World Defying Dan God - Volume 8 - Chapter 799
Shen Xiang does not get angry is impossible, this Feng Family also really thinks that they can exceedingly high inadequate, casual several, talk into others thing are their. „, Your Heavenspan Family permanent then existed, then said that the people of new world have your Feng Family bloodline, the new world is you creates, the world is also your Feng Family ancestor breeds?” Shen Xiang laughs, looks fiercely positive: „This might of Sun is how powerful, definitely is also your Feng Family, how you do not pick, uses for you?” After the people hear, spoke to tease. We should also be Feng Family, then, we are the whole families, another day will go to Feng Family to eat greatly, recognizes the ancestor to return to the birth family.” Feng Family pills is good, does not know that they can give us.” Mostly not, if your boasting blew a moment ago compared with that two Feng Family juniors sounds, should be able to obtain 12 grains.” The Feng Family juniors are angry, Shen Xiang several words, made all around person hate them. You court death, hand over treasured sword and divine art.” That is long the seductive Feng Family female to shout to clear the way quite coldly. Shen Xiang, you have your Master to support so are formidable, otherwise you are only dogshit!” Shen Xiang sneers, rebuts with sarcasm: That fellow who I patted a moment ago, was dogshit inferior? Your Feng Family is formidable, has including the person who dogshit is inferior to unexpectedly?” You...... Kills......” the Feng Family female to be angry, their Heavenspan Family juniors, where arrive are many things around a center, no person so provokes they, even if they arrives at Devil Subduing School, is similar to Sovereign is supported by the people generally, now so one after another is provoked unexpectedly. This female clashes, has utilized Feng Family Tempest Void Step, movement technique is faintly recognizable, arrives at side Shen Xiang at a very quick and strange speed, making the people look at the atmosphere not to dare to leave, if by this movement technique near body, then has at death's door one.

Saw that jade palm must pat Shen Xiang, but Shen Xiang actually calm like mountain, stands is motionless there, the jade palm photographs on his cheeks, will immediately be held by Shen Xiang revolution Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art firmly, although that strength is very strong, but easily was actually melted by Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art. You......” the Feng Family female in great surprise, her the hand probably paste at this time on the Shen Xiang's cheeks, when she makes an effort, actually can only the creeping motion be the same, in bystander opinion, she is touching the Shen Xiang's handsome face likely. Shen Xiang blushes intentionally, said shyly: I know that I well, but you cannot such blatantly sexually harass me, your female hoodlum, your. The women, under the broad daylight, dare to sexually harass the respectable family young man.” The people have tarried, looks like also is really that whole body, after Shen Xiang Nirvana, not only becomes young, but also the skin becomes is similar to the fat jade is common, looks like is very handsome. At this moment, Shen Xiang big angrily said: Person who I have the family work, you dare to be so frivolous I, dies to me!” People one startled, sees only the Shen Xiang palm to brave powerful Dragon Force, the space to be swung an intermittent ripple, toward the cheeks fan of that female maliciously in the past. pā! A resounding, Shen Xiang does not show tender affection, has truncated a that female palm of the hand maliciously, pats completely her jade tooth, this seductive woman alchemy was patted inflamed, but she has not actually flown away, because her white hands also mount on the Shen Xiang's cheeks. pā! pā! pā! Shen Xiang both hands Qi Dong, the ruthless fan that female dozens palms of the hand, at the same time, that Feng Family man has been treading the step continuously, arrives at Shen Xiang to be stronger. Has put you, unexpectedly dares so to shame our Feng Family juniors!”

Male loudly shouted, emits the long sword, punctures maliciously toward Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang sneered, transports foot True Qi, urged Dragon Force that seethes with excitement, Shocking Heaven Palm makes, the bang on the body of that female, shakes bruised and lacerated that monster flexure beautiful female behind, the flesh and blood that blood Biao Fei, crushes friendly dirty splashes completely on the body of that Feng Family man. The people were thoroughly scared, that is the Feng Family legitimate juniors, unexpectedly is patted by a Shen Xiang palm, method savage, has deterred all people. The man got angry results in the whole body to tremble, punctures the past sword to be meaner, straight thrust Shen Xiang's eyes, but the Shen Xiang corners of the mouth raised, flood wiped to sneer, sees only his eye to delete a flame immediately, intense Universe Fire, projected from his eyes, turns into small Fire Dragon, the small Fire Dragon fire Qi ebullition, heat like the blade, opened the mouth, bit to sword tip, this submerged the mouth of Fire Dragon treasure sword immediately, was fired the ashes. „To rob my treasured sword and divine art person, who regardless of he is, so long as my Shen Xiang is also living, I make him die without the burial ground surely.” Shen Xiang that ice-cold sound, is similar to fills the murderous aura sharp sword, pricks the pit of the stomach of people, making the people fine hair raise up, in heart fear. Divine Blade one presently, Dragon Qi swallows day, azure light like the dragon, on the aggressive azure knife, plain Azure Dragon was lifelike, passes the ancient times aura, dragon power is deterring the audience. Dies to me!” Shen Xiang brandishes a sword to cut, cuts space, boundless Dragon Qi swallows the mountains and rivers, shakes the earth, this is only a Shen Xiang conveniently blade, so was terrorist. The knife has not moved that man, man by that trillion jin (0.5 kg) pressure grinding the completely squashed putty! Also has killed Feng Family juniors! So long as is the Chenwu Mainland's person, knew about Shen Xiang, therefore not big shock, if Shen Xiang does not massacre these so wild aristocratic family juniors, will then make them surprised. You......” have the Feng Family juniors in the, in their hearts startled anger, does not dare to get rid.

Your Feng Family must snatch my divine art and treasured sword, you also had the share to say a moment ago right!” The Shen Xiang voice falls, the person such as azure rainbow, arrives in front of that three Feng Family juniors instantaneously, the hand has the blade to fall, three people were restrained by force to grind instantaneously, is killed violently at the scene. „The Feng Family great person came, Shen Xiang died.” Blockade space!” The sound that is furious together conveys. That brushes! Shen Xiang was surrounded by four middle age, sees ground place blood putty, these Feng Family expert are angry, their Heavenspan Family is born, the new world major influences except for minority, all show good will to them, but unexpectedly is killed main house gate by others now. He is Shen Xiang, cannot make him depart, the treasured sword in his hand is fierce immortal tool!” A Feng Family middle age immediately in great surprise, yelled: Holds him, compelling him to say Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art!” Shen Xiang's treasured sword unexpectedly is immortal tool, so is no wonder fierce, many famous weapon the blade look like the bean curd to be ordinary in front in this. The person who all around surrounds, competent also has the greedy heart, this is immortal tool, the new world does not have many, even if the influence that on these Heaven World gets down, only then minority inferior immortal tool, but that can sweep away the new world. Shen Xiang has Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, many high level pill medicines, already stared by these Heavenspan Family, let alone at this time also knew that he has so fierce Immortal Blade.