World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 802
It seems like you have refused to be convinced until one is faced with grim reality, said again one time, hands over Shen Xiang, compensates our Feng Family ten billion crystal stone, otherwise we extinguished Extreme Martial Sect today.” old man coldly said, the sound is also very loud, making the person in this city hear. Shen Xiang unemotionally, closely is staring at these young people, but at this time shy youngster suddenly appeared in Shen Xiang behind, wore a black clothed, this was that Qilin Thunder Hawk in Ancient Spirit Earth, he now was also Extreme Martial Sect's. The Extreme Martial Sect elder and young expert stand in the entrance completely, everyone is angry, so long as Gu Dongchen ordered, they immediately rushed the Feng Family person extinguish. Said again one time, to the Extreme Martial Sect fight person, kowtowed to admit mistakes a moment ago immediately, otherwise sews your corpses on the Extreme Martial Sect's front door, insolation for three days!” Gu Dongchen fist one tight, loud voice said. You tired of living inadequate, small sect's Dean, dares to spout rhetoric, you do not know that our Feng Family is Heavenspan Family? This is also good, now we deliver you to start off!” old man big angrily said. The Extreme Martial Sect's disciples were scared, this Feng Family person was also too crazy, even though is the Heavenspan Family person, should not be so wild! Gu Dongchen said with a sneer: I have not sufficed exactly, appearance that actually your old son of a bitch acting recklessly, allows me to come delivers you dead!” The words finish, the Gu Dongchen big hand wields, white light glow glittering, forms very huge True Qi giant palm, although that aura has not erupted, but lets in the person heart the fear, two feet become tender, that threatening imposing manner, is similar to Celestial Emperor arrives, might is dreadful. A Gu Dongchen palm pats, covers that four Feng Family elders, the earth trembles, sends out rumbled, the air wave tuck dive, such as the dragon sprints generally airborne, a terrifying palm, showed that Gu Dongchen exhausted strength to be ordinary, but what was most frightening, ground unexpectedly has not been damaged, obviously his control strength to the True Qi was terror how. That four elders have not thought that Gu Dongchen unexpectedly meets suddenly to get rid, moreover is so terrorist, by far is above their expectations, Gu Dongchen strength cross the people of Nirvana eight tribulations to be much fiercer than ordinary these.

„......” Four elders fire a pitiful yell, after they Gu Dongchen that huge True Qi big palm pats, the whole body bone is broken, the dantian by the True Qi invasion of Gu Dongchen that terror, the detonation, will be caused in the bodies of these four elders, wreaks havoc by True Qi that explodes crushes. „After you......” young people see, has a big shock. But at this time, Shen Xiang has gotten rid, leaps airborne, to the tread is a palm, he releases completely two million true element grains inside True Qi, melts the turn into dragon strength, condense becomes fills the lightning strength great mountain, then turns into a pair of great hand with True Qi, grasps great mountain that Lightning True Qi turns into, crazy is pounding the following these Feng Family young juniors. That great mountain True Qi vast True Qi turns into, and mountain equally is really heavy, moreover is bringing wild lightning strength, Shen Xiang is holding this mountain at this moment, like pounding tortoise, bang continuously hits tread these Feng Family juniors. The Feng Family juniors worthily are Heavenspan Family, magic treasure in hand is not weak, 20 people put to resist fierce magic treasure, at first also a little effect, but when Shen Xiang has pounded hundred crazily, starts shatter, even if crossed the Nirvana four tribulations, the people of five tribulations, cannot at this time calm facing Shen Xiang this terrifying attack, let alone these Tempering Realm little rascal. After magic treasure, these Feng Family juniors are similar to the ants are common, was pounded by the lightning great mountain is split up, mixes together with the crushed stone of ground, was struck by lightning completely burned black. The person who all around surrounds was shocked thoroughly, because they could see that Shen Xiang this madman compared was more formidable before, the fierce Feng Family juniors grasped high level magic treasure, but actually by Shen Xiang easy swept away lethal! One flock of mixed fish, dares to come Extreme Martial Sect to clamor, but also thinks really we are easy target can pinch casually? Hangs their these four old fellow corpses in city gate, insolation for three days, some people dare to take down, immediately informs me, I went to extinguish him, this was provokes our Extreme Martial Sect's fate!” Gu Dongchen wields the sleeve, turns around to turn back in the gate, does not kill people the cruentation, so might, making the person admire.

Although does not know that that Feng Family four elders are any strengths, but dares to come Extreme Martial Sect to clamor, definitely not weak that's it, but was actually patted four by a Gu Dongchen palm, obviously Extreme Martial Sect Dean strength strong! Naturally, the Shen Xiang's method shocks, turns into a terrifying lightning great mountain with vast True Qi, stiffly smashes the body and high level of magic treasure Feng Family young juniors! After seeing the Extreme Martial Sect's people draw back, people hastily runs city gate, looks how the Extreme Martial Sect elder is hangs the Feng Family elder in city gate. Then has troubled, Extreme Martial Sect annoyed the wool Feng Family thoroughly, others Dean has gotten rid, these old fellow were too no wonder rampant a moment ago, unexpectedly made Extreme Martial Sect Dean kowtow to admit mistakes to them, but also made Extreme Martial Sect Dean compensate their ten billion crystal stone, the brain was sick!” Is, how long also did not have a look at Extreme Martial Sect to inherit, can it be that at will can rub easy target that pinched?” Feng Family then must set out Big Shot, does not know that is Feng Family extinguishes Extreme Martial Sect, does Extreme Martial Sect extinguish Feng Family?” The news through communicating travels in each continent's person, is only the half-day time, the entire new world knew, what making all influence shock, unexpectedly is Gu Dongchen gets rid personally! Extreme Martial Sect can provide the simple practice editions of these Devil Subduing martial arts, therefore is famous in the new world, Gu Dongchen goes to many large-scale continent to teach, when three realms great war, can triumphant teach the practice attainment of Suppressing Devil martial arts generous, receives the respect of many people. Must know, even if Devil Subduing School does not have that Jane, but easy to understand practice way, therefore the Devil Subduing School's person also frequently goes to Extreme Martial Sect to consult, at this time Extreme Martial Sect and Devil Subduing School's relationship is good.

If Heavenspan Family must hit with Extreme Martial Sect, who loses who wins is also hard to judge. Because there is Shen Xiang to contribute massive Life Returning Pill herbs, in Extreme Martial Sect many elders can feel at ease transcends tribulation, majority of can succeed, the overall strength has been increased. Shen Xiang through Soul Creation Fluid, can cause massive Life Returning Pill fast, then gives Danxiang Taoyuan to refine, finally sold to other Chenwu Mainland's sect by the appropriate price, then, Chenwu Mainland's each big faction unites together. pills strength is really formidable, especially the high level pill medicine, Pill Association envies Chenwu Mainland at this time, unexpectedly has massive Life Returning Pill. But Pill Association, now also by Heavenspan Family controlling, pills price is much more expensive, was scolded the stream of abuse by martial artist of new world, but does not have the means that because only then Pill Association Pill City has most complete pills. Feng Family is unable to be calm at this time, sent Extreme Martial Sect's elder unexpectedly to be killed, the young disciple completely was also hit the completely squashed sauce, what most applied makeup, their elders fell by others in the city gate demonstration! In order to let Feng Family elder that several corpses can hang to suffice smoothly for three days, Gu Dongchen ordered to close all Teleportation Formation, opening protects city large formation. Those who surprise people are, Feng Family can calm down very much, unexpectedly has not sent, but they actually held a Heavenspan Family congress!