World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 797
Shen Xiang is not feeling well, not any movement. Friend, the words cannot say such certainly, Shen Xiang in Chenwu Mainland is very strong, alchemy first, young first expert, many Big Shot with his relationship good, I thought that the Heavenspan Family juniors are also perhaps difficult and he fight.” A person refuted. Fart, the Heavenspan Family juniors practice, but ancient times cultivation technique, the strength is powerful, where can he compare favorably with?” Middle-aged person said with a sneer: If he before me, I can step him immediately, naturally, the premise is his Master not to my fight, these Big Shot and he is on good terms, mostly is because his Master is fierce.” Some people nod assent, they think that Shen Xiang is also mediocre, lets the person, they personally have not seen the Shen Xiang Divine Power person. Shen Xiang slightly took a deep breath, indifferently said: My Master to your fight, you will not step on me!” The sound is light, but is actually passing very plain great changes strength, his sound as if came from permanent, making the will of the people tremble, is only his light a few words, makes the entire restaurant peaceful. After his these words said that but also follows invisible fallout, people wine class inside water slightly is shivering. The people look following the source of sound, sees only white clothing youngster, the light dust is refined, as if looked through the bustling place, sits there elegantly, is tasting the good wine, is very difficult to imagine, person unexpectedly that spoke a moment ago is he. From his words, people listened, he is Shen Xiang! This is the Extreme Martial Sect's domain, Shen Xiang appears here is also natural. Blustered, do not think that this can deceive the person, although you said that but if injured you, I know that I could not get away, but this actually did not represent me to be weaker than you.” Middle-aged person disdainfully said, is not shy pays attention. Shen Xiang stands up, walks slowly, be with smile on the face: You are Heavenspan Family!”

Such remarks, that middle-aged person complexion brushes changes, his coldly snorted: Also is what kind of? Has what to stipulate that here doesn't allow the Heavenspan Family person to come in?” People one startled, now they know why this middle-aged person has been spouting rhetoric, actually he is the Heavenspan Family person, explained that he has certain energy. The people have not thought that Shen Xiang in Legend, unexpectedly is so young, seems like youngster, but the people can think that this is the reason that because cultivates, can feel rejuvenated, Extreme Martial Sect's Dean, looks like is also a 20-year-old man. Anything, I a moment ago had not heard saying that some people can hold to kill me, I want to open mind, but also please grant instruction!” Shen Xiang indifferently said, he also wants to have a look at Heavenspan Family to have any method, unexpectedly is so wild. That middle-aged man sneers: I kill you, I cannot go out of Extreme Martial Sect, was inferior that you to the city that our aristocratic family is, but I will not pat you, hits you at most remnantly, then throws you to enter Teleportation Formation, letting you to crawl is returning to Extreme Martial Sect!” Hissing people took a deep breath, this Heavenspan Family person was too crazy, unexpectedly dares to say. Shen Xiang laughs: Relax, I go to your domains, after will not fear your this absolutely Heavenspan Family, I will get rid boldly, hits remnantly you, then drags, hangs in the Extreme Martial Sect's entrance. Let the person have a look, this threatened that must pat my person is any appearance.” The people shake! Young people, left were too arrogant, the boast everybody will say!” The middle-aged person complexion changes, stands up. Shen Xiang sneers: You left were too crazy, played the crazy person dead before me now.” Walks!” This middle-aged person does not dare really here fight, but Shen Xiang actually dares to go to their Heavenspan Family domain, high under stands sentences, making the people admire to Shen Xiang.

In this luxurious restaurant person, is not an average person, knew that this news, in abundance followed, pushes in Teleportation Formation, transmits to Ancient Wave Continent, this is central continent of world, although does not have King Continent to be so big, but is prosperous, the city that Shen Xiang presents, has very long history. Feng Zhenyun, is your this does do?” City Lord of this city sees one group of people to walk, walked to ask. That threatened that can hold to pat the dead Shen Xiang's middle-aged person, named Feng Zhenyun, is the Heavenspan Family Feng Family juniors, Feng Zhenyun disdain looked at Shen Xiang one: „The Chenwu Mainland's talent does not believe a palm to pat him, therefore asked me to grant instruction!” Shen Xiang had supplemented, said with a smile: He is worried about my Master to his fight, therefore invites me to come to his domain and he compares notes.” After all around person hears, the shock, some unexpectedly people dare to challenge the Heavenspan Family juniors all, moreover goes to others' domain. „The Heavenspan Family person really vexed, puts the brave words greatly, actually does not dare in others' domain fight, but also makes others arrive at his domain.” „, This once posted a reward 10 billion Shen Xiang, really has the courage, unexpectedly also dares to come, then we can open mind, how have a look at the strength of this man of the hour!” Supports the Heavenspan Family person to think otherwise: Heavenspan Family background is very full, has many endures compared with Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art martial arts, each aristocratic family several Dan King assume personal command, the high level alchemy master is many.” Is, it is said the Heavenspan Family juniors have Life Returning Pill to carry along.” The people much discussion, this is Heavenspan Family is born after all for one month, first disputes with other sect's, right now caused the stir, old fellow of entire city came, arrives at unexpectedly of scene also to have the Heavenspan Family juniors.

This by the character who Dongfang family once 10 billion did post a reward? Moreover Extreme Martial Sect Qilin Thunder Hawk friend, his strength how?” Feng Zhenyun is my Heavenspan Family collateral branch, but strength actually compared with many influence so-called young expert.” Nearby Feng Family juniors said with a sneer, making the people surprised. Feng Zhenyun graces, can release a good aura, True Qi is pure, looks is graceful, unexpectedly is only the collateral branch. This makes the people look how many to that wears the Feng Family juniors of blue clothes, they are the true Feng Family juniors, then the strength is more terrorist? Feng Zhenyun shook, the acoustic shock entire city, the fist braves the blue rosy cloud, aura gush out from his fist, that strength is very vast, as if can destroy a great mountain. Feng Family Tempest Fist, although is not legitimate, but actually also very ruled by force.” That City Lord calls out in alarm said. The Feng Zhenyun body like the wind and cloud, the step is very strange, about flashes, suddenly, appeared in front of Shen Xiang, that pair of shadowboxing, is similar to the wind and cloud is ordinary, unpredictable, strange incomparable, hits toward the Shen Xiang bang, immediately is blustery, is truly fierce.