World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 794
The after golden hot sun of space releases ferments this wave, unexpectedly changes small, Shen Xiang discovered this point, in the heart complained incessantly, because this golden hot sun was huge, looks like according to the present, must the words that the energy consumed, has not known that must withstand the attacks of many Fireball. Shen Xiang under the asylum of Jiang Tianlu, safe and sound, making Jiang Tianlu almost explode with rage the lung, because he has not thought that his unexpectedly is helping Ancient Desolate Devil Sect's number one enemy. Even if they can live, the Ancient Desolate Devil Sect's strength reduces inevitably greatly, but all these because of Shen Xiang. „Do you look at me to do? The centralized spirit, the next wave must start!” Shen Xiang sees Jiang Tianlu to look angrily, his hurriedly said. I wish one could to butcher you now, does not need you to teach, my transcends tribulation is more experienced than you.” Jiang Tianlu eyes contains ones anger, shouted. Then there is a work you, I think that I should be able to live finally.” Shen Xiang said with a smile, he also smiled to obtain at this moment, this made Jiang Tianlu angrier. Tribulation Force wells up, huge golden Fireball seem to be endless general, pounds unceasingly, as if must pound to put on to be the same the earth. A day passed by, unexpectedly has not ended, but that golden hot sun was smaller, implication heavenly might is still terrorist. Those who most make Shen Xiang admire was these crossed expert of Nirvana eight tribulations, if open and aboveboard coped with them, Shen Xiang was only ants, their casual palm, can pat Shen Xiang. Ancient Desolate Devil Sect now only then 25 expert, other died, now Shen Xiang understands why that many Nirvana Realm expert do not dare to face Nirvana Tribulation, because this was really too terrifying, Shen Xiang is also to depend upon Jiang Tianlu and Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor now can live now, otherwise he already died.

Even if he has Jade Dragon Bloodline, if not depend upon any foreign object to withstand that huge golden Fireball, he is also the instantaneous matter, will vanish in the world. Also passed for day, the golden hot sun in sky only then the fist is generally giant, the ancient desolate audiences at this time also relaxed, although is very aggrieved, but they can maintain a livelihood in this peerless great tribulation, makes them be very excited that this great tribulation has not locked them luckily, but greeted strength completely in the ground, what they withstood was only some strength, but that was also terrorist. At this time Shen Xiang had shunted them by far, this let in Jiang Tianlu and an audiences expert heart curses unceasingly, before hid by them, was on intimate terms with them, praises their Divine Martial Skill, approved the space to go them, but saw with own eyes that great tribulation must finish, has actually traded a face. However, they think that Shen Xiang died, even if lived successfully, they will not make Shen Xiang run away. That fist big golden color hot sun suddenly shivers, although becomes very small, but still heavenly might is threatening, the multi-colored sunlight ten thousand zhang (3.33 m), unexpectedly can also condense leave huge golden Fireball, pounds once more to the tribulation place. That group of fellows not awfully, unexpectedly gathers together transcends tribulation, this matter for ten thousand years nobody dares to do, but they are really also intrepid, unexpectedly supports the present.” Watching the person in distant place said that two days, they are gazing at this stirring peerless great tribulation. Soon had finished, in any event, this group of people will be famous, although remains not many.” They in the distant place, who cannot see that is sunken in thousand zhang (3.33 m) deeply under are. Tribulation Force that Golden Burning Sun releases, pounded a width to reach the thousand li(500 km) actually super big deep hole, if these strength centralized on a body of person, perhaps was Immortal must acknowledge that the punishment is deserved.

Another wave of Tribulation Force passed, but all around space blockade still still , the sky also has glittering golden light, that golden hot sun at this time only then the bean is generally giant. Was at this time!” Shen Xiang is similar to a beam of light, shoots at upper air suddenly, speed very this, opens the mouth directly, revolution Engulfing Devil Art, that only then bean generally big golden color hot sun swallowing into abdomen. Sees this, ancient desolate audiences dumbstruck, grows up the mouth unable to speak, that final Tribulation Force unexpectedly by Shen Xiang swallowing, was quick they to think of anything, that bean big hot sun, should be that golden bright sun seed, that destroying the Heavens and exterminating the Earth golden hot sun was that seed breeds, at this time can say that did not have no strength, that was peerless fire seed, super treasure. brat of drop dead, dares to eat including heavenly might condense fire seed.” Jiang Tianlu scolded one. Dean, that is good thing, should be Fire Spirit that condense crystallizes.” An elder said that at this time feels blocks all around space power to abate, they were loose a big tone, they lived, but had 25 people. After Shen Xiang eats up that fire seed, only thought that the dantian burns burns incomparably, he revolution Fire God Art, must build up that day fire seed, integrates in his Universe Fire Spirit, must know peerless Fire Tribulation that this fire seed is 2000 people of initiation breeds, is Tianli breeds for this reason, the precious degree is unable to imagine, Shen Xiang suspected perhaps, can release Heavenly Fire through this seed. Shen Xiang comes with the life!” great tribulation crossed, Jiang Tianlu has suppressed a lot of fires, at this time murderous-looking, although he was exhausted, but must kill Shen Xiang to have more than enough to spare, let alone they have more than 20 individuals. Shen Xiang is very calm, when he just put out Heaven's Crown Gate, sees only in the sky suddenly to sprinkle next piece of golden light, covers in Jiang Tianlu on them. This is...... His paternal grandmother, their transcend, what's all this about?” Shen Xiang is astonished, looks that these ancient desolate expert soar.

Audiences expert of distant place just wants to pass, but sees this, is surprised is similar to the stone carving, this is daytime transcend, can transcend arrive at Heaven World in Human World, can transcend arrive at Heavenly Devil World in Devil World, this makes expert that these watch yearn to envy, although they lived long time, but first time sees this. Although why Shen Xiang did not ravel their transcend, but he thought that should be related with beforehand great tribulation, he waves to say with a smile to expert that these soared immediately: Do not thank me, you walk, wish your bon voyage.” Ha Ha...... Do not think so me, you want transcend Heavenly Devil World now, is the what kind glory, the what kind scenery, you crossed Ninth Tribulation successfully, you should be happy right...... Does not need to thank my, this is your merit, I wished your helping hand.” Jiang Tianlu they were also ignorant, inexplicable sneaks into the Shen Xiang's tribulation place, then collaborates to go all out to shoulder great tribulation, now inexplicable transcend, but the personal enemy has not actually died, moreover is laughing to them, moreover some of their Ancient Desolate Devil Sect many matters have not arranged, lost numerous expert. Although transcend is a good deed, but they are pregnant the anger to have sorrow at this time, has mixed feelings, especially sees Shen Xiang to wave to laugh toward them, in the mouth was saying when a big pile stimulates their bullshits, lets their short of breath, wishes one could a palm to pat the completely squashed putty Shen Xiang, but they by the strange strength inspiration sky, could not be moved at this time. Shen Xiang felt that the distant place has many expert, his not saying anything further, puts out Heaven's Crown Gate, opens Space Gate, transmits to the safe place, he succeeded Nirvana, the body started to carry on transformation, will be reborn, the whole person could the rebirth, he needed a peaceful place!