World Defying Dan God - Volume 9 - Chapter 812
These two old fellow, on storage equipment have restriction. Oh, wasted.” Shen Xiang is looking in the hand storage ring of that two self-destruction, sighed. Many expert use this type of storage equipment, this is also these days appears, preventing others to obtain inside thing. Shen Xiang just went out of shortly after the forest, induction to very familiar aura. „Isn't this Purple Gold Poisonous Python aura? Really fellow of being haunted by the ghost.” Shen Xiang starts running away at once, these Purple Gold Poisonous Python are not he can be victorious, even if uses Devil Decaying Death Qi, may not kill them instantaneously. Their unexpectedly had three Shapeshift, moreover they were very probably ruthless you.” Long Xueyi surprisedly said. Before Shen Xiang, has put out several grains of Lesser Transformation Pill, these pill's nature in others eyes are precious, but in his eyes is also such, he guessed that these Purple Gold Poisonous Python have killed the White Sea Sacred Realm elder, and has gobbled up Lesser Transformation Pill. They should thank me to be right, without me, they can such quick Shapeshift?” Shen Xiang scolded several lowly, that three that behind pursues the man who wears purple gold to take care, is murderous-looking, wishes one could to him tear to shreds such. Didn't go to their lair to stroll one?” Shen Xiang sees behind three people in hot pursuit, is very speechless, these Purple Gold Poisonous Python have very unusual ability, unexpectedly can feel his aura in the distant place. Is very likely because Fire Phoenix Purple Gold did not have, that is they the thing that is used to sit on eggs, or is they thinks that you have schemed to their eggs.” Long Xueyi speculates to say. Shen Xiang dashed about wildly the most double-hour on the wilderness, but behind that three Shapeshift Purple Gold Poisonous Python actually chases after and never gives up . Moreover the speed is quick, he suddenly is hard to get rid. Front has the person, looks from that aura probably is Qin Family Son of Heaven!” Long Xueyi said. Qin Family Son of Heaven, named Qin Meng, person, if, is a very fiercely very fiery fellow, before Shen Xiang, has visited him with White Sea Son of Heaven great war.

Good, has been able to damage his.” Shen Xiang saw the liberator likely, if here is not Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land, he already used Water Escape Art to run away. Here is Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land, if not enter the Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land deep place with Water Escape Art carefully, that is very danger(ous). Not is only Qin Family Son of Heaven, White Sea Son of Heaven also in!” Long Xueyi adds. Front Shen Xiang saw to have one line to catch up toward here, in his heart is secretly happy, picks up the speed, overran toward that group of people. At this time he changes old man, so long as does not have Spirit Eyes and Devil Eye these people, he did not fear that was seen through. White Sea Son of Heaven and Qin Family Son of Heaven originally in city, but suddenly sees here thick smoke to be billowing, had the person to catch up on hastily, has not actually thought on the road sees three to understand that spurted the poisonous person to pursue old man, they saw these purple gold color poisonous mist, can guess correctly that three to wear the man of purple gold clothes to be very likely changes into the human form Purple Gold Poisonous Python. Shen Xiang rushed to White Sea Son of Heaven and Qin Family Son of Heaven nearby quickly them, has not actually expected these two to be mean, unexpectedly also takes control, wants to kill him, but Shen Xiang hides quickly, avoids that wild palm strength. Two Son of Heaven see Shen Xiang to bring in Purple Gold Poisonous Python, in the heart the anger, wants to strike to kill Shen Xiang, actually unexpectedly Shen Xiang, since can avoid by very strange movement technique, making him gather the potential for a long time palm strength to hit to Purple Gold Poisonous Python that clashes. This makes in the Shen Xiang heart blossom happily, killing that because that three Purple Gold Poisonous Python are in a towering rage to two Son of Heaven, spout such as the dragon common poison. White Sea Son of Heaven and Qin Family Son of Heaven hastily leaps airborne, but follows their people actually completely by the purple gold poison dissolve. Shen Xiang sees distant place several not to have Shapeshift Purple Gold Poisonous Python to clash, he has runs quickly, although his Hundred Poisons Immunity, but actually does not dare to try Purple Gold Poisonous Python that frightening tooth, even if he has Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, but will definitely not feel better by the swallowing down words.

Damn old fellow, killed us.” White Sea Son of Heaven looks angrily at distant place that to run Shen Xiang like rabbit, wishes one could patting this bad luck old fellow, but at this time they have to run, although they are Son of Heaven, but actually does not dare to face several fierce Purple Gold Poisonous Python. Shen Xiang has burnt others lair, Fire Phoenix Purple Gold dig out, these Purple Gold Poisonous Python has been completely in a towering rage, so long as sees humanity, is relentless. Naturally, what is angriest is White Sea Sacred Realm, they send out that many people to mine precious Fire Phoenix Purple Gold, but besides Son of Heaven, a living witness does not have, that mountain scene forest was burnt down completely, Fire Phoenix Purple Gold was poached completely, does not leave them, more than 10,000 jin (0.5 kg) of their laborious mining, was robbed. After this matter biography, other Heavenspan Family and Sacred Realm, as well as major influence to rejoice in other people's misfortune, but loves dearly these Fire Phoenix Purple Gold very much, has not made White Sea Sacred Realm obtain luckily, otherwise they will love dearly. White Sea Sacred Realm just by the Shen Xiang maliciously fan the face, the elders was sewn on the city wall, letting the person has to associate with Shen Xiang, only then Shen Xiang this fellow dares with the White Sea Sacred Realm fight, but he achieves? Must know that is very in a short time difficult to dig Fire Phoenix Purple Gold. In Green Peak City, came expert and outstanding young one generation of many big influences one after another, comes for Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land, for Shen Xiang. On Shen Xiang has immortal tool and divine art, now was also suspected has massive Fire Phoenix Purple Gold, moreover holds Shen Xiang also to obtain Life Returning Pill, if before also looks like, can use Teleportation Formation at will, here already was filled with the person. The influence that however now only then these inherit ancient is capable of transmitting to here comes. ----- Shen Xiang is holding in the mouth a grass now, humming a little tune, walks on a piece of verdant prairie, for does not make Purple Gold Poisonous Python trace, he walked for ten days around the Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land surrounding, here is far away from these cities, can make him investigate Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land relieved. However this cannot make him pleasant, because his suddenly sees front to have a white clothing floating female floating to stand on the green earthen mound. This female beautiful woman, ices the myo- beautiful white skin, such as the cotton rose water leakage is common, her white clothing flutters with the wind, just like Fairy, there is ultra dust refined makings.

If in ordinary, Shen Xiang will be definitely thick the facial skin to come up and beautiful woman chitchats, but this accommodates Yan Ruyu at present, is similar to the Fairy common woman, actually gives him a feeling of very danger(ous). Ability that Young Master Shen, you have really makes the girl surprised.” This female eyes like the water, the peach cheek belt smiles looks at Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang turned into old fellow now, but was looked. This woman is not very simple, although she does not have Spirit Eyes, but actually very unusual spirit awareness, can feel you after the change.” The Long Xueyi sound full is vigilant. Shen Xiang smiled, changes own appearance, asked: Does not know how the miss does know me here?” I guess that chases down Hai Weidong and Qin Meng Purple Gold Poisonous Python, should be you directed in the past, Fire Phoenix Purple Gold in your hands, how was I very really curious you to make completely?” The white clothing female said elegantly simple that the sound is bringing light and lively air/Qi, making the person be worth hearing a hundred times, but Shen Xiang actually very much wants to shunt this fearful woman by far. Shen Xiang guessed correctly, this is White Sea Sacred Realm Daughter of Heaven, the strength is the same with White Sea Son of Heaven, White Sea Son of Heaven named Hai Weidong, but White Sea Son of Heaven named Ji Meixian. Ji Meixian long hair light dance, the white clothing flutters, a pair of beautiful pupil is staring at Shen Xiang, she said gently: I think that who Young Master Shen should guess correctly me is?” Shen Xiang shook the head, says with a smile: I do not know you anyone, I currently have the urgent matter, I must say good bye now!” He just turned around, a spoken parts shade flashes through, this light dust refined White Sea Daughter of Heaven then appears in front of him, has blocked his way, it seems like he must walk today is very difficult.