World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 796
Shen Xiang in Extreme Dan King Courtyard, looks in a mirror, looks one that white and tender such as the skin of jade, after he has not thought of Nirvana, not only the skin becomes exquisite like the jade, but also was younger, as if 17 or 18 years old youngster. giggle...... my little man changed young, wants to be strip naked to trace really well.” Su Meiyao smiles charmingly tenderly, the sound makes the person bone weak, is bringing endless flattering intent, the words that ambiguous teases, let in the Shen Xiang heart. Although changed young, but his body was still big, under that snow white clothing, has a perfect capable body, he took a bath, Su Meiyao could not bear from Hidden Jade Ring, is in the bathing pool the affectionate couple to play with water with him, is touching his Nirvana from now on perfect body that was unable to put down. Shen Xiang has not thought that one day, his body will also make such a woman be infatuated with, although in he and Su Meiyao stark naked bathing pool kids around, hug, kiss, but actually cannot cross finally that taboo, because Su Meiyao the severe wound has not recovered at this time, he also can only be regarded as an experience it. Su Meiyao luster of the skin clear, flatters the rosy cloud four to shoot, smiles like the flower tenderly, although the whole body is passing one thickly cancels the person to seize the soul charming, but has does not let the travel fatigue the high noble aura nature, at this time Shen Xiang is hugging such a beautiful woman, makes in his heart have the enormous sense of achievement. ----- Heavenspan Family is fierce, but has sent out a squad, sweeps away continent above Demon and Devil, has only used for three days, cuts to kill surely Demon and Devil, with unsurpassed strength, drives out three continent actually!” Shen Xiang alone drinks wine in the restaurant, hears this news, the shock. So-called Heavenspan Family, it is said is since the world is born has existed, has strength of Heaven, cultivation technique that cultivates is powerful, the World Defying outstanding heroes, their bloodlines, are make each family member natural talent remarkable. Such aristocratic family, in the huge new world, unexpectedly has ten, they can open Mysterious Realm, can through unsurpassed large formation, previous day absorb Immortal Qi, each Heavenspan Family formidable incomparable, in their Mysterious Realm has many rare and precious spirit herb, the fierce alchemy master, Refining Master, Formation Grandmaster never lack, the overall strength is fearful. Now they come out, for cut down Demons, eliminate Devils, special help these strength insufficient continent repels Demon and Devil, but so, is the strength is limited, because the Demon and Devil quantity are many, continuously, they have ten Heavenspan Family, is unbearably busy.

„Is Heavenspan Family, so really fierce?” Shen Xiang muttered. Nearby one table of guys of said: Is very fierce, is I personally sees, they are only a dozens individual squad, can help continent defuse the crisis, but they have the condition, will help these continent obtain any advantage as for them, I was unknown.” Heavenspan Family is very ancient aristocratic family, but our Mortal Martial World does not have, Mysterious Realm that they establish is in other world, heard that these aristocratic families experience several three realms great war!” Shen Xiang has sucked in cold air, several three realms great war, that is several hundred thousand years, their unexpectedly can exist is so long, then said that long ago, humanity existed, because has three realms great war to exist, will therefore decline each hundred thousand year one time! Are born these Heavenspan Family to the present, moreover could see that they must plunder the huge resources, can have the matter that what clouds over?” A person said with amazement. Does not know that now the new world has been divided into five regions, the east , south , west , north and middle, each region two Heavenspan Family, but the region that our Mortal Martial World is south.” I that continent that goes to Heavenspan Family to be, there is spreading a news, said after the new world is born, will have disturbance each continent to flutter, then all continent collision together, constitute giant lands mutually.” I am middle come, I also heard, Demon and Devil World when the time comes can also fuse with Human World all continent, when the time comes forms is the true new world that becomes!” Day actually has not changed, actually changed, bumps into completely together, when the time comes possible looked, is the Extreme Martial Sect's Tianmen City security, the old lunatics guard.” Shen Xiang hears this saying, almost raises one's wine cup to spurt, he understands that now why Tianmen City must expand, moreover gathers many continent's people here, actually seeks asylum here, although Huang Jintian has not made an appearance, but the prestige has spread over the entire new world now.

Was the world must break through?” Long Xueyi whispered. „Does the world break through?” The Shen Xiang doubts asked. Long Xueyi um: Is we are same, the world is also practicing, perhaps now arrived at great accomplishment, perhaps the entire world will evolve, can enter into medium.” World can also practice, the Shen Xiang corners of the mouth twitch! Why can't the world practice? The flowers and plants sand is also a world, these precious ores, rare and precious spirit herb, is they cultivates great accomplishment to evolve, the world is also so!” Long Xueyi coldly snorted. Bai Youyou said: If is really so, the person who when the time comes can live, will profit, after the world changes stable, can perhaps hold Immortal.” But also has the fault.” Su Meiyao said: If eternal truth Xueyi said when the time comes must pass through void was difficult, the space changed has consolidated, was very difficult to open, Teleportation Formation will possibly expire.” In the Shen Xiang heart worries that his Heaven's Crown Gate is his depending on, if cannot use, then, he escapes troubled. „Can Heavenspan Family rule the new world? They repel Demon and Devil now, on the influences to these continent does not know that has pledged any condition, perhaps is makes these continent give loyalty to them!” A person guessed. The new world is born, is similar to can become side Great Emperor, is the what kind glory.

Lest these people the world is not chaotic, person of said with a smile: If were this possible looked, like Extreme Martial Sect this influence, if did not give loyalty, started with Heavenspan Family, the old lunatic was born, Ha Ha......” Shen Xiang wishes one could to pat his two palms, coming to here to seek asylum, but also said this words to come, after his Nirvana, became young, has issued a warrant for arrest his portrait with these very big difference, only then the acquaintance can recognize him. Old lunatic that apprentice is very fierce, pill military outstanding in both fields, once was Mortal Martial World first young expert, but did not have what news these days.” Has not depended upon his Master Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art to have today, these Heavenspan Family casual young people come out, a palm can pat him!” „It is not one studies divine art, a little playboy of alchemy talent? This fellow stresses one in Heavenspan Family in a big way, did not say Heavenspan Family, I can hold to pat him, feared that he is also only because his Master is fierce.” Middle-aged person said with a sneer, look at him to put on magnificently and expensively, the aura is steady, has the master style, in the people heart believes. Shen Xiang frowned, if were old undying said that must pat him, he has also recognized, but such a fellow of boasting, making in his heart not be feeling well.