World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 801
Other influences will perhaps have scruples Extreme Martial Sect, but Heavenspan Family not, because they are self-confident to their strength, moreover is ancient Heavenspan Family, at this time this matter has spread in the new world, if Feng Family does not solve, definitely will be scoffed, therefore they must take Shen Xiang surely. In Extreme Martial Mysterious Realm, Shen Xiang just and sloppy white hair old man is eating the barbecue. Young bastard, your peerless great tribulation was really too satisfying, I also wants to try for the master, Ha Ha......” Huang Jintian heard the Shen Xiang transcends tribulation process later, said while loudly laughing. Master, if that is not Fire Tribulation, I already died, you have the thoughts to smile here!” Shen Xiang said ill-humoredly. Hehe, if you are not the alchemy master, perhaps will not be Fire Tribulation.” Huang Jintian said with a smile. alchemy master transcends tribulation time, might will be stronger, but Shen Xiang in 2000 people of great tribulation, cannot feel his Nirvana Tribulation compared with others. Master, what background that is Heavenspan Family? His mother, unexpectedly said that Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art is their ancestors creates, moreover wants to rob my treasured sword, said that my treasured sword and their Heavenspan Family ancestor has the origin.” Shen Xiang said that this matter, on face still full is the anger. Puts his mother's fart, this crowd of dog mixed wools, in Mysterious Realm that if not for they hide has old fellow, in the past I had almost destroyed completely Heavenspan Family!” Huang Jintian is angry immediately, meat pounding in hand maliciously in ground: „Did this group of fellows appear? In the past my cross-boundary travelled for pleasure, had been chased down by the group bastard, they must rob my Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art!” Shen Xiang is stunned, these Heavenspan Family were really too shameless, so long as were fierce martial arts, said that was their. brat, I told you, if some people must rob your Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art interestingly, even if he were day Old Wang, first cut him said again.” Huang Jintian serious urged: Cannot make Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art fall in the hand of Heavenspan Family.” The Shen Xiang nod said: I knew!”

Heavenspan Family, the strength is not truly weak, reason that they are called Heavenspan Family , because the road of their direct access to the highest authorities is opens access, will be they will not meet Nirvana Tribulation, will break through Nirvana time, quite will practice to be the same in other Realm, I thought that this will be is related with cultivation technique that they will practice, or will be related with their bloodlines.” Huang Jintian looking pensive said. Shen Xiang in great surprise, will not meet Nirvana Tribulation, then said that these Heavenspan Family the roads of transcend are easy. But, because they do not have Nirvana Tribulation, has not undergone the test of disaster, the strength comes to be worse compared with the same rank, therefore they will plunder massive cultivation technique to make up, if in them some people can the awakening exceedingly high bloodlines, will then not have this malpractice.” Huang Jintian continues to say. Shen Xiang has not thought that Huang Jintian and Heavenspan Family had the contact, then, he also told Huang Jintian the matter that new world each continent can collide. Has the possibility very much, when this is the world evolution occurred inevitably, if when the time comes really turns so, I can exit, I also the day, currently Heavenspan Family take an action, rules the new world the great undertaking to pave the way for them.” Once the new world evolution is completed, turns into the stabler formidable world, Heavenspan Family inside old fellow can leave Mysterious Realm, their Heavenspan Family can be domineering and tyrannical.” Shen Xiang complexion took a deep breath, Heavenspan Family really has schemed dignifiedly! Their don't old fellow plan transcend?” The Shen Xiang doubts asked. transcend is not any good deed, if transcend, you here are not strongest existence, but if transcend to the Heaven World's words, you is also ants one, cultivation technique that if cultivates, had the sufficient resources, most people will hide in Mysterious Realm the first practice have, then transcend Heaven World.” Huang Jintian answered. Heavenspan Family is very overbearing, you killed their many people, has hit their faces maliciously, they will definitely not give up.”

Shen Xiang smiled: I do not fear them, these fellows have to plant come!” Huang Jintian and Shen Xiang to fighting several, have inspected the Shen Xiang's strength, makes Shen Xiang exit, prepares to deal with Heavenspan Family. Shen Xiang comes out, Gu Dongchen looks for Shen Xiang, he already heard this very important matter. Young Martial Uncle, these fellows must walk in quickly, how when the time comes has a look at me to teach them!” Gu Dongchen said with a sneer. This makes Shen Xiang surprised, hastily asked: Little Featherhead, I caused such big trouble, didn't you blame us?” What has to be good to blame? This Feng Family is rampant, unexpectedly wants to make our Chenwu Mainland submit to them, added that anything does not pledge allegiance to them, from now on was perished this road, who I must have a look but actually am extinguish who!” Gu Dongchen is also the full belly air/Qi, Hua Xiangyue must govern Danxiang Taoyuan, Wu Kaiming outside One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain, now only then their person in Extreme Martial Sect, but he actually did not fear that Feng Family walks. Bang! Extreme Martial Sect's large formation unexpectedly was attacked, Gu Dongchen is angry, turns into rainbow light, leaves Extreme Martial Mysterious Realm, arrives at the entrance. Shen Xiang knows that this is Feng Family gets certainly rid, hastily followed, Gu Dongchen came from that Ancient Spirit Earth mysterious Ancient Spirit Clan, the strength was immeasurably deep, annoys the wool he, the consequence was serious.

The Extreme Martial Sect's entrance, has four to wear white hair old man of blue robe, in him behind also with whom more than 20 young men and women, their unexpectedly is attacking Extreme Martial Sect on a little person, the person in this city secretly knits the brows, Extreme Martial Sect is not that weak. That Gu Dongchen brushes, arrived at Extreme Martial Sect that palatial front door entrance, is getting angry to Feng Family that group of people exclaims: That mixed fish causes trouble here, hurrying stands, I give him a complete corpse!” The Feng Family person is furious immediately, in their opinion, Extreme Martial Sect is only small sect, unexpectedly so is in their eyes dissolute. Snort, do not think that Immortal supports in the back, your unmatched in the world! You are Gu Dongchen is right, hurries to hand over Shen Xiang, then you kowtow to admit mistakes to us, dare to insult our Feng Family!” Elder said with a sneer. Shen Xiang also walked, hears these words, in his heart has ignited the anger. Gu Dongchen is one is also in a daze, first time some people make him kowtow to admit mistakes. Do not think that your Heavenspan Family was lawless, making me to you kowtow the admitting mistakes gate not have, your this crowd of Feng Family bastards, were you attacked our Extreme Martial Sect's a moment ago, if you did not hurry to apologize, I hung you in city gate!” Gu Dongchen shoulders both hands, the sound like thunder, rolling spreads over entire Tianmen City, making all people shocking, in abundance rushes to Extreme Martial Sect to watch the fun.