World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 798
Feng Family Tempest Fist is powerful, fights with the fists, the world color deterioration wind and cloud surges, the astral wind blade, the multi-colored sunlight explodes dodges, everywhere covers the place covers toward Shen Xiang. Who Shen Xiang is, has peerless divine art, breeds powerful Dragon Force, at this time Nirvana, was reborn, transcends the mortal world, is not already considered as that the mortal, from his transcends tribulation time, stepped heaven defying Great Dao. Dragon Force, who with fighting? A Shen Xiang palm, Dragon Force explodes shoots, like the sea, the space vibrates vastly, that Tempest Fist fist energy was broken immediately completely, but Shen Xiang's fist energy actually still sweeps away all obstacles, the white clouds like the dragon, with irresistible force, hit to the head of that Feng Zhenyun. Feng Zhenyun really a little strength, essential time, has emitted a bronze great shield, keeps off before the body, the fist energy of bang dragon hits above, arouses a dark green crisp bang, the residual sound curls, spreads to the four directions, is similar to the wave is ordinary, forms intense sound wave. In Shen Xiang heart micro startled, this bronze great shield is not every thing, moreover looks like very ancient, experienced the baptism of endless years to be ordinary likely, after suffering the Dragon Force attack of Shen Xiang that terror, unexpectedly Dragon Force completely melts, inhaled, swung the sound wave, the deafening sound world. In people heart imposing, because that sound wave makes them have a lingering fear, in ripple that if they surge in the sound wave, must turn into the dust, but a Shen Xiang matter does not have. Shen Xiang truly had been attacked by the sound wave, but his fleshly body is formidable, can compare favorably with Celestial Immortal, is only his fleshly body that boundless blood energy, that the sound wave melts with invisible. Good, is really fierce, unexpectedly used weapon to block my attack.” Shen Xiang said weapon intentionally very much heavily, the sound is full of the ridicule. Feng Zhenyun said with a sneer: This is also part of my strength, I can have this and other fierce ancient weapon, that is I obtains through my strength, why is unuseful?”

Compared with weapon? Perhaps nobody compares to result in Shen Xiang, Four Beast's Divine Weapons has three types on him, but he actually does not plan to use, because the opposite party is also not Nirvana Realm, in his eyes is similar to the ants, but also does not have the qualifications to compel him to use Divine Weapon. „The bronze shield of this fellow is very fierce, looks above spirit pattern, should be very remote, in Imperial Dragon Clan, only then these is old in ancient book that soon dissipates to have the record.” The Long Xueyi sound is dignified. In the Shen Xiang heart shocks, is old ancient book that soon dissipates, that old? This bronze shield also common every thing, if fierce thing, can rebound a moment ago your attack, does not know where this fellow from makes, Heavenspan Family is really and world in ancient aristocratic family?” Long Xueyi has doubts, is very curious. Feng Zhenyun grasps the bronze great shield, is stepping very crazy fierce step, on the face disdains completely: Dragon Force is also mediocre, Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art was really has wasted on you, might as well hand over to give us the Feng Family practice!” The bronze great shield sends out dark green Old Gu plain azure light, pounds to come toward Shen Xiang fiercely, pressure that releases, is similar to ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) mountain presses general, wants the Shen Xiang crush completely squashed sauce. You have not matched to practice Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art!” Shen Xiang sneered, wields conveniently, looks like catches up with the fly to be the same, great shield that pounds patting. Working as, sounds very comfortable, but is shocking, especially Feng Zhenyun, the whole face believe does not look at Shen Xiang, that shield struck a moment ago formidable, but conveniently was actually wielded by Shen Xiang gives solve. All around is peaceful immediately, this is the what kind strength!

kā chā, people vision centralized above that bronze great shield, saw only above unexpectedly to present a fissure, this looked like the indestructible bronze great shield, unexpectedly was caught up with the fly equally pulverizing by Shen Xiang. The Shen Xiang facial expression is tranquil, does not have mighty waves, such looked like looks like just flapped away a fly, he has swept child that Feng Zhenyun lightly, said: „Are you having the idea of Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art?” You...... Dares to ruin my valuable shield, I must make you pay with a life!” Feng Zhenyun roars, swoops toward Shen Xiang, he thinks that here is the Feng Family domain, side also has the Feng Family disciple to observe, Shen Xiang does not dare to strike a vicious blow. However he has thought mistakenly, Shen Xiang is fearless, Big Shot had been killed many by him, thing of any god child he does not pay attention, let alone is this fellow. overestimate one's capabilities!” Shen Xiang waves a racket, a golden light big hand appears, fierce letting this Feng Zhenyun pats in underground, incomparable terror murderous aura fills the air, floods sky over plaza, making the person whole body icy cold. But Feng Zhenyun was patted is split up, mounts together with the crushed stone of ground, melts the completely squashed putty. Died! unexpectedly such was patted, this Feng Zhenyun strength is not weak, that Tempest Fist had daunted a moment ago many people, but in front of Shen Xiang, but is ants, had been cranked up the dregs by a palm of Shen Xiang serene, thinks before , he also shouts to Shen Xiang pat, that is what kind laughable. Bold, you dare to kill my Feng Family person in our front, but also ruins our Feng Family treasure, today we must catch you, not only need detain you, but must let the Extreme Martial Sect compensation for economic losses.” Puts on the god steed man of blue clothes, sets upright the brow, on the face is sneering completely, the appearance of being insufferably arrogant, making the person loathe.

Another blue skirt female also coldly shouted to clear the way: Shen Xiang, heard that you have a fierce broadsword, will hand over, gives you a complete corpse, naturally, if you can hand over Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, we can circle you are not, suppresses hundred years you at most.” Shen Xiang was ignorant, he is first time sees some people so wild, unexpectedly dares such to clarify has coerced him, making him hand over divine art with the treasured sword, this Heavenspan Family juniors , the men and women were the same, the people seemed like must have a fierce battle to occur, immediately retreat came. Shen Xiang sneers: I do not kill him, he then kills me, moreover is he provokes in first, my treasured sword and martial arts are my open and aboveboard obtain, why can give you?” This not necessarily, I have seen the appearance of your treasured sword from the blueprint but actually, should be the ancient times then existed, at that time only then our Heavenspan Family was capable of refining, as for Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, was permanent ancient existence, at that time the Heavenspan Family ancestor had watched, said was our Feng Family was not overrated, now makes you hand over is also natural.” Female sharp tongue, gloomy and cold said that look at them to threaten, definitely will not give up. Was too shameless, Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art is my Imperial Dragon Clan, the old lady agrees to teach to you! Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade is my Imperial Dragon Clan Azure Dragon Great Emperor is also related, why saying that is their? Nonsense Feng Family, gives them the hundred thousand year, cannot carve including above spirit pattern.” Long Xueyi is angry, this is her Imperial Dragon Clan, but stiffly by this Feng Family was said now is their, where she can not be mad, if not Su Meiyao advises, perhaps she already came, hits the completely squashed dregs the family juniors who these are insufferably arrogant.