World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 806
unexpectedly was looked through, Shen Xiang did not conceal, has revealed the real facial features, continued to hit Feng Yaoming treasure armor with the Shocking Heaven Palm bang. Saw is Shen Xiang, in plaza sends out one to call out in alarm , the people can see the Feng Yaoming fate now! kā chā, Feng Yaoming treasure armor suddenly split open, this has made Feng Yaoming fearful and apprehensive. Do not kill me...... Otherwise Feng Family will not let off your!” Feng Yaoming yelled, at the same time, golden treasure armor suddenly disruption, Shen Xiang makes two to bring intense flame Shocking Heaven Palm continuously, makes into the ashes Feng Yaoming, scatters along with the palm wind. The people see this, fierce draws back, but this Feng Yaoming Feng Family Patriarch son, moreover his grandfather also is very probably fierce, Shen Xiang unexpectedly such butchered others, does not remain the corpse, this has angered Feng Family thoroughly. Snort, everybody saw a moment ago, is he must kill first my, if not my a little strength, the person who dying is I.” Shen Xiang indifferently said. Duan Sanchang also stares, he dares to teach Feng Yaoming at most, but Shen Xiang actually pats others vanishes in puff of smoke! Brother Shen, we walk now!” Duan Sanchang brings Shen Xiang, hastily to run swiftly toward the city gate, if here has Feng Family old fellow, Shen Xiang troubled. Duan Sanchang brought Shen Xiang to enter a forest, then exchanged another appearance, dares to take the main road. Brother Shen, you do not need to worry that Feng Family chases down, now did not have the Teleportation Formation method, the news will pass on very slowly.” Duan Sanchang said with a smile: That Feng Yaoming missed compared with his elder brother far, but contrasted many big sect's juniors is actually very strong, has not thought by Shen Xiang killing!”

Shen Xiang shakes the head saying: Feng Family has wanted to rob my treasured sword and Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, I do not fear them.” These Heavenspan Family are this morality moral character, our Duan Family was disappointed in the past, had been hit several times by them, this group of bastards.” On the Duan Sanchang face emerges anger. Brother Duan, what is the place of Heavenly Seal?” Shen Xiang asked curiously. Duan Sanchang sighed: By the place that old Heavenly Seal lives, this is not fortunately, but every other a period of time was sealed the previous time, but completely has solved now, later we will not be being been sealing up.” Your is Duan Family also born now? That Feng Yaoming fears your Duan Family, you should fiercely be very right.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Actually...... Actually our Duan Family digs grave, said that the coarse point is robs a grave, but we dig Heavenspan Family specially, therefore they feared that we also hate me, if they offend our Duan Family, we will be reckless to dig completely their ancestral tomb!” The Duan Sanchang words make Shen Xiang stunned. Hehe, was now good, our Duan Family goal is not only Heavenspan Family, the graves of some Demon and Devil World influences, my this coming out, wants to go to Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land to have a look, my father said that there possibly has a respected family, if digs out some good graves, can perhaps obtain the ancient inheritance.” In the Shen Xiang heart is exclaiming in surprise secretly, now he understands why this Duan Family will be sealed frequently, actually digs others' grave frequently. Duan Sanchang sees the Shen Xiang that despising look, hurriedly said: Do not think so me, we rob a grave also virtuous, absolutely not others Old Ancestor rounds, but makes the good thing that they are buried along with the dead get the sunlight.”

Shen Xiang curls the lip saying: It seems like your Duan Family is very easy to be chased down!” This is natural, in the ancient time, our Duan Family is the mouse crosses street everybody to shout hits, but also so, makes many old fellow lead into cultivation technique and practice of attainment coffin is delivered from oppression, perhaps without our Duan Family, this world does not have today's prosperity.” Duan Sanchang boast shamelessly said. „Does Brother Duan, how long go to Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land to want from here?” Shen Xiang asked. Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land in south, if we full speed hurry along, general idea ** month.” Duan Sanchang cannot help but sighed: If early such several days left to be good.” Several days ago, Teleportation Formation can use. Brother Duan, should you understand these Heavenspan Family very much? Can say with me?” Shen Xiang is very curious to these Heavenspan Family, because they have that type to be ancient spirit pattern that Long Xueyi does not understand. Heavenspan Family, fiercest was their most ancient times inheritance, it is said at that time many races, but Human Race was least weakest one, but a period of time in the past, Human Race poured forth on expert, prosperous prosperous, other forcing alien races, occupied the big lands, caring for that it is said that they obtained ascending the sky, heaven defying, but good time will not meet Nirvana Tribulation.” How afterward did not know, Heavenspan Family vanished on suddenly, hid into Mysterious Realm completely, moreover their also secret method, can seek for other Mysterious Realm, then integrated in these Mysterious Realm their big Mysterious Realm, therefore they have very rich resources, the strength was also very formidable!” Duan Sanchang said slowly. Naturally, our Duan Family also inherited was very long, we also had back and forth shuttle strength in Mysterious Realm, before to clarify to be antique, what happened, therefore we did this line...... Braves life danger(ous) to visit these old fellow tomb.”

Brother Shen, you leave think so me, you must know that robs a grave is very danger(ous), all previous dynasties came our Duan Family dead the outstanding talented person, moreover regularly sealing up, longest one time by the seal 30,000 years, naturally, still could not be prevented we to revive the antique prosperous great undertaking determination.” Shen Xiang has taken this Duan Family, was lived also to jump by old Heavenly Seal to dig the grave unexpectedly in all directions, truly a little skill, will otherwise not make Heavenspan Family keep thinking on. Duan Family continues to talk about the Heavenspan Family matter: Said Feng Family, in their Mysterious Realm is hiding several old undying, was crossed nine tribulations to be able transcend that but they, even if transcend Heaven World, could not obtain to break through, sooner or later will pass away in Heaven World, therefore they remained, flamboyant roared supported to these Heavenspan Family.” Daughter of Heaven and Son of Heaven, they will enter Heaven World's sooner or later, because they have the so-called exceedingly high potential, can young on transcend Heaven World, moreover after going to Heaven World, will take over training by above Heavenspan Family, the scenery will be infinite, they are Heavenspan Family supreme treasure.” After Shen Xiang they left King City more than double-hour, the King City sky presented a space to fluctuate, unexpectedly had several old man to pass through void, arrived at King City, came from their clothes, knows that they were Feng Family. Shortly after a Feng Family Patriarch son dies, these old fellow induced, after the people saw, in abundance shunted, in order to avoid these old fellow got angry, ruined the entire city.