World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 804
After each continent merges, is divided into three wide ranges, Human Territory, Demon Territory and Devil Territory, will go to negotiate close to the influence of boundary, the compromise, cannot erupt great war as far as possible in a short time, otherwise does not have the advantage to anyone. Human Territory is biggest, the quantity of person is also most, but Human Territory now is divided as the east , south , west , north and middle five big regions, if not depend upon Teleportation Formation, must fly to the east from the south, expert takes 20-30 years, if must stretch across entire Human Territory, the time needed increases, let alone Human, Devil and Demon three wide ranges. Chenwu Mainland in south, but here two Heavenspan Family and two ancient Sacred Realm, they at the height of power, have controlled major part size sect and family now, in addition, some ancient sect and families, must slice, has carved up the south many resources. Short one month, general situation has decided that which formidable influence now does not have to lord over Human Territory, let alone entire Human Territory, a side region is not good, for example south, ancient big sect want to dominate, becomes south Great Emperor, but shortly, this ancient big sect by many formidable influences disintegrating. South Great Emperor is not good to do, only if there is very formidable strength, but that is not very realistic, is even because of the strength of present each big influence, can keep in balance mutually, if upsets the balance, will be collaborated to destroy completely by other influences. Shen Xiang in King Continent's transmits in plaza, looks at these Teleportation Formation, in the heart shakes the head sighs, here has also been filled with the person, because Teleportation Formation expired completely, is hard to surmount the space. Like the hearsay , the space becomes firmer, ordinary Teleportation Formation is hard to open the void door, now only then these big sect and ancient families have the means that the antiquity transmitted. Because in the ancient times time, the space was also very firm. Many people were stranded here, the person who these in all directions travel, came from other source region, the central person are most, because there is the world center, is most prosperous, is liveliest, the strength is also strongest. My Heaven's Crown Gate has also discarded, is Mortal World? Including thing that Sacred Dan World can use, now unexpectedly cannot!” Sitting that Shen Xiang is not feeling well very in ground, lowers the head to sigh. Is also unusable in Heaven World, otherwise that Wu Canghong will not leave you, although Sacred Dan World is the higher world, but there is very special, you can regard as there are special ultra-large Mysterious Realm, situated in Heaven World and Human World, but has rich Immortal Qi.” Long Xueyi said.

Heaven's Crown Gate can only become the collection now, but later goes to use to Sacred Dan World. His mother, can I return to Extreme Martial Sect to want now to fly?” Shen Xiang thinks that big long journey, has the unusual headache. Other people are also so, fortunately, they in the King Continent liveliest city, if not defecate in these birds, appeals to heaven should not call not the spirit place, that is also wants to cry but have no tears. Looks for Dongfang Xinyue and Liu Meng'er, they grasp to have ancient formation, perhaps causes a random shuttle magic treasure to come.” Long Xueyi said. The Shen Xiang forced smile said: That must go to be good to Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire, does not know how long must fly.” Several hair white Hua Hua old man suddenly drops from the clouds, must know that in King City is prohibited, they can fly at will, explained that their status are not low. Formation Grandmaster came, was hopeful!” A person shouts excitedly. Good, I had planned also to buy several shoes, runs, now does not need.” How many shoes suffice? Although your place also in south, but actually in most north. Goes from here to that place, said also hundred pairs......” The people want to smile, but actually cannot smile, this is in the south, if must surmount a side big region, that distance also is really scary.

Babies, while young, takes a road, although we are Formation Grandmaster, but must arrange ancient transmission large formation, at least takes a half year.” old man with not a well-known stone, is inspecting the space firm degree. Another old man said: In the half year the time, sufficed some people, even if Teleportation Formation large formation established, the price was also very expensive, the energy that because opening needed was very big, you first gained crystal stones.” Do not wait, walks, disciplines oneself.” In these young people hearts is extremely not feeling well, these old fellow speak irresponsibly and sarcastically, if there is a strength that , the strength is faint, meets some fierce points Shapeshift Demon Beast, that died. If not astray some Danger Zone carefully, side Big Shot must plant in inside. At this time, transmitted in plaza some people to shout shouts to clear the way: Has the Chenwu Mainland's friend, unites strength to be big, goes to Chenwu Mainland also to calculate from here very near, at most is about one year!” Shen Xiang almost spits blood, about one year also called to be very near. After all big small world fuse, is every large or small continent merge, forms a stretch of giant land, the quality half-and-half, at least likes travelling the person who regarding these, this is the good matter. But martial artist of some floors also think is the good deeds, because Spirit Qi becomes very rich, to their these resources deficient, can reduce cultivates the refined into book. Has Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land?” Roughly 20-year-old grey clothes man shouted, all people were peaceful.

Isn't Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land, big forbidden land that south that suddenly presents? This is Mysterious Realm, because of the world big change, suddenly jumped, because inside has huge ancient savage beast, therefore acquires fame, in addition, inside also some mysterious, but danger(ous) secret. Even if these Heavenspan Family and ten Great Saint Realm expert, takes a walk outside region. I go!” Shen Xiang should say immediately that then walked toward that person. You insane inadequate? There just died a Heavenspan Family elder.” old man hastily shouted shouted. You fear death, we did not fear!” That grey clothes man low coldly snorted, continues to call: Goes to Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land, does not fear death......” Well-dressed male disdainfully said: Two overestimate one's capabilities non- brain idiots, but also thinks that you are greatly Luo deities?” The grey clothes man is angry immediately. Although he puts on somewhat simple, but True Qi is not weak, can feel that in his nearby person that exuberant aura, as if a rush of blood to the head cow is common. „Did that bastard say? You are scolding us, hurries get lost. His grandmother, you do not have skill to go, does not represent others not to have.” The grey clothes man gets angry shouted. All around peace, had not replied that the grey clothes man continues saying: Dog dares to bark in the front of person randomly, but you actually put the cloudy mouth behind others, was inferior including the dog!”