World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 810
Is far away from two Son of Heaven great war places, Shen Xiang enters a stretch of open land, above not so fast but so slow neither is running, does not cast off these to chase down his person intentionally. White Sea Sacred Realm these many masters will appear in this region, moreover in this also many White Sea Sacred Realm people, could see obviously this place is important regarding White Sea Sacred Realm. Shen Xiang suddenly stops, pursues in his person, separately is a middle-aged guy, five white hair old man, ten young people, the strength is good, they see to stop, one of Shen Xiang pants brushing flies fiercely, Shen Xiang surrounding in the middle. On the hot, bleak flat land is covering heat, this place desolated habitation, nobody can rescue Shen Xiang, the White Sea Sacred Realm people have thought that Shen Xiang was unable to escape even with wings. Didn't have the strength? You very have the ability actually, can run was so long, offends the Feng Family character worthily.” old man said with a sneer. Middle-aged guy who that leads: Just obtained the news, Feng Family is posting a reward you, so long as grasps exactly can obtain ten grains of Life Returning Pill, it seems like our luck is good, Ha Ha.” Shen Xiang frowns, Feng Family unexpectedly started to post a reward him, moreover used Life Returning Pill, in his heart one cold, such being the case, he also planned that posted a reward these Son of Heaven with Life Returning Pill. He stimulates to movement in the dantian is compressing massive Devil Decaying Death Qi secretly, flutters from his body, colorless is tasteless, person who quick on escape all around, covers these to surround his. At this time, on his face reappears wipes the happy expression. What do you smile? Died to being imminent!” Guy disdainfully said: obediently hands over Immortal Blade and divine art.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Who dies to being imminent has not known? Immortal Blade you give up any idea to obtain, but I can actually make you see, moreover can make you die under my treasured sword.”

Spoke these words in Shen Xiang, that ten young people suddenly yelled that saw only their body suddenly to be rotten, quick turned into one pile of purple black rotten meat, only then two youth responded that sat cross-legged to sit down, revolution True Qi controlled poisonous Qi to spread. Quick, middle-aged guys and five old man have also discovered that their complexion becomes pale, hastily transports the merit to resist poisonous Qi to spread in within the body, otherwise spreads to the certain extent, they poisonously will send dead. old man sees on the Shen Xiang face to pile up with the haughty smiling face, immediately is angry, a palm hits toward Shen Xiang, he revolves True Qi at the same time, speeds up the toxin to spread, moreover nourishes Devil Decaying Death Qi, after Devil Decaying Death Qi absorbs True Qi, becomes stronger, is only instantaneous, that must attack Shen Xiang's old man to turn into beach purple black liquid! Other people see, the complexion becomes incomparably ugly, they guessed correctly this immediately are any are poisonous! Shen Xiang, this is Primordial Strange Poison, Devil Decaying Death Qi, you know that you will use this poisonous consequence to be what kind of?” That is the middle-aged guy face of head is panic-stricken, he is very surprised, Shen Xiang unexpectedly can use this type of toxin at will. I know certainly, but I believe that you will keep secret for me!” Shen Xiang is lifting up high that Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, under shining of sunlight, glittering ice-cold azure glow. White Sea Sacred Realm person ashen-faced, they are unable to move now, moreover after they see the Shen Xiang treasured sword, discovered that this is fiercer than Legend in the blade, above these innumerable tiny spirit pattern, make them shock. Shen Xiang according to the head of that middle age, wants to search his memory, but actually when he revolves Grasping Soul Devil Curse, this middle-aged suddenly has then fainted, turned into the purple black rotten meat at that time. In Sea of Consciousness of these fellows has the mark, avoids searching for the soul by others!” Bai Youyou said. Snort, convenient you!” Shen Xiang coldly snorted, brandishes a sword to cut to old man, chops the head of that old man: You did not say a moment ago I did die to being imminent?”

Saying, his another blade hacks to death another old man, the plan asked from other old fellow mouths anything comes, but their anything agree did not say, afterward 2-3 the heads of all old fellow reducing. Finally he pressed for an answer in that two mouth of young people, reason that they must wrest away this big place, was because here has a big piece of Fire Phoenix Purple Gold ore, the words that Shen Xiang did not remember incorrectly, this Fire Phoenix Purple Gold refined the formation plate good material, now he understands why here will have that many Purple Gold Poisonous Python. Finally that two youth were also chopped the head by Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang installs these, because these heads had not been given to stain by Devil Decaying Death Qi, therefore not rotten, he must hang these heads in the most conspicuous place, making others know that annoys his Shen Xiang's consequence to be what kind of! Cleans up the scene, does not leave the Devil Decaying Death Qi trace, moreover gives to destroy completely the remaining soul completely, prevents to call back from the dead by White Sea Sacred Realm, if he had the Devil Decaying Death Qi matter to pass on, even if were Extreme Martial Sect is not good to preserve him. Fire Phoenix Purple Gold is the high grade ore, inside has the unusual energy, not having high level storage equipment unable to install, this nearby should have Fire Phoenix Purple Gold warehouse, I look first, you go to nearby city to hang first these.” Long Xueyi said: Must make them know that robs Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art and Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade will have any fate!” Green Peak City, because the nearby has a troop Qingfeng to acquire fame, Shen Xiang when the day is quick, sews the heads of White Sea Sacred Realm these elders on the city wall completely, moreover seals up with formation, does not have the person of strength with. This is robs my treasured sword and Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art fate!” Shen Xiang has still left behind these characters on the city wall, then turns into a bird, enters in that forest. Because in Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land has many buried treasures reasons, therefore nearby city gathered completely the person, this matter quick has spread, Shen Xiang has not thought the person who he killed very much had the status in White Sea Sacred Realm.

That middle-aged man unexpectedly is the Son of Heaven uncle, that several old man are the elders, has very high status in White Sea Sacred Realm, now their persons head unexpectedly was sewn by others on the city wall! After seeing that line of characters, everyone has thought of Shen Xiang immediately, because Shen Xiang has Immortal Blade and Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, many big influences are staring at him, wants to rob it! On the city wall, the people stop to watch, discuss spiritedly. These people are expert in White Sea Sacred Realm, crossed the Nirvana four tribulations, that White Sea Son of Heaven uncle crossed five tribulations, unexpectedly actually ended up to turn out such a fate, evidently they by a person blade on beheading skull of!” Yes, this can some strong strengths a blade cut off their heads? These are expert, is not the average person, Chetta's head like cutting the radish, was too astonishing!” This also gets what one deserves, snatches others' Immortal Blade and divine art, you died are convenient.” Duan Sanchang sees these heads, is extremely shocking, he has not thought that Shen Xiang hides such deeply, unexpectedly has the skill to chop the heads of these fellows.