World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 811
Shen Xiang has Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art and Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade this different supreme treasure, definitely will chase down by these Heavenspan Family and Sacred Realm, in the big self-seeking attitude that these two things in these will inherit ancient will be unsurpassed supreme treasure, they will take these two things resourcefully. After Feng Family, was White Sea Sacred Realm and on the Shen Xiang bar, at this time nearby Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land many people were seeking for the Shen Xiang's trail, captured alive ten grains of Life Returning Pill, the persons head five grains, made many people go all out on the foot. Shen Xiang has not hidden in the city, instead enters that mountain scene forest that White Sea Sacred Realm wrests away once more, he must poach this inside Fire Phoenix Purple Gold ore completely, White Sea Sacred Realm Son of Heaven personally ordered to catch him, he thinks that was very angry, although has killed several White Sea Sacred Realm important personages, but he has not actually vented spleen. Fire Phoenix Purple Gold is for them important, because can be used for formation plate that manufactures the convenience to carry, moreover is rare, this Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land is not really simple, unexpectedly has such a big piece of ore, no wonder will have these many reality elders to guard in this inside.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang puts out Emperor Crystal, where this can investigate to have many Fire Phoenix Purple Gold, after Divine Sense pours into inside, he quickly induces to the deep place has scattered Fire Phoenix Purple Gold, biggest has a grinding pan to be so big, slightly also has the fist to be the same. He in mountain forest careful has forgiven, this inside contains the Fire Phoenix Purple Gold probably about 20,000 jin (0.5 kg), regarding such a big place is few, but regarding many Formation Grandmaster, this is very many, because 500 jin (0.5 kg) Fire Phoenix Purple Gold sufficed to make very big formation plate, small formation plate words, 100 jin (0.5 kg) enough. Fire Phoenix Purple Gold is one soft material, the heating will become very soft, will not be suitable to be used to build weapon, but will be suitable to be used to make by cutting a mark. In addition, Fire Phoenix Purple Gold can also increase changes is small, carries conveniently, this is also this material precious place. 20,000 jin (0.5 kg) have not dug, in their warehouse has 10,000 jin (0.5 kg) this probably.” How Shen Xiang calculates to make that warehouse inside Fire Phoenix Purple Gold. These have not undergone processing Fire Phoenix Purple Gold, is very difficult to load in storage equipment, because this material is very mysterious, can increase the reduction, ordinary storage equipment cannot put. However Hidden Jade Ring, this Hidden Jade Ring also wants fierce sacred tool compared with immortal tool! Underground gives me, above you solve.” Long Xueyi laughed, then from Hidden Jade Ring quietly runs, changes to together white cloud, entered the ground. The Long Xueyi's strength has been mystical, moreover she also has unusual storage equipment, Shen Xiang knows that in her storage equipment is loaded with delicious.

Shen Xiang investigated around with Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, had not discovered that fierce person, but guarding warehouse strongest is two elders of Nirvana five tribulations. White Sea Sacred Realm, I must make you know that what consequence offends my Shen Xiang to have, I and you have not ended!” Shen Xiang light glow dodged, turned into White Sea Son of Heaven appearance, walked slowly in this cool forest, is walked by warehouse that formation protected toward that. This warehouse builds with stone brick, on wall many powerful formations, even if the Nirvana eight tribulations must sneak into must abandon on a time. Shen Xiang knows that White Sea Son of Heaven has very high status in White Sea Sacred Realm, otherwise cannot direct some elders, now he turns into White Sea Son of Heaven appearance, these elders see him to walk from afar, walks to go forward on hastily. Must hurry to shift Fire Phoenix Purple Gold, you come!” Shen Xiang reveals a very serious appearance intentionally, called all around person, is good to facilitate him to release Devil Decaying Death Qi one time to kill them. Here person knows matter that Shen Xiang kills the White Sea Sacred Realm important personage, now White Sea Son of Heaven must shift Fire Phoenix Purple Gold is also very normal matter. Because of that Shen Xiang's reason, Son of Heaven you do not need to be worried that Immortal Blade and divine art of this fellow sooner or later are your, although does not know that he has used any clever trick, but under the absolute strength, he must die!” An elder said. Is, then Immortal Blade, but high grade immortal tool, will spoil in his hands only, sooner or later can be our White Sea Sacred Realm!” Another year of elder hurriedly said, they are also patting the Son of Heaven flatter. In the Shen Xiang heart is sneering, what complexion will wait for him to have a look at these two old fellow to have! After all around person encircles came, Shen Xiang Devil Decaying Death Qi releases, Devil Decaying Death Qi is quietly enters in the bodies of these people...... „......”

Pitiful yell suddenly transmit, dozens people of suddenly fall to the ground to struggle, but quick is stiff on the whole body, the body turns into the purple black, only then that two strength very strong elders, can the rapid reaction, stand firm the toxin to spread. Son of Heaven...... we were poisoned, this...... This is Devil Decaying Death Qi, in Son of Heaven your hand has Heaven Level Detoxification Dan, takes to us quickly.” An elder sees the death shapes of all around these people, ashen-faced, is sweating profusely, a face is panic-stricken. Who is using Devil Decaying Death Qi, this is the thing of not being tolerated by heaven or earth, Son of Heaven, a bit faster helps us detoxify, that fellow hides in all around.” Another elder almost ** shouted, because they can feel these Devil Decaying Death Qi terrors, if they have slightly carelessly, might look like ground these people ordinary! Shen Xiang has smiled saying with a smile: That person of poisoning in horizon close at hand......” During the speeches, he changed his appearance, he said with a smile: Hehe, was laborious you to mine such long Fire Phoenix Purple Gold, I will use well, will not waste your good intention, many thanks!” You...... You are Shen Xiang...... the bastard......” old man are angry immediately, but azure-red cloud flashes through together, the head of this old man had been chopped. Hehe, don't you like patting that Son of Heaven flatter very much? I sooner or later will deliver to accompany him your, Ha Ha...... I deliver you to start off, relax, I to you a happiness, will not have any pain!” Shen Xiang said while loudly laughing. White Sea Sacred Realm will not let off your......” that old man to be mad shamelessly was blue, what are more is the fear. Shen Xiang wields Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, cuts the head of this bright old man, then breaks that warehouse formation, takes inside over ten thousand jin (0.5 kg) Fire Phoenix Purple Gold completely. These Fire Phoenix Purple Gold heat like flame, but is the purple gold colors, after Shen Xiang receiving Hidden Jade Ring, Long Xueyi also ran over. Long Xueyi wears one set of blue skirt, at this time she is a slim and graceful pretty female, the beautiful jade face brings to smile sweetly, appears somewhat adorable moving, but her pair of nimble and resourceful eyeball is spinning, probably is having any bad idea.

Shen Xiang also thinks she must for a long time the association president be very big, has not thought that all of a sudden became from the appearance of that kid such big, especially chest. If not the familiar Long Xueyi's person, thinks certainly that she is a adorable mischievous female, but Shen Xiang actually knows that this dragon brat is very bad, went bad to the bone. Got so far as?” Shen Xiang asked. Um, sees my this appearance is very surprised?” Long Xueyi smiles, but also has thrown character and style ten thousand coquettish looks toward Shen Xiang, then the peak the chest, rippled mighty waves...... „It is not surprised, do not try to entice me, I do not have the interest to your this small bad dragon.” Shen Xiang is holding the chest, a face does not have the interest appearance. I do not believe.” Long Xueyi spits the tongue, giggle smiles tenderly, then entered in Hidden Jade Ring. Corpse cleaning up of Shen Xiang ground is clean, anything does not remain, and has put a fire in the forest.