World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 807
Feng Family sends for Extreme Martial Sect causing trouble, these person of cannot come back, was cut to kill completely. But Feng Family has not processed immediately, has probably any important matter to do, but Shen Xiang has cut their Patriarch son now, Feng Family did not select any movement again, definitely will be scoffed by the common people. In King City, after these Feng Family old man arrive, had issued at the scene posts a reward, cuts Shen Xiang's persons head, can obtain five grains of Life Returning Pill, grasps Shen Xiang to obtain ten grains exactly, provides the effective clue to obtain two grains. This posts a reward very attractively, because Life Returning Pill is Earth Level High-Grade Dan, in the market condition brings the auction, the price is high, but ten grains of Life Returning Pill, expensive, the foot made many old fellow get rid reckless. ----- Shen Xiang as the pills wealthy and powerful family, has not known now one were used pills to post a reward by others, but knows that he did not fear, he also looks forward to be many some people to look for him, such one, he can with these person of great war. I said that three often, your Duan Family digs the grave ability to be so fierce, doesn't have what fierce method to surmount the space?” Shen Xiang follows in Duan Sanchang, walked more than for three days, this Duan Sanchang is at a moderate pace, moreover passed by some places, always likes crawling to the summit has a look, he is also seeking the grave in hurrying along period unexpectedly. Shen Xiang somewhat was worried about and this fellow mixes for a long time by old Heavenly Seal. To be honest, I am the first time leave Duan Family to come out informed and experienced, although I have dug others' grave, but was the scale was too small, this King Continent was also a very ancient place, I want to take a look to find the large-scale grave here.” Duan Sanchang said with a smile. Shen Xiang goes to Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land mainly to seek for some spirit herb, Earth Level middle-grade spirit herb is also very rare, even if goes to Pill City to seek, can find not necessarily. Could add on Space Elemental Bead to attempt with Heaven's Crown Gate, but will affect Heaven's Crown Gate and Space Elemental Bead life, perhaps will have more than enough many times, Heaven's Crown Gate will shatter.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang hastily puts out Heaven's Crown Gate and Space Elemental Bead, said: Does not manage, if continues with this fellow, definitely will dig many graves, has not known when must be able to go to Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land.” Heaven's Crown Gate needs to absorb the massive energies the transformation is space power, opens Space Gate, but Space Elemental Bead inside space power is pure and vast, coordinating space magic treasure to use is more convenient. Shen Xiang stimulates to movement Heaven's Crown Gate, making Heaven's Crown Gate absorb massive Space Elemental Bead strength, Shen Xiang has controlled the Heaven's Crown Gate crazy absorption, then adjusted the position, the choice is away from Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land recent continent.

Sees Space Gate to form slowly, is startled Duan Sanchang to grow up the mouth. I said Brother Shen, your this magic treasure too heaven defying, but could not withstand many times evidently!” Duan Sanchang hastily walked, seeing the Heaven's Crown Gate disc in Shen Xiang hand to shiver, obviously is the energy of because pouring into were too many. Duan Sanchang is the juniors of tomb raider aristocratic family, is the person of being able to judge the quality of goods, sees Shen Xiang's Space Elemental Bead with Heaven's Crown Gate, immediately two shine, probably had discovered tomb of ruler is the same. Goes in quickly, Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land inside grave should be more, do not waste the time in this place.” Shen Xiang said. Duan Sanchang laughed, has stepped into Space Gate with Shen Xiang together. Bang After Space Gate, Shen Xiang and Duan Sanchang have fallen into a big stretch of swampy ground. terrible, each continent merged together, then these Coordinate moved, these troubled.” Shen Xiang taps the head, called out. We have truly troubled, here has to make my restless thing, Brother Shen you look at the ground...... This should be the trace that very poisonous snake leaves a very much, not only......” the face of Duan Sanchang was green immediately, a face fears. Shen Xiang curls the lip saying: Isn't the snake? What has to be good to fear?” You do not understand, these snakes are very terrifying, in the edge of flood dragon, fleshly body is fearful, and has acute poison.” Duan Sanchang looks at all around vigilantly, he can feel the aura that these great snakes keep, judges the strengths of these snakes. Hidden Jade Ring inside Long Xueyi suddenly said: This is a poisonous snake nest, according to the aura, at least has ten Purple Gold Poisonous Python!”

Purple Gold Poisonous Python! Shen Xiang hears these four characters, cannot help but hit one to tremble, did not have acute poison, moreover fleshly body was fearful, it is said this poisonous python was easiest to evolve the flood dragon, a birth had the sharp tooth, grown Purple Gold Poisonous Python, can bite expert of Nirvana eight tribulations easily. Is Purple Gold Poisonous Python!” A Duan Sanchang face is pale, fierce swallows the saliva, the whole body is trembling, is pointing on a stone: You looked that is the split hides that sheds, purple gold color actually was brighter, soon melted the flood dragon!” Shen Xiang hastily puts out Heaven's Crown Gate, but actually discovered that Heaven's Crown Gate unexpectedly did not absorb Space Elemental Bead strength, obviously used to have the problem a moment ago forcefully. That has not walked quickly!” Shen Xiang hastily runs swiftly, making Duan Sanchang also follow close on after that. I said Brother Shen, transmission that you set was also too good, unexpectedly was Purple Gold Poisonous Python lair.” Duan Sanchang runs while said that he and Shen Xiang together three days, they were very congenial, the fellow who because Duan Sanchang is also that type year to year chased down, he digs others Old Ancestor grave after all specially. After more than half double-hour, they arrived in a forest, pants, Purple Gold Poisonous Python has not appeared, they were out of danger. In this time, all around suddenly presented one crowd of wear to diagram the person of wave white robe, majority were the young men, several middle age, what lead was two old man. „Who you are, dares to spread to our White Sea Sacred Realm domain, hands over to make us inspect your storage equipment, if you have to take away here all things, must return our White Sea Sacred Realm, moreover catches you.” A old man face darken, to this Shen Xiang their yelled. White Sea Sacred Realm and Peach Blossom Sacred Realm, are south two Great Saint Realm, but here is unexpectedly their domains? „Is here in White Sea Mysterious Realm?” Duan Sanchang looked at all around, does not think like. Naturally is not, depended on your mixed fish possibly to enter in White Sea Sacred Realm? Here is away from a Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land recent region, is our White Sea Sacred Realm, few idle talk, hurry to hand over storage equipment.” That old man angrily said. Shen Xiang and in the Duan Sanchang heart somewhat is angry, why your has White Sea Sacred Realm wrested away here? Comes here also to storage equipment give you?

However that old man of two lead, the strength is not weak, looks at that aura, at least crossed five tribulation six tribulations, these middle-aged people also just crossed Nirvana Tribulation, as for these young people, majority was Peak Realm this, altogether had dozens. Shen Xiang and Duan Sanchang regarded one mutually, the corners of the mouth went up slightly. old son of a bitch, Old Turtle, the White Sea Sacred Realm fellow should be called the White Sea silly tortoise.” Duan Sanchang cursed gets up immediately. They not like turtle, but the face is very long, looks like two horses actually, is not right, looks like two donkeys!” Shen Xiang laughs. White Sea Sacred Realm two old man immediately one startled, afterward flies into a rage, the anger soars to the heavens, some unexpectedly people dare to be in front of such to scold them, this is they have not come across the matter. These young people have a big shock, these two old man keep aloof, now unexpectedly is so shamed by others! Holds them, I must peel them exactly.” old man roars. But Shen Xiang and Duan Sanchang start running away at once, direction that Purple Gold Poisonous Python lair that they run swiftly.