World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 793
The Shen Xiang whole body golden armor package, the golden hard helmet only made him reveal a face, at this moment, he also has to emit Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, otherwise he will unravel a moment ago. Whole body golden armor, golden red cloud four shoot, aggressive arrogant, looks like formidable like the god, merges into one organic whole with these golden Qi mist, like level control of this golden Purgatory. Shen Xiang first time releases Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor before these many people , after is the first time releases Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, can still feel the threat. The golden light hot sun in sky, explodes again dodges golden red cloud, that wheel small golden sun breeds a width to reach dozens li (0.5km) huge golden Fireball once more, pounds fiercely toward the ground. Shen Xiang clenches the teeth, this attack with was the same a moment ago, moreover he saw, if that golden sun does not consume the energy, definitely will not give up, he has not known that must withstand many such attacks, if not Ancient Desolate Devil Sect that crowd of idiot suddenly runs, perhaps he already crossed Nirvana Tribulation. Shen Xiang looked at Ancient Desolate Devil Sect's expert, although they are very distressed, but the vitality is very powerful, could see that beforehand that golden Fireball has not made them cause the damage, but Shen Xiang puts on Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor now, felt that was ill, these Ancient Desolate Devil Sect's expert, are really fierce. Bang, bang! Golden Fireball drops down, is similar to fierce falls down positive, arouses once more shocks the golden hot wave of world, moreover these time was more terrifying than a moment ago, the golden hot wave sweeps across the surrounding area thousand li(500 km), everywhere one visit, the lime soil is fired the dust, big barren hills, instantaneously by the crew cut, this grade of Divine Power, being made these feel to shock incomparably in expert that the one side watches, they have to draw back are farther, otherwise perhaps links them to be affected. Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, Black Tortoise Luo Tian Cover, dual is protecting, but Black Tortoise Luo Tian Cover can only support several instances, the complete disintegration, obviously this unrivalled great tribulation is how the overwhelming power, the potential must write off general Tribulation Force range inside person, is relentless, savage is overbearing. This is heavenly might that road of institute heaven defying must withstand, fights with the day, the heaven defying line, the day falls Nirvana Ninth Tribulation, prevents the road of becoming an immortal, from ancient to present, many heroes' Primordial Spirit entirely extinguished under Nirvana Ninth Tribulation, die without the burial ground, but actually still cannot block the common people to become an immortal the heart of Eternal Life.

Shen Xiang implored golden Qi mist, that incomparable fire intensity, penetrated divine armor, was burning down his fleshly body, Universe Fire Spirit in within the body, although rose spiritedly to counter-attack, but was still actually hard to resist, after all Shen Xiang Realm was very low at this time, the strength was limited, is unable to play that heaven defying Fire Spirit might. However Shen Xiang can actually revolution divine art, build up into the golden fire intensity of body, will turn into nutrition fire Qi with Fire God Art, breeds Fire Spirit in fleshly body. fleshly body was burnt down, the whole body severe wound, the blood almost seethes with excitement the gasification, but at crucial moments, Jade Dragon Bloodline stimulates, in Tai Chi Yin and Yang Diagram revolving along with dantian, changes all the limbs and bones, lets be seriously battered the place, slowly the cicatrization, is only the short moment, Shen Xiang's fleshly body unexpectedly recover completely, the condition arrives at the peak, now he understands that Jade Dragon Bloodline so was why formidable, if really can let person undying Indestructible. No wonder Long Xueyi said that in Imperial Dragon Clan will have innumerable Female Dragon to surrender to Jade Dragon, so long as can have the bloodlines of such undying Indestructible, must with the day coexistence also be sooner or later matter. At this time Long Xueyi, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou seal up Divine Sense, in Hidden Jade Ring, breaks to relate with the outside completely, they are the worry can affect Shen Xiang transcends tribulation, therefore they do not know Shen Xiang at this time facing unrivalled great tribulation. „Does young bastard, you do really?” Jiang Tianlu big angrily said, although he has not received any wound, but just started now, so is terrorist, crosses the Eighth Tribulation start to be much fiercer than when him. Bah, your fellows, if not your brains enters the water to run, I already crossed, you suicided did not say that drew in me to do?” Shen Xiang flies to overrun, Ancient Desolate Devil Sect's expert each is powerful, the injury of common resistance this great tribulation, receives can reduce to lowly. Shen Xiang naturally wants to make them share a pressure now. in your dreams, you did not fear that I have killed you?” Jiang Tianlu at this time not desperate, although the golden light hot sun of space terror, but has not actually concentrated, therefore their audiences expert collaborates, can live hopefully, but their Ancient Desolate Devil Sect's these fierce young talents vanished into thin air at this time completely.

Ancient Desolate Devil Sect's these expert also surprised very Shen Xiang's strength, their Ancient Desolate Devil Sect crossed the Nirvana 12 tribulations has not supported, running over that but Shen Xiang a unexpectedly also face smiles now rubs them. Has to plant, I died, perhaps you all were finished, does not believe to try.” Shen Xiang holds up the head to throw out the chest, divine armor light glow four dodge, making Ancient Desolate Devil Sect's expert look covets incomparably, they saw certainly that Shen Xiang can live now , because has this golden protective armor. Has killed Shen Xiang, they have not dared , the ghost knows after having killed Shen Xiang, this will great tribulation continue? They currently have the confidence to live, naturally does not want to cause complications. Bang! Bang! Bang! Golden Burning Sun fermented Tribulation Force to use a lot of time, released huge golden Fireball once more, but in this golden Fireball full was the red multi-colored sunlight overflows, probably in wrapped the red blood to be ordinary. Gets rid!” Jiang Tianlu loudly shouted, both hands lift up high, wild black Qi from his body overflow, sees only his both hands to wind around by strong black Qi, turns into one suddenly double belting huge devil claw of black scales, top above him. Other ancient desolate expert, releases the endless demon ghost, exhausts strength, resists heavenly might, protects itself. This golden red Fireball is wild at this time, be much more formidable than front two, Shen Xiang startles greatly, then face red heart does not jump to arrive at side Jiang Tianlu, stands under that pair of dense terror huge devil claw.

Jiang Tianlu, at present this little rascal, kills his ancient desolate talent angrily, destroys his ancient desolate tomb, kills by poison four elders, now 2000 important disciples die because of him, now unexpectedly is thick the facial skin to come to his here to seek asylum. Jiang Tianlu wishes one could a foot to kick Shen Xiang to that in great Great Fireball that presses. Do not divert attention, these time two secondary is fiercer than front, must insist, I believe that you can certainly help me to cross this peerless unparalleled great tribulation, when the time comes we must be able to become world-famous, perhaps any nonsense Mo Clan, must prostrate oneself you.” Shen Xiang face earnestly said. Hiding that Shen Xiang is not concerned about face very much by others, looks at that pressure Fireball, then revolution divine art, invades the intense fire intensity in his body to build up these. Bang! Bang! Bang! After golden red Fireball presses, unexpectedly sends out a series of explosions, this time fire intensity was fiercer, some quite weak ancient desolate expert instantaneously vanishes in puff of smoke, but a big stretch of earth sinks once more, but they did not think at this time one in the deep place, because of their surrounding area thousand li(500 km), are sinking, they naturally unconsciously.