninth Tribulation, but actually compared this difference to be far!” The people whole body trembles, dumbfounded, Ninth Tribulation unexpectedly also missed compared with this far. Just started, do you see the sound to affect entire new Devil World's Ninth Tribulation?” That old man shameless full is dignified: I thought that this should some people rush to the place of others Nirvana by mistake, causing Nirvana Tribulation to strengthen.” Shen Xiang is also miserable beyond description now, if did not have Ancient Desolate Devil Sect dozens expert to share most Tribulation Force for him, he perhaps turned into the ashes now. Finally, sea of fire fire intensity weak, but this was only first wave of Tribulation Force finished, that round golden hot sun was the Lord, has not acted crazy. Small Golden Burning Sun that the upper air is hanging is only world Spirit Qi condense, the world breeds, although cannot compare the true hot sun, but the might is very astonishing, hangs in the air, is similar to extends several li (0.5km) great mountain to be generally big continually. golden sun sparkles suddenly, the multi-colored sunlight ten thousand zhang (3.33 m), the fire intensity like the dragon, saw only that golden light hot sun suddenly to overflow a giant [gold/metal] ball, covered dozens li (0.5km) place, dropped from the clouds, the pressure overflowed, lowered slowly, this stretch of earth encountered fills to burn the restraining by force hit of Heavenly Fire potential, immediately was sunken in a bulk, the Ancient Desolate Devil Sect's person dies similarly, unravelled, soul destroyed, only then these expert by strenuous efforts were also supporting. This golden Fireball appears from that golden light hot sun, in distant place some expert of watching, sees this terror, always under this so burning hot environment, the back sends coolly, if they by the pressure, perhaps is also a narrow escape.

Is dozens li (0.5km) golden light Fireball lowers, is similar to small flame stars, contains the thermal also pressure of belt, as if compared with this stretch of earth ruining general. Shen Xiang expression is dignified, this is second wave of Tribulation Force, at this time not only to his comes, but to the entire Tribulation Force range, he must withstand same Tribulation Force with these expert. Bang! Golden Fireball pounds to fall, arouses was roaring hot wave, welled up toward the four directions, the surrounding area several hundred li (0.5km) were covered by sea of fire immediately, the hot wave reached as high as thousand feet (333 m), all around was bleak, at this time , after having been burnt down, the lime soil turned into the powder, the trim earth sank ten zhang (3.33 m). The flame that soars to the heavens, golden light sparkles, forms Qi mist, covers the horizon, covers the earth, making the person be similar to the golden fire builds up the world to be ordinary, the fire intensity roared, such as Purgatory Evil Devil whooshed. Looks quickly, unexpectedly is dozens individuals, Oh, their brains entered the water!” After look sharp old man sees, sends out together with incisive yelling that his semblance does not tally.