World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 795
Shen Xiang crossed Nirvana Tribulation, but has not started to carry on Zhenzhen Nirvana, but he has a subtle feeling at this time, as if can the clear induction the world. At this moment, he in mountain side, smelts the type of Tribulation Fire that devour comes, after while integrates the breakthrough , the strength of Nirvana obtains, quenchings fleshly body with these strength, fining Divine Sense, strong Divine Soul, this process needs very long a period of time. After crossing Nirvana Tribulation, entire Devil World vibrated, because the Ancient Desolate Devil Sect's foundation was greatly affected, expert almost transcend, but expert of younger generation unravelled in peerless great tribulation, entire Ancient Desolate Devil Sect, only then several elders of last years of life were supporting, but faced Mo Clan this formidable influence, collapsed at the first blow radically. In mountain side that Shen Xiang is, golden red cloud four dodge, azure Thunder Formation, is similar to the raging tide sea, strength that at this time he obtains is terrorist, what after all he crossed is peerless great tribulation. Massive True Qi emerge in his dantian crazily, but his dantian is also similar to a bottomless pit, regardless of many True Qi, can swallow under. Five beast image, even if at this moment gloomy likely is phantom, but is extremely broad, the palatial atmosphere, is lending the antique divine beast great changes aura, making people think that as if came from remote permanent, at this time inexhaustible True Qi, emerges in five beast image, lightens inside that is similar to vast sea of stars true element grains, even though Shen Xiang has lightened 1 million grains of true element grains now, but also is only the tip of the iceberg. Shen Xiang realized now that his practice is a bottomless pit, early stage will could fill up through pills, but if to late stage, that has been possible to be difficult, cultivates the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art person, does not know that late stage will have any variable, this is Huang Jintian had also worried that although the law of practice very alternative, but has very big malpractice. These will time obtain the strength of Nirvana how many grants?” The Shen Xiang heart said that the breakthrough, will obtain massive True Qi each time, opens these true element grains, the True Qi compression , the activation, later can save massive True Qi in . Moreover the speed of restoring can also be quick. The type of Tribulation Fire was built up by Shen Xiang, integrates in Universe Fire Spirit, his flame can have anything to change as for the present, he is also unknown now, because the type of this Tribulation Fire appears rarely, has, perhaps is also only he dares to take in within the body to smelt it.

Vast such as sea strength integrates in his body, fleshly body and Divine Soul washed out by this strength, are expanding, the Nirvana rebirth, is reborn. In the dantian, has massive true element grains to shine crazily, by the strength opening that these emerge, fills in pure True Qi. Shen Xiang builds up the strength of granting time, the body follows the phenomenon, at first is only Azure Dragon that nine azure Spirit Qi turn into winds around in his body, afterward is two Vermilion Bird Divine Bird that the raging fire turns into, circles in his top of the head, the chest is glittering is filling Slaughter Qi overwhelming power white tiger head, under the body presents three skin armor black tortoise, this illustrious is small Black Tortoise divine beast. When Nirvana, four elephants appear, opening price double Vermilion Bird, body tour nine Azure Dragon, but Shen Xiang does not know that this phenomenon appears, but when tracing revolves divine art sutra that he is studying, at this moment, many divine art sutra as if merge into one organic whole, revolution, moving clouds and flowing water, but his lip moves slightly, is meditating some sutra, forms abstrusely scripture that is difficult to understand. Many mysterious divine art, unexpectedly harmonious fusion together, does not conflict at this time, probably is a body, the Shen Xiang body had the huge change, unknowingly, integrates in the world, but these divine art sutra, is antique Big Shot founds through the sensibility world. But is similar to these many divine art, through the Shen Xiang's body, fuses with the world, these divine art are sensed the world to create, now and world is connected, naturally can merge into one organic whole. The marvelous sights of four AFT bodies vanished likely, but under the Shen Xiang body is sits Tai Chi Yin and Yang Diagram, Spirit Qi emerges in Tai Chi Diagram, turns into strange pure and holy divine light, enters in the Shen Xiang's body. What's all this about? Did Yin and Yang Divine Veins reveal the phenomenon finally?” The Su Meiyao sound said dignifiedly.

He now and world fuses, these divine art that he studies, taking the opportunity fuse, can perhaps form peerless divine art.” Long Xueyi exclaims: scripture that he read was too abstruse, I could not understand!” This phenomenon continued for one month, Shen Xiang woke up, but at this time his true element grains had thousands of grains to shine, each beast image 2 million grains, compared with before him left about nine times, at this time he thought that he had destroying the Heavens and exterminating the Earth strength to be common, drank with his one greatly, the mountain that he was at instantaneously by disintegration! Hello, exactly what happened? You merged into one organic whole to revolve these divine art, presented the phenomenon.” Long Xueyi asked curiously. What? How don't I know?” Shen Xiang stares, he truly does not know that these days he is earnest the practice, has not perceived the place of accident. What these divine art sutra did you fuse?” Long Xueyi pursues asks. The Su Meiyao sound is charming, is similar to the immortal sound is common, said with a smile tenderly: Xueyi, you make my little man wear the clothes to ask first again!” Shen Xiang in exercising martial arts, especially fused the type of that Tribulation Fire, the clothes already turned into ashes. Is impossible such quickly these divine art sutra fusions, these divine art sutra are some Big Shot founds after several years sensibility world Great Dao, his short one month, will be impossible the understanding then to merge into one organic whole insightfully, I looked that at least must wait for him to experience nine tribulations to be good.”

The Bai Youyou sound is faint, expression ice-cold, but can actually be able to hear her to be somewhat excited, because Shen Xiang steps into Nirvana Realm, she is very excited, moreover after Shen Xiang enters into Nirvana, strength that obtains, compared with many that she and Su Meiyao obtained in the past. Extreme Martial Sect, the disciple are not many at this time, majority went to outside One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain, guards there, other big sect are also so, they do not allow Demon and Devil to step into Human World earthliness one step. These days, Demon and Devil has rushed ahead dozens times, several millions, various were sent the disciple as well as loose cultivator by Human World completely greatly blocks in One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain outside plain, at this time that beautiful green source, has covered entirely various color blood, cruel monster Devil Qi soars to the heavens, does not have certain cultivation base person, will go frightening the corona to there by that hostility. Also there are other continent to fall to the enemy, was conquered by killing by Demon and Devil World Demon and Devil, horrible to look, life uttery misery, this is also the thorniest matter, because major continent are unable to defend oneself at this time, cannot branch out too many strength to help others. However, a good news to make many strength bad continent have a slim chance of survival, because in the new world, suddenly had some named Heavenspan Family since time immemorial families born!