World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 805
Shen Xiang pinches the fist, Jing Jing (quietly) is looking at the people, he changed the appearance now, some people will not recognize him. The grey clothes man was long very handsome, but his messy appearance, the whole face beard, the hair is also randomly chaotic, but actually nobody dares to look down on him, his terrifying True Qi, in invisible is erupting the wild aura, making the person not dare to approach. Really is balls little rascal, only dares to say the person behind others, actually does not dare to stand, I, this fellow skill does not have, mouth as long as buttocks on, fart do not speak at a venture.” That grey clothes man curls the lip to say. That magnificently dressed man could not calm down finally, arrives around that grey clothes man: I do not want to lower oneself to the same level with your this careless person, but you insulted me again and again, hurried to I apologize!” You who? Day Old Wang is, greatly Luo deity? You except for to talk nonsense resoundingly, other skill?” The grey clothes man saw this fellow to jump, in the heart secretly rejoiced, he already looked that this person is not pleasing to the eyes, so long as there is an opportunity, he will be relentless lesson maliciously. Snort, you know that who I am? I called Feng Yaoming, was the Feng Family Son of Heaven Feng Yaoguang younger brother, my father is Feng Family Patriarch, my grandfather was......” Your grandfather is I!” A that grey clothes man palm of the hand has clapped, gets rid like the electricity, the fan a Feng Yaoming palm of the hand, is only a palm, Feng Yaoming that handsome face is maliciously green. Hears person who has Feng Family here, the people have a big shock immediately . Moreover the Feng Family Patriarch son, the Feng Family Son of Heaven younger brother, must know that ten big aristocratic families and ten Great Saint Realm Son of Heaven Daughter of Heaven are the natural talent remarkable generations, young, the strength endures compared with the elders, is powerful. But now a Son of Heaven younger brother is actually given to pull out by others! You...... Who you are, dares......” Shen Xiang said with a smile: He did not say a moment ago, he is your grandfather.” The people do not dare to smile now, offend Feng Family that not to have the good fruit to eat. But Shen Xiang actually did not fear that he is this new world first dares to provoke the Feng Family person.

little rascal, remembers Sir's name, words that my named Duan Sanchang, refuses to accept, later you can have the person to go to place of Heavenly Seal Duan Family to look for me.” Duan Sanchang said with a sneer. Duan Family...... your Duan Family unexpectedly broke through the seal of day!” Feng Yaoming in great surprise, no longer said anything, obviously his place Duan Family to this Heavenly Seal has scruples. The people look at each other in blank diamay, can let Duan Family that the Feng Family person is afraid, is truly extraordinary! Feng Yaoming looks to Shen Xiang, the item of dew ruthless color, puts out a long sword, he thinks that Shen Xiang is easy target, points at Shen Xiang saying: You insulted my grandfather a moment ago, I must butcher you today!” Duan Sanchang frowned: Insulted your grandfather's person probably is I! What matter closes his?” Duan Family person, this is I and his matter, you little mix!” Feng Yaoming does not dare to move this Duan Sanchang, because he knows the Duan Sanchang strength compared with him, but he lost such big face here, must retrieve dignifiedly, therefore Shen Xiang has become his goal. Shen Xiang shakes the head to Duan Sanchang smiles: Brother Duan, I can solve, he also had to scold me a moment ago, I have not taught him!” Duan Sanchang shrugs, he knows that dares to go to the Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land people are not the ordinary fellow. Kneels down to admit mistakes, otherwise I pierce your throat!” Feng Yaoming sees Duan Sanchang not to meddle, energy was fuller. This Feng Yaoming strength is not truly weak, unexpectedly already Nirvana, but was flown a moment ago actually by a Duan Sanchang palm of the hand racket, obviously that Duan Sanchang strength is not simple. Was you scolded a moment ago probably first our? Why to want me to apologize to you?” Shen Xiang indifferently said: This apology should be you, I will not make you kneel, you accompanied are not that's alright.” Delusion, don't you kneel? I hit make you kneel down!”

Feng Yaoming is annoyed, his solemn Son of Heaven younger brother, the Feng Family Patriarch son, the strength is not weak in Feng Family, now comes out informed and experienced, but spoke thoughtlessly several words, had been slapped. But he fears that Duan Sanchang very much very much, therefore can only look for Shen Xiang to vent anger. The people draw back in abundance, vacates a bulk place, but Feng Yaoming had overrun toward Shen Xiang, the sword refers to the Shen Xiang's throat, his movement technique is quick, is very strange, about the person's shadow back and forth flashes, Shen Xiang beforehand and that Feng Zhenyun fight time has met. But Feng Yaoming must be fiercer. Is Feng Family Tempest Fluctuating Step, sword technique is gust of wind is high grade cultivation technique, this you, you must be careful.” Duan Sanchang hastily urged one. Although Feng Family movement technique is good, but Shen Xiang is not a vegetarian, his eye is terrorist, had been quenchinged by the flame in earth core, had been practiced by his formidable Divine Sense, many things, will slow down in his eyes. A sword punctures, punctures from Shen Xiang, the thorn to Shen Xiang's neck, Sword Qi is threatening, makes a sound from out of the blue, as if can pierce the space to be ordinary. Looks appallingly, in that instant instantaneous, the people think that the Shen Xiang's nape of the neck must be pierced ironclad, but actually also in that instance, Shen Xiang slightly raises head, has avoided sword tip, at the same time, a palm whips on sword blade of that long sword. What is shocking, then after long sword by racket, is not breaks to pieces, but turns into the powder! But Shen Xiang that palm condense very intense flame, has poured into that sword completely. Feng Yaoming stares, he knows that he kicked the sheet iron, his the sword was not ordinary ordinary tool, was treasure tool, but actually made into the powder by a Shen Xiang palm! Has given you opportunity, you do not understand rarely and preciously!” Shen Xiang drinks coldly, palm flashes before to shake golden light, melts a huge golden palm, covers fiercely toward Feng Yaoming.

The Feng Yaoming body dodges, golden light treasure armor appears, wraps his body, but he by Shen Xiang's giant palm pressing. A ground vibration, leaves behind huge being in charge, that Feng Yaoming falls under being in charge, the corners of the mouth overflow a blood, if he does not have that fierce treasure armor to protect the body, he now perhaps is the meat sauce. You......” Feng Yaoming have not thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly wants to kill him, but he also wants to puncture the Shen Xiang's throat a moment ago. Dies to me!” The Shen Xiang void palm, the Shocking Heaven Palm palm strength turns into, condense in the past, the bang hit on the body of Feng Yaoming, aroused an intense shake, shook Feng Yaoming to spit blood. This terrifying strength, the condense together converging attack on a body of person, thinks to think the terror, the people think that this is Shen Xiang exhausts fully the stimulation of movement strikes, but a Shen Xiang actually palm meets a palm to make now, shakes entire plaza continuously to shiver. Feng Yaoming is unable to run away at this time, because Shen Xiang's palm strength continuous wells up, every time shakes his whole body severe pain, if no treasure armor to protect, he does not know that many returned. Is Shocking Heaven Palm...... probably only then Shen Xiang can such use!” Some person Chenwu Mainland's think looks familiar, hurriedly said. The people look at the Shen Xiang's face now, must move his skin likely, looks at carefully such. In the Feng Yaoming heart, the Shen Xiang's method he is very with amazement clear, before his Feng Family had many people dead in Shen Xiang's, Shen Xiang and Feng Family have had the big enmity, did not fear that kills his one again.