World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 809
Shen Xiang and Duan Sanchang see front unexpectedly are two handsome young men are fighting, even though is intense great war, but still the elegant bearing, the movement is very natural, but they incur the move actually very awfully, even if some old fellow, does not dare to greet. Is White Sea Sacred Realm and Qin Family Son of Heaven is comparing notes!” The Duan Sanchang complexion is dignified, these two Son of Heaven unexpectedly are so formidable, this makes him feel that the heart is startled. Shen Xiang is extremely also shocking, he knows Son of Heaven that these ancient influence choose is very young, but the strength so is terrorist, was crossed Nirvana Realm of four tribulations or five tribulations evidently, in the same rank was also very strong existence, even if were their same cultivation base elders, may also be killed by their easily second. „Is this Son of Heaven strength?” Shen Xiang is serious, in the look full is surprised. White Sea Son of Heaven both hands as if were being wrapped by two silver-white full moons generally, sends out silver-white light glow, the aura tuck dive, True Qi vast like the sea. Qin Family Son of Heaven was the double fist such as the date, the roaring flame spout, the multi-colored sunlight four shot, with White Sea Son of Heaven to the fist, was frequenting each other, although each move was very overbearing very awfully, but obviously was conservative, could see that they were comparing notes. Azure Ocean Rushing Dragon!” White Sea Son of Heaven drinks greatly, sees only behind him suddenly to reappear fully is the multi-colored sunlight sea, turbulent fluctuating, the storm is intermittent, several dragons in White Sea crazily waves in, arouses white lightnings, the thunderclap is billowing, the scene shocks. This is White Sea Son of Heaven adds on fierce martial arts to display with vast True Qi, is similar to really general, his both arms show, White Sea Rushing Dragon attempted toward the Qin Family Son of Heaven impact in the past, above several Water Dragon, appeared wilder, sent out all day dragon roar intermittently, with dark green thunder reverberation airborne. All around trees completely by this aura shaking powder, is looks in not far away Shen Xiang and Duan Sanchang fearful and apprehensive, if they, must receive this move not to be easy, these Son of Heaven were really too powerful. Qin Family Son of Heaven looks solemn, sees only his both hands to lift up high, drinks one stuffily, the double palm spout intermittent fiery red Qi mist, huge fierce positive suddenly appears, with that exactly the same that in the sky overhangs, is not only too small a point. Can with the fire suppression water?” Duan Sanchang has exclaimed in surprise one.

Qin Family Son of Heaven controls that fire Qi that his condense is coming out steaming fierce crashes positive, shells on that Azure Ocean Rushing Dragon chart. Two peerless martial arts showdowns, True Qi is very vigorous . Moreover the fight between water and fire, both sides rewiring together, as if the hot sun crashes into the sea to be the same, ascends intermittent Qi mist, that wild Qi mist is very intense, is assailing the earth, rushed eight sides, the passing over gently and swiftly place, was raised thick soil. great war had not finished, still intense is carrying on, both sides have very abundant True Qi, looks at their appearances, certainly must get a period of time. White Sea Sacred Realm and Qin Family Son of Heaven hits very with single-hearted devotion, Shen Xiang and Duan Sanchang also look very earnestly, but at this time Long Xueyi suddenly reminded him, several people are walking toward them. „Who are you?” What speech is a middle-aged guy. We passed by, then has a look while convenient.” Duan Sanchang hastily replied with a smile. In that middle-aged guy behind also several young people as well as old man, evidently are the strength good White Sea Sacred Realm disciples. They are change appearance...... This full beard is youngster, evidently very likely is Shen Xiang that Feng Family issues a warrant for arrest.” Male eyes glittering white light, was saying. Shen Xiang one startled, he has not thought that will meet to have this ability person, unexpectedly can see through his Transformation Technique! Fellow Spirit Eyes, this is inborn!” Long Xueyi said: Therefore he can see through your Transformation Technique!”

Hears Shen Xiang these two characters, then stopped in intense great war White Sea Son of Heaven and Qin Family Son of Heaven immediately. Grasps Shen Xiang, making him hand over Immortal Blade and Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art.” White Sea Sacred Realm Son of Heaven indifferently said, then continues with the Qin Family Son of Heaven fight. Hears these words, Shen Xiang runs away, that middle-aged guys and these old fellow strengths are very strong, comes him visibly does not hit, moreover that two Son of Heaven are very very terrorist. Chang Zi, you walk your, does not need to be worried my, later you can come Extreme Martial Sect to look for me, said goodbye!” After Shen Xiang to Duan Sanchang sound transmission, started running away at once. Brother Shen, your I feel like old friends at the first meeting, later meets again! So long as I have the opportunity, I will certainly move Feng Family all graves.” Duan Sanchang also wants certainly with Shen Xiang, but he and Shen Xiang are not that wordy person. Pursues, must take Shen Xiang, regardless of any method, must make him hand over Immortal Blade and Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art!” White Sea Son of Heaven in fierce combat shouted one. In the Shen Xiang heart clenches teeth secretly, from White Sea Son of Heaven these words, made him hate White Sea Sacred Realm, in his heart pledged, later must this White Sea Son of Heaven destroying completely. Always a day I must entire White Sea Sacred Realm raising, his paternal grandmother!” In the Shen Xiang heart makes a determined effort, Feng Family kept thinking about his Divine Blade, after all a little enmity. But this White Sea Sacred Realm unexpectedly hears his name, under such order, this lets in his heart angry incomparable. Shen Xiang, you cannot run away, here is our White Sea Sacred Realm person, your obediently hands over Divine Blade and Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, we circle your undying!” old man shouted.

Father and you do not have the enmity without the injustice, I have not offended you, why do you want to rob my treasured sword and divine art?” Shen Xiang picks up the speed, asked. Snort, that Immortal Blade will waste in your hands only, gives us White Sea Son of Heaven use, only then he matches, you do not match!” That old man indifferently said, said righteously, probably is this is a natural matter. How to say again that Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade is Shen Xiang obtains, moreover automatic owner recognition, behind he also has added on the a dragon soul, but these ancient influences actually think that he does not match to have, wants to rob actually! He has not thought that these so have status ancient influence, robs the thing time unexpectedly face red heart not to jump, making him very angry. I do not use for parts, I to your this group of bastards, I will not tell you, starting today, I and your White Sea Sacred Realm irreconcilable, I will make your White Sea Son of Heaven blood dye the treasured sword, proved that I do match!” Shen Xiang angrily said. Wishful thinking, depends on your words, you exactly today!” Person unexpectedly that old man said with a sneer, observed a moment ago all pursued. The speed that Shen Xiang's runs is quick, lets the White Sea Sacred Realm person unusual headache, but they think that Shen Xiang stimulated to movement True Qi to run fully, how long cannot support. Who look is exactly today!” Shen Xiang coldly snorted and said, he has despised White Sea Sacred Realm at this time, moreover he did not fear person who behind pursues.