World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 808
Shen Xiang and Duan Sanchang must direct the Purple Gold Poisonous Python nest these White Sea Sacred Realm people completely, they are confident to their speed, they year to year flee the far-away place fellow, if the sole wipes the time of oil not to be good, was already grasped. Two young bastards, you have the classification to run!” old man shouted, he has not thought that these fellow unexpectedly of two cursing at people run such quickly. Old Turtle, you have the classification to pursue, your speeds, in our eyes are slower than the turtle!” Shen Xiang ridiculed. I must abandon you!” old man angrily said, the complexion is ugly. Quick, that two White Sea Sacred Realm old man does not think right, hastily stopped. Do not pursue, other fall into a trap!” That old man complexion changes, said: Front is Purple Gold Poisonous Python lair, by the words of Purple Gold Poisonous Python discovery, was troubled!” Right, Purple Gold Poisonous Python is known as lightning Poisonous Dragon, the speed is quick, these two small mixed wool unexpectedly want to kill us!” Another old man is angrier, but is actually the whole body cold sweat, if stared by troop Purple Gold Poisonous Python...... Shen Xiang and in the Duan Sanchang heart is quite disappointed, because their scheme unexpectedly were seen through, that two old fellow they cannot hit, but they are confident to their speed, therefore entered the snake nest not to fear. What to do?” The section three stopped. Chang Zi, you go to socialize with them, do not let you be far away from here, I go to direct Purple Gold Poisonous Python.” Shen Xiang lightly smiled. What? Approached snake nest that's alright, do not go, poisonous Qi that Purple Gold Poisonous Python spurted was not jokes.” Duan Sanchang does not approve of the Shen Xiang's procedure. I am the alchemy master, does not fear the toxin.” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile. Before Duan Sanchang is very long, had heard the Shen Xiang's fact, suddenly thinks of the Shen Xiang another heaven defying status now, has smiled.

Good, you carefully.” Duan Sanchang constrains the White Sea Sacred Realm fellow, leading them to talk circuitously here. But Shen Xiang actually enters Purple Gold Poisonous Python lair, put out grain of Lesser Transformation Pill to attract Purple Gold Poisonous Python. Soon, Long Xueyi is startled to shout: Were too many, ten, each strip has the water jar to be equally thick, takes Lesser Transformation Pill to run!” Shen Xiang runs swiftly immediately, several that after he just ran swiftly instantaneous, purple gold color poisonous mist floated, presented 12, the body full was the purple gold color scale, the water jar is thick, the eye was also the purple gold color, was very scary. 12 Purple Gold Poisonous Python are similar to the lightning hovers generally, follows close on Shen Xiang behind, although these Purple Gold Poisonous Python cannot overtake him, but lets his heart with amazement, the whole body is scared, especially he sees Purple Gold Poisonous Python that purple gold color sharp poison fang. He cannot help but sped up, spreading out 1st Stage with Purple Gold Poisonous Python quickly. Chang Zi, came!” After Shen Xiang sees Duan Sanchang, hastily gives Duan Sanchang sound transmission. Duan Sanchang also thinks at this time very exciting. Shen Xiang mind suddenly dodges, hurriedly said: White Sea Sacred Realm brothers Senior, I think that among us has certain misunderstanding, we truly obtained something in this region, we picked several grains of Lesser Transformation Pill, the words that you needed, put out!” Shen Xiang ejects Lesser Transformation Pill, that two old man immediately one startled, that truly is quality very good Lesser Transformation Pill, their White Sea Sacred Realm is also rearing in a pen some Profound Beast, this Lesser Transformation Pill for them is very useful, especially the quality is so good. That two old man hastily have picked, but Shen Xiang actually draws Duan Sanchang to dash about wildly, at the same time, ten purple gold color light glow dodge, is Purple Gold Poisonous Python.

Sees this, that two White Sea Sacred Realm old man crack cursed, they think immediately Purple Gold Poisonous Python comes to Lesser Transformation Pill, moreover Shen Xiang intentionally attracts Purple Gold Poisonous Python. little bastard, killed us! Everybody hurried to run......” does not need that old man saying that these young people and middle age ran swiftly, this old man did not hate to discard these Lesser Transformation Pill at this time , can only fly to run away. Those who make Shen Xiang depressed is, that 12 Purple Gold Poisonous Python unexpectedly are pursuing him. Has troubled, your aura had been remembered by them, moreover you have gone to his lair, it seems like Lesser Transformation Pill that move invalid!” Duan Sanchang said. Shen Xiang hurriedly said: Chang Zi, tails these old fellow!” Then, immediately changes the direction, runs in the direction of White Sea Sacred Realm that group of people. That two old man secretly were happy Shen Xiang steals a chicken inadequate counter- eclipse rice, but sees Shen Xiang and Duan Sanchang suddenly pursues, the air/Qi they want to scold the father. Senior, I illuminated have done, brought in these fellows who you said that can you drop out us to run? You are insincere!” Shen Xiang yelled, he naturally was to these Purple Gold Poisonous Python said that these Purple Gold Poisonous Python opened the spirit wisdom, naturally knows that what is this. Do not talk nonsense......” old man hastily shouted. Saw the following these Purple Gold Poisonous Python speeds to be quicker, Shen Xiang knows that his words were effective, but at this time Shen Xiang and Duan Sanchang also ran in front of them. Damn, how these fellows of two day killing also run are quicker than the rabbit!” old man scolded, but in these speed slow young people hearts was complaining of hardship, is dashing about wildly with the strength doom that nursed, poisonous Qi that but several were actually sprayed by Purple Gold Poisonous Python melting. If to not save strength escapes, that two old man already front that two in the fellow of titter killed to the bang. „Isn't this your White Sea Sacred Realm domain? These Purple Gold Poisonous Python are also you raise, you entertain well, we do not accompany.” Duan Sanchang said with a smile.

Although the Purple Gold Poisonous Python speed is quick, but Shen Xiang and Duan Sanchang can actually get rid, their this people, have not selected the escape the skill, does not dare, although courts disaster. In an instant, only remaining these Nirvana Realm is still escaping, other died. But Shen Xiang and Duan Sanchang already ran by far, although Space Gate presented the deviation, but just right, Shen Xiang planned that is away from the Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land recent city, has not thought that now actually arrived at outside Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land. „This White Sea Sacred Realm overall strength also cannot be underestimated, in their White Sea Mysterious Realm has big white sea, has rich Spirit Qi.” Duan Sanchang said. White Sea Sacred Realm with Peach Blossom Sacred Realm is the same, has good Mysterious Realm, then inherits for many years later, has established sect in inside, background is abundant. Front suddenly broadcasts the sound that one fights intermittently, that aura, making the will of the people tremble, unexpectedly is Nirvana Realm expert is fighting. White Sea Sacred Realm White Sea True Qi, vastly like sea, pure like water! This is the White Sea Sacred Realm juniors is fighting.” Duan Sanchang knits the brows saying: Another person...... This probably is Qin Family burning immortal True Qi, cultivates great accomplishment, True Qi without interest, can actually produce very terrifying flame, Immortal bumps into this True Qi, must be burnt down!” Is White Sea Sacred Realm and Qin Family person is fighting.” Duan Sanchang definitely said that then walked: We have a look, evidently these two fellows are the masters.” Shen Xiang nodded, with Duan Sanchang together stand forth. Front, the white light explodes dodges, an intermittent crazy fierce air/Qi surge comes, is similar to the ocean waves impact is ordinary, is also smuggling boiling hot heat, before Duan Sanchang said is the same, all at once breath vast like sea, another actually such as wild raging fire.